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It's Friday no matter what colour it is

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    It's Friday no matter what colour it is

    Good morning friends. Friday has come and soon it will be December. Whoa time, slow down a bit, won't you?

    Well my plans didn't go as expected yesterday. I decided I needed groceries more. Called up my sister-in-law and she came along with me. I did get a few Christmas gifts as well but mainly groceries.

    I have looked at the many emails I have received with BLACK FRIDAY sales and there is still NOTHING that I need, and this will save me money.

    We aren't going anywhere today either, Black Friday or not. I would like to get a new mattress for the spare room but that will be for another time. I will do a search online and see what is out there.

    I am hoping to get into the sewing room today but my plans usually never go as planned.

    I hope you all have a wonderful day yesterday. Sherri, sorry you were alone and had to work.

    Enjoy your Friday today, no matter what you do.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It's Friday no matter what colour it is

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ It may be Black Friday, but I have no plans to face the thundering herd. I may find some on-line deals. I didn't take time to read the whole e-m, but Jordan's Fabrics is having a sale on 1/2 yd. bundles at a big savings. No choice, but a mystery collection. When I have time, I'll browse Christian Book Dist. I buy from them often anyway.

    DS#2 had to work only 1/2 day yest. so he made it to the church potluck dinner. Lots of good food. Of course, I ate too much, but hey, it's only once a year. I didn't even bother to check my blood sugar; I didn't want to know. There were ~55 people there. I talked with the retiring pastor's wife. She loved the quilt & wants to use it as a wall hanging. I told her I'd make her a hanging sleeve, but it won't be till after the first of the year.

    It was my first venture out since the snow storm. The streets are terrible. Even though the main ones have been plowed, they're like wash boards -- frozen & bumpy. And it got above freezing, so there was melting going on with splash back from other vehicles. I had to turn on my windshield wipers 2 or 3 times, & my car got mucked up. When I got home I dragged out the hose (it was so stiff!) & hosed down the car, esp. the wheel wells & underneath.

    We have a mouse problem in the garage. This week I discovered droppings in many places. Even inside my garden shoes which sit by the back door. Yuck! I set out some new glue boards yest., but no luck yet. DH is going to set our wooden mouse traps today. We're going to use cheese. When we used to use peanut butter, they just would lick off the PB which wasn't enough to trip the trap. If we don't have success with these traps, I might consult an exterminator.

    The new template for today's DD & tutorial looks interesting, but it's not for me. Enjoy your week end. Hard to believe it's almost Dec. 1. It's time to be thinking about my annual Christmas letter, getting cards ready, etc.
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      Re: It's Friday no matter what colour it is

      Good Morning, Everyone!

      I took at look at the deals M* has this morning...I was tempted by one of the 3 yd cuts of backing fabric. I went to take the trash out, picked up some branches that fell in the wind the other day, and when I came back -- the cut I was interested in was sold out! Oh well, as the saying goes: you snooze, you lose!

      Mom had a bit of a meltdown last night and I had to go over to her house to calm things down. She didn't recognize my sister again. It made me wonder if we should move her to the memory care facility before Christmas, instead of after. That would mean taking her out of the facility and back to the house for Christmas. Neither my sister or I are sure how she would handle that. I think it might be too confusing for her.

      No plans to sew today, although I do plan on organizing my sewing room. That ought to keep me busy for a while!

      Have a great day!


        Re: It's Friday no matter what colour it is

        Good Morning All,

        Happy Black Friday, for those who participate. I was asked last night if I wanted to go out. I didn't hesitate- Nope! Mike managed to get one book case put together. With all the cussin' going on, it was hard to believe it was Thanksgiving. Two more book cases to go. I guess I'm in for more of the same today when he gets up.

        I've been texted spam/ phishing texts... To Howard day before yesterday, he'd won a $1000 gift cert. for Walmart. Apparently I blocked the phone number but not the texts because this morning I had a text that Morgan and Howard had won Iphones. I figured out how to block the texts. Be careful out there! The naughties are out in force! I'm glad I didn't win anything... not that I would have looked.

        We had a nice afternoon at Carl and Diane's yesterday. Jonathan proceeded to whup both of his uncles in Monopoly. Mike was first to go bankrupt. David lasted about another hour. J had his Dad advising him. Jim is ruthless! Mercy sakes alive! Mike and I never had the patience for Monopoly. I'd play Canasta, Gin or Uno, that's about it. I was happy to sit back and watch them.

        Morgan's mom is coming sometime today to pick up Carl and Diane's quilt. I have a box of Color Catchers to tuck in too. I've started adding them to all of the bold color quilts that I give. Better safe than sorry!

        I guess I should get started. Hopefully, the sitting area will get cleaned up today. Cross your fingers. A lot will depend on Mike and Jim.

        Have a wonderful day!

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
        ― Maya Angelou


          Re: It's Friday no matter what colour it is

          Good morning all . . . hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! I was supposed to go to my daughter's in-laws for dinner yesterday, but when I got up in the morning, I had a very strong urge to go to the cemetery instead. It is about an hours drive from my house so I went there instead of the dinner. There were not many people there which made it quiet and peaceful, although very cold and very windy. I am glad I went although I think my daughter was a bit upset with me. When I got back to her house, I prepared one of my meals I had bought and then about 5:30, I left to go to the one of the local Wal*Marts. I need to get mirrors for the bathrooms of my new house and they had some on their Black Friday sales that are 35.5" by 40 something inches. They were only $20 each. I think they will go well in the bathrooms. Just hope I can keep from breaking one until I settle on my house on Dec. 9.

          They also had Serta bamboo pillows for $5 each so I stuffed 4 of them in my cart with the mirrors. I had a tough time wheeling the cart around to the checkout area. My son, who is the store manager, came over while I was in line. There had been a young girl who had put the mirrors into the cart for me --- I was surprised how heavy they were and, being short, it was too hard for me to lift them out of the box and into the cart. Anyway, I asked him if there would be anyone available to help me load them into my car. He said probably but kept an eye on me while I was checking out. When I went to leave, he came over and said he would go out with me and put them into the car. : )

          Today, I may venture out to Home Depot. They usually have poinsettias on sale for $1. They are a decent size and I may pick up a couple for my daughter and myself. May hit Wal*Mart again. I noticed they had what looked like some nice bath mats that I was interested in, but I just couldn't manage with the cart blocking my view last night. I will have to see how crowded the parking lot is and may even text my son to find out how the "chaos" is.

          Have a great day and don't spend too much this Black Friday!!!



            Re: It's Friday no matter what colour it is

            Other than a DD here plus a few things added to the cart to make shipping free, there will not be any shopping for me today.
            I have one more Christmas decorating project then I can just sit back and enjoy the glow.
            Our outdoor lights are on a timer and right now they are on but were not last night, I think they are reversed in their timing
            I am pretty sure I managed to crack/break a toe yesterday, jammed it into the dog gate. It is the middle toe and not much can be done to fix it. It still looks like the one on the other foot except for bruising and swelling so that is why I think cracked.
            One day I will be graceful, hahaha.


              Re: It's Friday no matter what colour it is

              Good morning. We had a nice dinner last night. My pumpkin cheesecake was a hit. I felt so full that I stopped by Bed,Bath &Beyond to walk around . The store had 25% off your purchase. I picked up 2 Ugg blankets and some over the counter meds.

              I worked out this morning and will go for a neck massage later. Then I get to wait for the plumber to come and unclog my sink. I would like to sew a few more blocks this afternoon. I get some fabric from . I forgot to hit the button to add my discount. I sent an email and just heard that she would app,y the discount . Great customer service.

              Have a good day.


                Re: It's Friday no matter what colour it is

                Good morning all,

                It was a busy day. I'm still talking like a walrus, but I had a good night sleep, less coughing. Yesterday I spoke to my GF in Florida, I can tell she'd like me to visit but that may not happen this year. I decided to partake in the Amercan Thanksgiving since DH was born in US. It was easy an easy meal, I had bought a frozen boxed Butterball Turkey and frozen stuffing. I had them cooking in the afternoon, then made whipped garlic patatoes, veggies and gravy. No dessert. No time, as I was sewing a chenille upholstery fabric valence for my GF's picture window. It was my gift to her for her June birthday. She said she was in no rush, and that's not a good thing if I don't have a deadline. It took about 4 hours as I had to serge all the seams and edges as the fabric frayed like crazy. Another thing off my TO-DO list. I also attached the binding to the astronaut/hockey quilt, and have one side handsewn. I will continue in the evening. I am grateful for the blessings of my life.

                I was up early this morning. Checking DD and emails. Lots of sales, but I think I will get M* deal as I want a Hexies quilt and I think this would work for me while I sit at DH's appt and upcoming cataract surgeries this winter. This is a strange thing for me, but I am really starting to enjoy handsewing. I find it relaxing a stress reliever. In my previous sewing life, I even hated sewing on buttons. I guess I've changed. My GF and her DH dropped by this morning, to drop off the batting and backing for VQC quilt. I will sandwich and hope to have it quilted over the weekend. Since I'm not feeling good and sound awful, I get to spend a lot of time sewing since no one is asking me to do stuff for them. I may be on to something.

                Claire - slow down. You are getting too many bumps and bruises.

                Have an enjoyable day. Be careful if you venture out today - there are sure to be lots of crazy shoppers out there. Oh and be careful on the roads too.
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                Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                  Re: It's Friday no matter what colour it is

                  Back again ~ I keep forgetting to mention: I took pity on the rabbit! With all the snow we got recently, the rabbit, who sleeps under our shed, was having a hard time digging through the snow to get down to the grass. Normally our snow angel shovels a path from our patio to our shed, but there was so much other snow to do, I told him to not do it this time. Well, I saw the rabbit out there digging furiously without much success, so yest. a.m. I went out & shoveled a path to the shed & even a little path from his bolt hole where he goes under the shed. There was a layer of ice under the snow, so no wonder he was having a hard time working through all that. Anyway, now he has an area where he can graze on the grass. I've been keeping an eye on him this a.m. He came over the patio & started to nibble on the dry perennial stalks sticking up through the snow. I banged on the kitchen window 3 times to chase him off. On almost any day when we don't have all this snow, there will be 2 to 4 rabbits in the back yard. There really isn't anything one can do to keep them out of the yard, so we just accept their presence, but I do keep an eye on the flower beds.

                  I caved on the Jordan Fabrics 1/2 yd. bundles & ordered 2. I also ordered 2 of those thread snips like Donna uses in her tutorials. They're called Golden Eagle Scissors & are only $2.95 each. I'll use one at the DSM & one at the LA.

                  I'm still keeping my eyes open for a sale on a 17.3" laptop. Only 1 mo. to go before support ends for Windows 7.

                  DH set all 8 mouse traps this a.m. & set them strategically around the garage. I hope we catch those buggers soon!

                  On that note, it's time to eat my breakfast & get on with my day. I have laundry in the washer.
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                    Re: It's Friday no matter what colour it is

                    I am being good today. Deleted all sales emails and only went out as far as CVS Pharmacy for hair spray of all things.


                      Re: It's Friday no matter what colour it is

                      It is now noon, where did the morning go? My 6 yr old laptop has been having issues lately with the battery, so I decided I should get a new one before this one craters. Well, after getting the baby in the car and a trip to Starbucks, we headed to Staples, only to find out they are not there anymore. So, I ended up going to Office Depot across the street and bought a laptop for less than the price of the one I was after. I'll keep it in the box just in case the cyber Monday deals are better. Absolutely no crowds. I did manage to then go to Palais Royal. Saw a former co-worker that I had worked with for about 10 years or so. Back home, cooked waffles for the little one, and now watching NetFlix. I swear I should know these shows by heart. She wants the same ones over and over.
                      The monogramminng shop just called and said that my quilt label is ready, so maybe we'll go out again after nap time.


                        Re: It's Friday no matter what colour it is

                        Happy Friday to all!

                        Hope everyone is having a day filled with stitching and avoiding the crowds. On-line has been done and shipped already.

                        I gardened this morning clearing out planters and moving paver blocks to another spot. Plus hung the Christmas lights on the house. I used one of those tong reachers to hang them on the hooks.

                        Sewing some pot holders this afternoon as I have lost the last two. Who knows where they went.

                        DH and I used to have monopoly marathons. The games were quite competitive. I found a version of our local area with landmark places that will be under the Christmas tree.