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    Welcome Saturday

    Hubby was feeling shut in all week so yesterday we headed out. He wanted to go antiquing. So we set out on a drive. I got to stop at a Bulk Barn for some herbs that I needed (I was smart and brought the list with me just in case I was near one.) Went to a couple of antique/flea market places. Had to take a detour in Smith Falls, drove past a Salvation Army thrift store, turned around and stopped in. I did find some nice quilting fabric, price was right, cost me $5.25 for the lot. Next stop was Perth, dropped hubby off and drove to the quilt store as I have been wanting some gold fabric for a table runner I am making. Found what I needed. Next stop, Almonte, stopped at the quilt store that is closing, it was busy so I didn't get a chance to speak with the owner but met a lady from Guild. I didn't venture to the second store for fear of buying something, LOL!! Next stop Arnprior, didn't stop at the quilt store their either, if I don't see it I won't buy it, RIGHT? Stopped in Renfrew at Walmart for some eggs, grapes and milk. Suzanne will know all these places, haha. I was too tired to attend the Ladies Night and I really didn't feel like any more shopping, so we headed home. Leftover lasagna was calling us for supper.

    I look outside as daylight is coming and we have SN*******OW on the ground. UGH!! It is only on the grass but it's too soon!!

    There is a craft fair this morning just around the corner so I will head out a little later and see what they have. I am thinking of doing one for next year, we shall see.

    Have a blessed Saturday no matter what you do today.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Welcome Saturday

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Well, Monique, it sounds like you shopped till you dropped. I nixed my trip to Walmart yest. Just didn't feel like shopping yet, so I stayed home. I have a long list, so whenever I do go it will take a while & involve a lot of walking around. Instead I changed the sheets on my bed & did 2 loads of laundry. In the afternoon I pieced the binding strips for the latest baby quilt, got the top & backing spray starched & pressed, batting cut, & everything sandwiched. By then I was worn out. I took it easy the rest of the day. I hope to get started on the FMQ today.

    Our temp. got up to 50 yest. It was sunny so a lot of good melting happened. I went outside briefly to empty the ice out of the bird water dish & fill it with fresh a water. The rabbits sunned themselves in a sunny spot. There are 2-3 that hang out in our yard all the time. I think they must feel protected here because of the fence & there's plenty of grass on which to graze. Their main danger would be from an owl, a hawk, or a feral cat. Haven't seen that one lurking around for a long time.


      Re: Welcome Saturday

      Morning all,

      Just a quick hello this morning as I have to get busy straightening the house. Today is my husband's birthday and I am having an open house for the kids and grandkids to stop by and visit. Will be having the food catered so will be an enjoyable day for both of us to spend with the family.

      Had a frost last night but the sun is peaking through so it should be a nice fall day. Love the color in the trees this time of year.

      Wishing everyone a good day!
      If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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        Re: Welcome Saturday

        Good Morning All,

        Mike's at work. He's going to ask the boss if he can make sure he has Friday afternoons off if at all possible. After my long bus ride yesterday, he's tired of mom coming home in a 'mood'. lol. Not to mention, I'm tired of getting frustrated riding an hour in the wrong direction to just pass the place I started from to get back home.

        Anyway, off to a better day today. I have Tula Pink's book out and looking at the left overs from the baby fat quarters I purchased. There's a lot of pink left over. So, it's looking like this one will have to be for a little girl.

        I need to start a shopping list. Not that I'll be going shopping for groceries today! lol, you know, during the FL/ GA game might be a great time to go shopping! What a mess of closed streets down town!

        Monique, it sounds like you had a great day!
        Joy, I'm glad you're seeing a warm up, almost as much as I'm glad we're seeing a cool down! We were in the 60s yesterday after being in the 90s the day before.
        Cathy, have a great time with your family.

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
        ― Maya Angelou


          Re: Welcome Saturday

          Good morning all. I ventured out yeaterday to the quilt show. Needed to drop off something for a vendor to check out and let me know a cost to update and make sure I have everything I need to make it work. I will need to go back today or tomorrow to either pick it up or authorize the upgrade, once he calls me with a quote. Didn't stay long since I lost my voice.

          Came home, stabilized shirts for a t shirt quilt, until I ran out of stabilizer. It's going on sale 50% off Thursday at J's, so I will wait till then to get more so I can finish that project. Now working on crocheting granny squares for a Christmas stocking. Maybe I can get that project finished.

          Have a great day everyone.


            Re: Welcome Saturday

            Good morning everyone,

            It's slightly above zero but yeah, no snow yet. DH did see flurries yesterday when he went to have snow tires put on. I postponed the road trip today with my GF to Carleton Place & Almonte. I'm going to give myself another day to get my energy back. I would be exhausting to shop all day with GFs.

            Yesterday I baked the snowflake princess sugar cookies for my GD's birthday party. It took me all day, between breaks to let icing layers dry and taking a 2 hr nap. They didn't turn out as planned, but they are done, delivered and everyone happy. Next time, I will find a bakery to make. My DD made the cake. Elsa figurine with decorated cake dress. Turned out nice.

            Monique - these are all places on my favorite road trips with friends and DH. I did speak to Sue when I was at retreat in Arnprior. She has lost 120 lbs, I almost didn't recognize her. They are such pretty and historic towns. I could relocate there if it wasn't for family, mostly mom. You never know. I had always thought we would end up in Picton area in retirement, now, not so sure.

            Joy - you are so busy all the time, I admire your energy. I would understand if you took a break.
            Cathy - smart to have your DH birthday catered. I am starting to get this attitude of hosting.
            Katrina - oh I know feel your frustration getting around. I had to accompany my mom to follow up appt after her hip surgery. It took us close to 2 hrs to get to an appt. going around around town. Luckily on return trip we were only ones, took 20 minutes. Our other option is private taxi with wheelchair capability. Luckily, she has all her care where she lives.

            Our neighbour and DH's son will help secure the fence panels that fell during Halloween's windy night. I think DH finally agrees it's time to replace the side fence (we're on a corner) with one those PVC stone looking fences. The last time I stained it was 2013, took me 6 months and it needs to be done again. The back and other side are fine for now.

            I did finish sewing the last 2 borders on the hanging garden quilt. I love it. I have the perfect wide back for it. Now to make sure it's large enough. It's king-size. I will go to sewing room to see what trouble I can get into.

            Have a good day. Be safe from the weather in your area.

            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


              Re: Welcome Saturday

              Good morning all,

              The cold weather has settled in, and we won't see any temps warmer than the mid 30s for a while. The leaves are pretty much gone....we always have so much wind here on the prairie! No snow in the forecast, so that's good news. Last month we bought a "new to us" vehicle with all wheel drive, so when the snow does arrive, hopefully I'll be safer on my hour drive to JoAnn's. I'm glad I only work 2-3 days a week.

              I've been in the sewing room quite a bit the last few days. I *thought* i was going to finish a table runner, but when sewing the binding, I discovered I was 2 inches short!!!!! This was a kit, and there is no more binding fabric. Guess I'll be using my seam ripper, and then looking in my stash for a replacement fabric. Anyway, I set it aside for now. I did finish a SS gift yesterday.

              Today is my DD's 26th birthday. She's celebrating with a weekend trip to Florida! She and her roommate found some cheap tickets, and decided to go Universal Studios. They had been there last year, and decided they wanted to see it again. Her roommate is crazy for anything Harry Potter.

              Wishing all a blessed day.


                Re: Welcome Saturday

                Good morning; I’m new here but have lurked for a while. I enjoy reading this post and get motivated to start my day by reading what everybody is up to. I’m sipping my first cup of tea, sitting on my deck, looking at a beautiful volcano “in my back yard”, Mount Rainier.
                Have a terrific day!


                  Re: Welcome Saturday

                  Paisley, What a beautiful view in your back yard.


                    Re: Welcome Saturday

                    DS#2 used to live in Sumner, WA; I've visited that area several times. One year we took a day trip to the national park. Lots of beautiful scenery.


                      Re: Welcome Saturday

                      Yesterday was one of those days where you have great plans ... and none of them happen.

                      I had planned to get up and sew my bed-skirt-to-be all morning, then head to church at Noon. But, of course, there was a crisis at the job I'm retired from, so that took half my morning.

                      In the middle of that, my daughter texted me suggesting that I buy a hose online that she could pick up near our new house so that she could water the parched citrus trees for us. Great idea, but once I placed the order, I had to figure out a way for her to be allowed to pick it up. That took a "chat session," but it worked. Then I realized that there might be a hold on the order because that store card has had fraud four times in the last year, and here I am placing an order to be picked up 500 miles away. That took a phone call and untold number of robo-choices before I could speak to a human being.

                      I ended up being late for church. Hate that!

                      But the good news is ... (Drum Roll, please) ... I have made wonderful progress on the bed skirt today and will probably finish it!!! I'm just one of those types who needs vast swaths of uninterrupted time to be able to work on a sewing project.
                      Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


                        Re: Welcome Saturday

                        Originally posted by KarenC View Post
                        Paisley, What a beautiful view in your back yard.
                        It is a beautiful view, but ofttimes distracting. I can lose an hour or so just taking in the beauty of the mountain.

                        Pat - you’re a ‘neighbor’ too.


                          Re: Welcome Saturday

                          A full day for me today.. had to get a nap in there after fixing Dinner. Now I'm heading into the sewing room to shut everything down. Oh, did I tell you, I was up at the crack of dawn-thirty. My boys had a crying fit to go to bed early last night, then another crying fit to get up and outside early this am. And we turn back the clocks tonight (lost another hour today.).

                          I don't spoil them, really, I don't. I just figure they know what they want better than me, so when they run to the patio door, whining, I let them out. They will then run and get into their kennel (go to bed) and get a treat. Which worked out good for me in finding some extra time to clean up a sewing mess. But was a rude awakening early this am.

                          I made a call to an ol' high school gf and was so happy I did. She was down and needed a little "remember When" talk. We are both widows but live over 2 hours apart so visiting isn't all that easy for either of us. I always get the "warm & fuzzies" after talking to her. Class Victorian, honor roll , over achiever was her MO.. and I was the messed up, late with homework, and skip that class kid. We got along great!! And still do. LOL

                          Well got the whole dog routine to get thru tonight, so I can get those boys tucked in for the night. And figure out how to send myself some photos off my phone so I can share them with you. Blessings to all.

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