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It's a blustery Friday today

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    It's a blustery Friday today

    WOW is it ever blustery this morning with RAIN!!

    Good morning friends. Well Halloween has come and gone. We were off to a slow start but it picked up. I handed out 30 candy bags, more than last year. While it rained heavily, they still came.

    I spent the day in the kitchen. We did go out to town in the morning. I made butter tarts, a coconut pie and lasagna. Lots of dishes. Divided the spaghetti sauce into containers and those are now frozen.

    With this wind, the power has already flickered off once already. We shall see what this day will bring.

    This evening is Ladies Night at a store in Shawville. I will probably go and see if I can pick up a few more Christmas gifts. Tomorrow here in town at the Community Centre, there is a craft sale that I will also attend.

    Have a great day everyone, no matter what you do.
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    Re: It's a blustery Friday today

    Morning all,

    It was a fairly quiet Halloween with trick or treaters, we had about 20, mostly little ones which were cute. Don't know where they came from as there are no children in our immediate area but one.

    Tomorrow is my husband's 75th birthday. I have catered some food and the kids will be coming by to help him celebrate. Those who are working tomorrow will stop by after work and heat up a plate.

    Have a few errands to run today but then my day is pretty much my own so there may be some sewing time today. My room up there can sure use a bit (a lot if I 'm being honest) of cleanup after my sewing marathon for the craft fair. So much more fun to create than cleanup!

    Well, coffee is calling to me, so I 'll wish everyone a good day!
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      Re: It's a blustery Friday today

      Good Morning, Everyone ~ The temp. is 24 deg., definitely warmer than the past 2 days. We had a sunny day with a high temp. of 49 yest., so that was a pleasant change. Lots of snow melting happened. It's supposed to be nice the rest of the week.

      I'm trying to decide if I want to venture out to Walmart this a.m. I have quite a long list of things I need to get there. I also need to go to Vit. Cot. for organic spelt flour & a few other items. Yest. I stayed home & took it easy all day. I worked on snail mail & paid a bill. I did a lot of reading. I'm still steaming my sinuses a couple times a day.

      Have a good day & week end.


        Re: It's a blustery Friday today

        Good morning!

        Not a lot of time today; I have two appointments to visit memory care facilities for Mom. I went to one yesterday. It is a little depressing, but must be done. They gave me a book -- Untangling Alzheimer's: the guide for families and professionals, by Tam Cummings. The author gave a talk at their facility recently. It looks interesting.

        My furnace is not working. Highs today will be 45. Brr! When I return from the memory care facilities, I need to call around and see who can fix my furnace the fastest. The one company that is my go-to is extremely busy and can't come out right away. I bought a heater up at Target the other day. I'm using it to take the chill out of the living room. Here's hoping someone can fix the furnace soon. We may get the dreaded s*** tomorrow!

        Time to get ready for the first appointment. I should call my aunt later and see if she has heard anything about facility #2 -- it is in the same city she lives in.

        Have a great day!


          Re: It's a blustery Friday today

          Good morning,

          Joy, our low was just a couple degrees higher than yours last night. It was a frigid, blustery night for the trick or treaters. Here's a picture of our grandchild Max, aka "Dennis the Menace"!
          I'm babysitting today then going to STL tomorrow morning for the weekend. My daughter and I are shopping and going to a performance of Dear Evan Hanson at the Fox Theater. I look forward to the two of us spending time together. I miss those days.

          Have a wonderful day, and weekend. See ya Monday!
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            Re: It's a blustery Friday today

            Good morning everyone,

            Boy, did it rain last night. There was rainfall warning, so there wasn't many trick or treaters out. We stayed in, and DH made me a baked patato for dinner. It was good, and no problem. My ribs are still sore and stomach feels iffy, so I'm being careful what I nibble on. I've lost 6 lbs, but not the best way. I need to get my mojo back.

            Well the high winds have taken down 2 fence panels. Signs downtown are bent over from the 75km+ winds. DH will have to take care of this after he gets back. He had appt to put on his snow tires. We also need to put away garden ornaments, I guess it's official, fall is over.

            It's my GD birthday party tomorrow and I promised I would make snowflake cookies. I guess I'm feeling better than I was, so I will tackle that. Probably nothing else today.

            Jeannette - I'm happy to see you have your power.

            Enjoy your day. Be safe. Stay warm and dry.

            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


              Re: It's a blustery Friday today

              We had a rainy, windy day yesterday. Another inch of welcome rain, so we are out of the drought at last. It's cold this morning. Winter has arrived. Supposed to be a little snow on the mountains. I'm glad I can stay home, and do laundry. Tomorrow I'll do grocery shopping and get things ready for DD's visit. I hope she doesn't have to cancel this one.

              Saw the ortho doctor yesterday, and I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel. I have a brace to wear at night, and I think I need to spend less time on the computer. Also have an inflamed Achilles tendon, so exercises and ibuprofen, plus a heel insert. This getting old is really no fun right now.

              Today is great granddaughter's 7th birthday. She lives in Atlanta, so I will send her an e mail. Card is in the mail, but I was late with it. Have a great day everyone.


                Re: It's a blustery Friday today

                It is a beautiful sunny day here after several days of dreary. Our gym has their electricity back, I was thankfully wrong about why it was out, a big crane took out a wire that caused part of their building to be light-less.
                Today is going to get groceries and paying bills day, oh joy and happiness.
                Later I should be able to get a little more quilting done on the king I have been working on of what seems like weeks. I will still have the shams to do but they will be much more manageable. I have been getting one for my DGS sandwiched a bit at a time as I take pins out of one I am putting them into the other. I am looking forward to just doing meander with a few stars thrown in on that one.
                Have a lovely weekend, all.


                  Re: It's a blustery Friday today

                  Good Morning All,

                  It was such a different Halloween around here. Last night it was still very warm when the trick or treaters would be out and about. We only had a dozen and that's counting my three grands. I bought too much candy. At the rate Mike and I are eating it, we'll be eating Halloween candy at Valentines! lol, only thing, I'll need my big salad bowl before then!

                  We didn't have any of the older kids that came last year. I'm beginning to wonder if someone decided to move Halloween to tonight. My lights won't be on tonight, ya' snooze, ya' lose.

                  Today is my VERC appt. The short bus should be here between 11:40 and 12:10. It's my hurry up and wait day, in other words. There's another half hour window when they pick me up. Today, we should be starting white cane training. It's about time! I'm not the hurry up and wait kind of gal. We'll see what happens. I guess I'll need a sweater, since the temps are going to be in the low 60s today.

                  Yesterday, I painted the giraffe from LMA to go with the second baby quilt from the fat quarter bundle I bought. I was telling Jim how Esther wanted the quilt, but was alright with me giving it to a baby... if it had her name on it! Jim didn't realize I was working from a bundle and would have several quilts from it. I guess, I'll start on the next one. I'se the Tula Pink book and pick out a couple of blocks. and make it a checker board kind of quilt.

                  I guess I need to get started pulling my 'stuff' together so I'll be ready to head out. Have a great day!

                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
                  ― Maya Angelou


                    Re: It's a blustery Friday today

                    Hi there everyone. Getting here a bit late today. Didn't sleep real well last night. The wind was howling for sure. Also, it was a very scary night in the neighborhood. We had county police and state troopers all over the block and also blocking off the block behind us. They were here to arrest someone three doors down from us. They knew he was in there but the mother wouldn't let the police in without a warrant (seems they had a warrant incorrectly written) They were here to arrest him a couple weeks ago but he never came back home then. It was no longer valid so they waited and waited and waited. They wanted to be sure he didn't get out the back way and over the fences so there were officers in the yards on either side of the house --- one was up in our neighbor's tree with a rifle of some sort. The guy finally came out and surrendered --- after about 4 hours. So that put a big damper on the amount of trick or treaters. We only got those that came out early so we have a ton of candy left over. So between that and the wind, I slept very restlessly.

                    I do not have to get Henry today and thankfully, I didn't have to get him yesterday either. They weren't letting any traffic on the block so it would have been difficult for either his mom or dad to get here. I would have had to walk him to another block or drive him myself. I'm sure they would let me drive off the block. Getting back might have been the issue.

                    So today I will head back up to my sewing room. It needs some cleaning up for sure. I have been working on a rag quilt for our gs Max for Christmas and finished it up yesterday so all the leftover material can go away now and I can start on other projects. I think I will be embroidering some things for the craft fair today.

                    Cathy, I looked at the pictures of all of your things. They are beautiful. You are going to do very well just like you did last year. Monique, I'm glad your power didn't go out completely. Have fun at Ladies Night tonight and at the craft fair this weekend too. Joy, glad you are warming up a bit. I am enjoying the idea of some fall weather but I need to ease into the winter stuff. Julie, brrrrr. I hope you can get someone to fix your furnace quickly. And good luck with checking out the facilities for your mom.

                    Suzanne, I am glad you are starting to feel better. Take things easy. Katrina, good luck at your appointment today.
                    Robin, your little Max is just so adorable as Dennis the Menace!

                    Linda, sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel. Claire, good luck with the quilting on the king quilt. I am sure it is going to be absolutely beautiful!

                    Well, hubby is working out in the garage cleaning off the work table so I should head up to my sewing room to get working on cleaning up mine. Have a good Friday everyone.
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                      Re: It's a blustery Friday today

                      Just popping in to say a quick hi. Busy getting last minute things ready to take to the show to set up this afternoon.
                      Have a great day everyone. Will let you know how I did, when it is all over
                      Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



                        Re: It's a blustery Friday today

                        Trick-or-treat didn't happen last night. It was postponed until Saturday evening. We had rain, thunder, lightening and wind. This morning they said we had over 2 1/2 inches of rain last night. It broke the one day record for rainfall on Oct. 31 set back in 1930's. Since I am staying at my daughter's house for now, I don't really have to worry about trick-or-treat except my granddaughters will be coming down on Saturday night. They live in the country on a farm so no trick-or-treating up there.

                        My new house is coming along. The floors are in and they are adding trim all around. Also, the bathroom and kitchen cabinets and the tile in the bathroom showers are all in. It is really getting exciting!! Can't wait for it to be done. Settlement is scheduled for December 9.

                        Well, I am going to start the vacuum in a minute and then head up to the sewing room they made for me. I am taking a class tomorrow sponsored by my quilt guild and need to get everything ready to go.

                        Have a great rest of your day.



                          Re: It's a blustery Friday today

                          Back again ~ I nixed going to Walmart today. There still were some icy spots on the street out front. I'll wait till I feel a bit better. Instead I changed the sheets on my bed & did 2 loads of laundry. With my arthritic hands & the new, thicker, heavier mattress, it's a bit more challenging to tuck under the bedding. I sympathize with Barb about the arthritis, although mine is osteo not rheumatoid. It definitely has an effect on sewing & quilting, & really everything. The only hand work I do any more is sewing on a quilt label. I do all my bindings on the machine.

                          It's another beautiful day. The temp. is up to 50. Lots of thawing going on. The rabbit it out sitting in a sunny spot by the shed. I went outside long enough to empty the ice out of the bird water dish & fill it with new water. Now I'm headed to the sewing room to work on that panel quilt for the upcoming baby shower. I need to get it done.


                            Re: It's a blustery Friday today

                            Holy moly there's bound to be a better way! My appt today was at 2. The bus arrived at 11:45, bless the poor drivers heart. The pick up after me was at the football stadium. Her directions met the lady at the main gate. So we drove as close to the main gate as we could get. No lady. So she calls, call and find out where she is. At the gate she was dropped off at... well the driver didn't drop her off, so she didn't know where that was. So we finally get on the corner of Duval. Well, Duval and what? No answer, where she was dropped off at. Streets are blocked off, police aren't happy about letting the short bus through. We finally found the lady. Thankfully, she wasn't mad, she was happy we finally found her. She was being dropped off at the same place I was going. I was on time. Whew! But the other passenger was 20 minutes late to his appointment.

                            Pick up was another story. I was picked up at 2:20 and finally made it home at 4:30. I was exhausted. I can't figure out why we had to go so far out of our way to pick up one person. It's such a pain in the, well you know where.

                            Mike and I talked about it. I think I'll take the bus down, but he can come and pick me up if he's off, like he was this afternoon.

                            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
                            ― Maya Angelou