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Sunday Morning Hellos! :)

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  • Sunday Morning Hellos! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Today is the 50th anniv. of a past event, the death of my first DH. It was another life time ago. My 2 boys were 3 & 1 y.o. One doesn't expect to be a widow at age 27. Only the strength of the Lord got me through those days. Six years later I married DH. He was an answer to my prayers. He had 2 boys, & I had 2 boys. We blended our families, although his still lived with their mom. We've had 44 yrs. together. God is good.

    Today will be church. It's my Sun. to play the organ. It will be Christmas music. Afterwards, I need to make a stop at Vitamin Cottage; I ordered a case of soy milk a few days ago & it's ready for pick-up. This afternoon I hope to get the binding sewn on my son's lap size quilt.

    Have a great day!

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    Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

    Good Morning Joy and those who follow.

    I stayed home today. I figured keeping my germy self at home was best for those who sit around me at church, plus it gives me one more day to rest up and get ready for the week ahead.

    Yesterday wasn't too productive. I pulled the fabric for the tree napkins and got it pressed. That's as far as that went. I walked to the mail box to drop off the last of the Christmas cards. I did a couple of loads of laundry, and I sent Mike out to pick up dinner. Yep, that was pretty much my day.

    I hope everyone is having a great Sunday.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou


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      Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

      My 7-year old granddaughter is learning to quilt and I am guiding her in making pillows for her immediate family as Christmas gifts. Such fun for a Grammie and her girl!! A month ago she made squiggly lines for her straight seams. Yesterday they were all straight and 1/4"ish all around. It is awesome to see her progress. We take her home at 2 then supper is planned with left-over crock pot lasagna for supper to free up time to work on Christmas presents. Only two and a half more weeks to go and lots of quilting left to do. Fortunately our family Christmas is the Saturday after New Years. I refuse to pay tug of war with my sons' in laws, etc. so we enjoy our time after everyone gets there's. We have mass quantities of sandwiches, finger foods and desserts and eat them whenever the individual mood strikes. We have all afternoon to share, eat and laugh and we treasure every minute. UGH! Time to get started on the day. I hope you all enjoy your last day of the weekend.

      There is no Quilter's Anonymous because no one wants to quit.

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        Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

        Joy, thoughts and prayers on this anniversary for you.

        Yesterday I met up with my brother and we attended a very good Christmas Market, lots of vendors in three sites. I did manage to get some soup packets that I was looking for and I also got a couple of small gifts as well.

        Today I am trying to finish up a scarf that I made for Maizyn so Phil can take it home with him. He is on his way today to attend the celebration of life for his friend.

        I may or may not get into the sewing room today.

        Have a blessed Sunday my friends.
        Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


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          Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

          Good morning all,

          I'm pretty tired from yesterday's travel. We found some upholstery fabric to recover the gliders' seat & back cushions. We did a bit of shopping and got board games for oldest girls and a toy for the baby. I bought books from my GF who was having a book signing. We visited with friends and celebrated a birthday. We ordered chinese food. Wow the portions were huge. One dish would have feed 6 people. We came home with leftovers. The birthday girl is leaving for Costa Rica tomorrow. Her son is getting married there, so all their families are going. They will be 29, 10 of which are kids from 4-10 of age. The couple is building a home there, which they will rent out when they are not vacationing there. My GF is probably going to get groups of GFs going. Might consider this in future.

          Joy - this is a day you will always remember, which took a lot of courage, strength and prayers. We never know what His plan will bring us.

          I'm not planning much today other than getting my nails done.

          Have a good day. Rest up everyone who are not well. Tis the season if gold and flu. Stay warm. Be safe.

          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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            Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

            Good morning. I have spent the last few hours cleaning up after our big dog. He has emptied all the contents of his stomach. I may have to go out and buy more paper towels.
            I did finish sewing the last row on my quilt. Now to add some borders. It has a lot of different colors, so it could be a challenge to decide on some colors. I pulled out the directions for my next one that uses the Catch and Release fabric collection.

            I may drive up to the fabric store this after or wait and go one day we have rain.

            Have a good day.


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              Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

              Good morning. Stayed home from mass this morning , since sore throat and coughing don't need to be passed on to others. Finished the Hard Rock t shirt quilt yesterday, but when I washed it, some of the black fibers from the black t shirts smeared unto the white. I should have washed all the shirts before stabilizing. Lesson learned. First wash resulted in 3 dark grey color catchers. 2nd wash, color catchers were clean, but still have the smear. I will try a laundromat this morning. Used a shout wipe on the shirts that looked "dirty". He (client) wants to pick it up this evening.

              Other than that, today is cleaning/organizing day, maybe mow the lawn if I feel up to it later.


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                Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

                Good afternoon everyone in the forum. Today we are having a cold and rainy day but this week has been very pleasant with 64º and sun, also thursday was the Constitution Day and we had a party so we could go for a walk and enjoy a nice sunny day, although as usual in autumn it was a short day. Yesterday I was with my oldest daughter and granddaughter enjoying a walk through the streets of Bilbao full of people coming from all over Spain to enjoy our monuments and our food that is famous for its simplicity and pleasant taste, and today to rest then the week is more hectic. Joy I congratulate you on those 44 years of marriage, life is unpredictable but it seems that yours has been blessed with love. I wish everyone a good day and keep warn


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                  Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

                  Good morning! Today it looks as if the rain has finally stopped and I can see the sunshine on the trees. I'm going to a craft fair with my best friend; she has a table and is selling bags. It runs all day so I will be pretty tired tonight. No time to decorate the tree today. Karen and Katrina, I hope you both feel better soon.