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It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

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    It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

    (I think this pretty well sums up how I feel here)

    Good morning everyone. Let me start off by saying thank you for the prayers, all went well yesterday. I PASSED the test. I am now good for 5 years. And yes, GeeGeeQuilts, my colon was clean as a whistle. He did remove one small polyp and mentioned a touch of diverticulitis but told me I need more fibre and to drink lots of water. I will have to google all that. I was still pretty groggy coming home and headed straight to bed. Hubby says I had a real good sleep as he could hear me from downstairs, LOL!!

    Well, it's Christmas Eve, ready or not, it will come. Hubby is working today and hopefully he can clear everyone out by 7. We will be spending Christmas Eve with Rachel and Eli once again (Bonnie's children). I am looking forward to seeing them and spending time with them. The BIG day will take us to Les' brother's house for a lovely turkey dinner. Then Boxing Day will be spent at his sister's for a boxing day fondue. This has been a tradition for many many years. I will have a few days of rest before the crew arrives on Sunday. Our big tradition in our house is our Seafood Fest for New Year's Eve.

    I spoke with Maizyn last night and she is all excited. I so need time with my girl.

    And so my friends that is what is happening in the Atkinson household these next few days.

    I wish I was a millionaire, then I would gather you all in one place so we could spend the day together. You all hold a special place in my heart.

    Merry Christmas everyone.
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    Re: It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

    Good Morning Monique and all of those who follow.

    I still can't believe it's Christmas Eve. Yesterday was eventful! Mike changed the brakes on his truck once the rain cleared out. The grands came over, I had the snuffly bunch for the afternoon. I sent Zeke home in shorts because he'd flooded his pull up and my chair. I sent the summer clothes I'd bought for the two younger ones home with Jim. They really hadn't needed any of them here. J was kind of upset he didn't get any new clothes out of the deal, but knew it was because he didn't wet himself and it was all the emergency stash. I guess after Christmas I'll go buy a couple of outfits for Zeke and some training pants, sooner or later he'll need them. I know I need to get more pull ups too. Mike used my bonus points on Bing to get movie tickets. Everyone else must have had the same idea, because the last time I checked were still in process. He went to see Star Wars by himself. I'll wait. I don't mind going to the movies when all I have to pay for is the snacks, but I do mind paying for the tickets when I have points and can get a free gift certificate. He said I'd like it. He'll buy the movie when it comes out on blu ray. At 11, Mike came to my bedroom door. He's calling in sick today. I gave him some Nyquil and sent him to bed. He was still up and down after midnight. I hope the little germies haven't given him something. He's not up, so I guess, he's really not going in.

    I woke to squealing tires and thuds today. It must be further down the exit ramp. Traffic hasn't slowed down a lot, and I can't see anything from the back door. It rained last night, being in a rush doesn't always get you there earlier! It was raining earlier, so the roads are wet. You all be careful in your travels at this holiday time.

    Nothing happened in the sewing room yesterday other than printing things for Jonathan and Esther to do. Esther was glad to have homework! lol, Jonathan told her it was Grandma homework, not school homework. She was happy anyway.

    Time to get busy. I have vegetable chopping to do, soups to make and table clothes to pull out and iron. Hopefully, Mike will feel better after some rest.

    This forum is such a big part of my life and you all mean the world to me. Merry Christmas to you all, and may your new year be filled with joy and laughter, great health and wonderful quilty times.
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      Re: It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

      Merry Christmas Eve to all. I am up early to report to babysitting duty, since DD and SIL have to work, and I was too tired to deal with a sleepover last night. I tried again to hook up the robotics to the long arm last night but I think I am missing a cable. We'll see if they are open today when I call. I may have to go to my GF's for training this weekend I b stead of her coming here. DD told me she and family are coming over for lunch tomorrow, so I need to go grocery shopping today. I guess she thinks she is the only one that's tired. Haha. Well I am going simple. We are having fajitas. And I told her she needs to plan on leaving by 2:30 because I have other things to do. Am I a bad mom. Hope not, just need some me time.


        Re: It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

        Morning all,

        Seems this week as just flown by and ready or not Christmas will be here. I must say for the most part I am ready, most of the gifts were finished early on this year except for my granddaughter's pillow which got done at the final hours. Cookies are baked, lasagna is made, and house is in the process of being cleaned. This morning I 'll be making a cheesecake and the house will smell yummy.

        Wishing everyone all the best of the season and may the new year be good to each and every one of us!
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          Re: It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

          Good morning. Merry Christmas Eve to all. Not much is happening at our house today. I have a Dr appt later this morning. I need to stop at the grocery store to get some items for tonight’s and tomorrow’s dinner. We plan on making empanadas tonight . Our oldest DD arrives tomorrow morning at 5 am from Seattle. It will be nice to see her.
          I sewed a few rows together on my new quilt . I hope to sew some more today. My DH operates today and on Friday. I guess everyone is trying to get their surgeries done before the start of the new year.

          Have a good day.


            Re: It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

            Good morning and merry Christmas Eve! I'll be glad when all the holiday hub-bub is over and life gets back to normal. We had Christmas with DS on Sunday. We'll be having Christmas with DH's neices' and nephew's families tomorrow. DH and I are now the "elders" of his family and we let them entertain us. I have one gag gift yet to make today...I don't like making or shopping for gag gifts, I guess I'm just too practical. Wishing all a holiday season filled with joy and peace.

            P.S Today will have 2 minutes more daylight than last Saturday had. Yay! I'm looking forward to the longer days.
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              Re: It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

              Good Morning, Everyone ~ It just doesn't seem like Christmas Eve, but the calendar says it is. DGD & her family are on the plane flying from Dallas to Denver. They had a 6 a.m. flight -- an early time with 2 little boys in tow. They are 6 & 3. She said she didn't get much sleep last night. I'll be seeing them later this week.

              My main accomplishments yest. were the laundry & cooking up apples for sauce. In the afternoon I took easy. Had some tummy rumbles. I ended up taking a charcoal cap. which settled things down. I rested in the recliner a while. Did not do any sewing. I worked on cards in the eve. A friend from church broke his femur. He just recently had a hip replacement. Get well card for him. Got a card from my cousin & learned her husb. died this year, so it was a letter & sympathy card for her. I did some internet surfing. Watched some YT music.

              Monique ~ Glad your procedure went well yest.

              My plans for today are to bake bread & cook up a pot of DH's Anasazi beans. I hope everyone has a good day. Remember the Reason for the season. Merry Christmas!


                Re: It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

                Good morning everyone,

                I just read yesterday's posts. Everyone is busy, so I'm going to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and safe travels.

                Another busy day yesterday, visited mom and gave her sitter a gift cert at her favorite restaurant. She was thrilled. Also brought mom to visit an old neighbour who is convalescing at her residence. She was so happy to see her, but tired and kept falling asleep. Brought her back to her room and put on a xmas Hallmark flick. I'm sure she slept well. I dropped off a ring at jeweller. I had it fixed in SEPT and had not worn it. Sunday I put it on, and one of the stones went flying. Luckily, I found it, but I was very upset. It will be sent out, and I won't see it until end of January. Then we had dinner at Persian restaurant with the youngest. I was pooped, but did watch a xmas flick.
                Katrina - this son has worked on the last 3 Star Wars movie as cameraman. On the last one, they even changed a scene with one of his ideas. He will be working on other one in new year.

                Today, will be lunch with mom. First, we were 4, then 6, 8 and now 10. I need to call to change reservation this morning. Tonight we are going to GF for xmas cheer. It may not be a late night. I'm getting pooped. Tomorrow, it should be quiet until we go to friends. I do need to make a label for a quilt I am giving tmrw as we may not see them before his January birthday. I'm hoping the embroidery machine does not give me Attitude.

                Safe travels everyone. Remember the reason for the season.

                Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                  Re: It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

                  Good morning to all on this Christmas Eve.

                  Monique, Your holiday and family dinners sound like fun. It's nice when the hosting and work is shared with others. Congrats on your test too.

                  There are just a couple of errands to finish today. We have down-sized the holiday pressures with on-line shopping. Lasagna and chicken parmesan dinner trays for tomorrow will be ready for pick-up at noon. Desserts are already in the refrigerator. Time left to stitch a little. All is good here.

                  Merry Christmas to all!


                    Re: It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

                    Merry Christmas Eve to everyone. Jeff works a half day so I need to get my ducks in a row and put together a few treats for him.

                    Tomorrow will be a peaceful day. We had a holiday get together Saturday with the neighbors. This has turned into an annual event. The Girls had a ball visiting with everyone. Dottie excused herself after she greeted everyone and retired to Sugar's crate for a nap. Nothing changes her schedule! Scotties have internal clocks and they are very inflexible about their routines. The Westies are real party animals. Sugar insisted on giving kisses to everyone as they left. They were sure the party was thrown in their honor.

                    Thank you to everyone who sent us cards and well wishes. Love & Hugs, Barb & Jeff

                    Scottie Mom Barb


                      Re: It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

                      Merry Christmas everyone!

                      The last couple of weeks have seemed hectic. Hoping for a calmer day today....have to clean this messy house. I was finally able to finish my friends gift from our sewing group. Had to put it on hold for about a month & a half while my broken finger was healing. I can sew & big stitch quilt again & can cut fabric fairly good. That still needs some improvement.

                      We had Christmas with family last week & will have tomorrow with our son & his GF. We're making 2 kinds of soup, cheeseball, & cookies for dessert. Keeping it simple.

                      Merry Christmas to all of our forum friends!
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                        Re: It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

                        "Katrina - this son has worked on the last 3 Star Wars movie as cameraman. On the last one, they even changed a scene with one of his ideas. He will be working on other one in new year."

                        Oh my, Suzanne, won't Mike be impressed when I tell him! Tell your son, Mike said there were places where the whole audience was applauding. It was a good time for him to go.

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                          Re: It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

                          Good Morning Everyone!

                          I have the day off from work-Yea! I slept in until 5:55. That was a rare treat. Then I got up and worked on the binding of my #1 son's quilt. One quilt is done and delivered and two are in binding stages. Both will be done by machine so no hurry there. We don't have our family gettogether until 1/4/20 when we are all free from obligations and can relax and enjoy our time together. I've been working on my grocery list for tonight and tomorrow. My #1 son will run the grocery errand for me soon. Tonight is a shrimp, scallop and mussel scampi and tomorrow will be ham, baked beans, funeral potatoes and green bean casserole. Simple meal that I can just throw in the oven at some point so I can spend the day quilting the critter quilts Christmas presents for the grand pets. (How do I get talked into these things?) Those are scrappy quilts with scrappy bindings and have been a lot of fun to do actually because there is no thinking involved just sewing 5" squares together and time. I'm in the home stretch now and thinking seriously about making that Christmas table runner I've never made for myself.

                          My big quilt gifts were started on the 4th of July and I used my Daisy Rae. She gave me all kinds of fits and sewing was extremely time consuming since I got her. We finally traded her in for my Babylock Crescendo and now sewing is a pleasure again. If I traded her in within a year from purchase then I got full purchase price towards a new machine making the Crescendo a real bargain. My DBF paid the difference and she became my birthday/Christmas present Carlie Rae. Now I am breezing my way through the quilts and loving every minute of quilting again. Gotta love a man who understands the quilter's heart!

                          Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas y'all! Many blessings to all of you in this precious season of hope.
                          Theda :icon_wave:

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                            Re: It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

                            Merry Christmas everyone. Everyone seems so well organized this year.

                            Christmas Day is always a quiet one for me. I was happy that I did get all the Christmas sewing, decorating and chores completed in a timely and sane fashion. I decided not to bother with the turkey and fixings this year as I have not recovered from the horrendous cold I came down with over a week ago. I'm still pretty miserable and while I'm so tired of soup and crackers I just don't have the energy for fixing a "holiday" meal. I decided to just do a pork roast and broasted potatoes tomorrow. That's easy :-) I'll do the turkey thing for New Years Day because I'd better be ok by then.
                            The last few days I've been deluged with all kinds of goodies left on my porch!! I won't open the door to anyone because I'm so contagious still and that's not the gift I want to give my friends for Christmas :-/ Looking forward to opening the presents under the tree. I just LOVE opening presents LOL Not sure if I'll do it tonight before bed or tomorrow morning. Probably tomorrow morning since I've been waking up between 3AM-5AM lately.

                            Also tomorrow is my birthday, yup that's how I got my "real name". I'll be 72 going on 29 and I hope my memory will not give out for at least another year :-). You all have a fun and blessed Christmas!

                            PS MRoy - I was going to mention the days are getting longer and lighter but you beat me to it :-) I figured right after Christmas Day people need to be reminded as they collapse from holiday exhaustion that even though winter has just started, Spring is already on the way. Another reason to rejoice :-)
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                              Re: It's Tuesday and CHRISTMAS EVE

                              Carlie ~ Sorry you're under the weather. It's no fun to be sick at any time, but esp. at the holidays. Hope you feel better soon.

                              The house smells wonderfully of baking bread. The first loaf just came out of the oven. The beans are cooking & will be done shortly. The 2nd loaf of dough is in the bread maker & will be ready to knead in a few min. I prefer to bake it in the oven the regular way.

                              We're having clouds this a.m. It's supposed to get close to 60 deg. today. I had planned to go to the 4 p.m. Christmas Eve service at my church, but I think I'll opt to stay home with DH. He gets very anxious when I leave him alone in the eve. Also, it's flu season, so I think I'll avoid the big crowd. Maybe I'll find some time to sew.
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