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Monday - Columbus Day Greetings! :)

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    Monday - Columbus Day Greetings! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Another Mon. holiday -- for some, but not others. No mail delivery & the banks won't be open. A promise of good weather. Yest. after a morning frost, it warmed up to 80 deg.! A beautiful day.

    Nothing exiting happening here --- but maybe that's a good thing. I need to do at least 3 loads of laundry. After it warms up, I may set out the hoses & start watering. It's supposed to be warm all week, so the lawn needs moisture. Other parts of Colo. now are considered to have drought conditions.

    Have a good day.

    Re: Monday - Columbus Day Greetings!

    Good morning all. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends and Happy Columbus Day to all here in the States. Since it is a holiday, we don't have to get Henry after school today however we will be watching Tessa this aftetnoon. Since Joe is a teacher he is off too so he is going to take Henry to an afternoon Islanders game and we will watch Tessa since her daycare is closed today and Kathryn has to work. Her company doesn't close for this holiday.

    I will be headed out to AC Moore this morning to pick up some yarn for some infant beanies. I had pink and made a couple during last nights baseball game but I would like to do a few in purple and in white. Sadly, the Yankees lost last night's game so the series is now tied at 1 game each and they are now headed here to NY. They are two good teams so I expect this to be a very good playoff.

    My sis is on a European cruise and is having a great time. Today she is in the Tuscany region of Italy. I am enjoying seeing her pictures and am so happy that she is getting to do this. She has wanted to do this for a long time.

    Time to move this day along. I think I will be joining you in getting some laundry done Joy. Have a good day everyone.
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      Re: Monday - Columbus Day Greetings!

      Good morning and thank you Joy for starting our day today.

      Happy Columbus Day and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

      Ginny, sorry but I am cheering for the Astros.

      We had a great day yesterday. I did stop and pick up a few groceries on the way to the city yesterday. We had a lovely afternoon at Greg and Ashley's. Her little niece (4) kept me entertained as much as I kept her entertained. It didn't take long for her to warm up to me. We went out for a walk and stopped at the park there. I think she enjoyed it. We counted crackers that the broke into little pieces and I taught her the song Itsy Bitsy Spider and she taught me 2 Little Monkeys and we laughed a lot. The food was delicious as always as was the company.

      I just heard from Bonnie's children. They are at the lake and this morning we will spread her ashes. It is nice that they have included me. I also want to start on the salsa today as well.

      Tomorrow is Victoria's Quilts and I have found a new home for the many 100+ quilting magazines that I have. Nobody wants to buy them. My friend Dorothy is another hand quilter and a cancer survivor as is her husband. I have found a good home for those.

      So that is my day today. Wishing everyone a fabulous day no matter what you do.

      On a side note: Seeing as this is Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my good health so I can be here with my forum family each day.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        Re: Monday - Columbus Day Greetings!

        Good morning all,

        Happy Columbus Day to American friends and today is Canadian Thanksgiving. It was also my parents' wedding anniversary. I will try to reach mom today. She doesn't always pick up her phone, fear of scammers. All our kids, grandkids and a GF will be here for dinner. I made apple crumble yesterday. Turkey is cooked and sliced. It's going to be a 'oven time management issue". I need to make space for stuffing and I am also cooking a salmon, rather than our usual ham. I have a drawer on stove that I can keep food warm. Over the years, I have the right mix of pan sizes that fit together. I will prep the veggies to roast, make gravy and set table.

        Yesterday i finished piecing the D9 patch for VQC. With the remaining blocks, I sewed 4 patches and made a D-4 patch to show my GF. I also cut all (5+yd) the background pieces for the Hanging Garden quilt - next weekend retreat project. The cutting has been the longest part so far, but as I glanced instructions, I think it will go together well. All pieces are labelled and bagged.

        We got news about DH's dad. He is not doing well, and has been accepted for palliative care. The place that he lives at is able to deliver these services. It is best not to move him as he gets agitated with change. It seems he has not been doing well in past months, not eating, sleeping a lot. We are looking at options to travel.

        As we celebrate today, I am thankful for our health, family and friends that we love and can depend upon, and for a life lived comfortably.

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          Re: Monday - Columbus Day Greetings!

          Happy Columbus Day, Canadian Thanksgiving Day, and Indigenous People's Day! Since I have Native American ancestors, I'm adding that one too. It's a bit frosty here this morning, but I'm not complaining after the awful heat we had awhile back. I'll be going to sit-n-sew/guild meeting this afternoon. I'm still piecing the blocks for my granddaughter's quilt...I'm almost half done. I've also been gathering up some of my quilting magazines and cutting fat quarters to sell at the quilt exhibit this Saturday. Oh, I hope it goes well.
          *~* Myrna *~*
          *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


            Re: Monday - Columbus Day Greetings!

            Good morning. Happy Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving Day. Not a whole lot going on here. We will have a nice day. I need to start thinking about what to pack for our trip to SD. I Have not worked on my quilt for a few days. I am looking forward to visiting the quilt stores in SD.
            Monique— lasso like to play with my nieces small kids. Her little girl liked imitating my playing w/ her toys.

            Have a good day!


              Re: Monday - Columbus Day Greetings!

              Don't you just love Monday holidays . We had our Thanksgiving meal yesterday so my son and husband can travel today back to Ottawa. Today will be quiet. I have cooked chicken breasts to reheat later for my supper and my dogs. Hopefully I can get started on one of the two quilts I need to make as Christmas gifts.
              A friend of mine from an online game world of EQ2 passed away not long ago, and I went back into game world to reread thru old mail from him. Ahh that gaming hook...I started talking to old friends there and next thing I knew I was back in the land of happiness. Hard to quilt and play games at same time.
              Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday today.


                Re: Monday - Columbus Day Greetings!

                Happy Thanksgiving Day to our Canadian friends!

                Happy Columbus Day to all!

                Have a great day and enjoy!


                  Re: Monday - Columbus Day Greetings!

                  Good afternoon,

                  J got here early this morning and worked so hard. Tonight is family dinner. Chicken is cooked. Mike will be home soon and a trip to the grocery store is going to happen so I can finish up the meal.

                  Tomorrow is home school again and I think I'll be able to work on the baby quilt that I've been ignoring on my sewing table.

                  Happy Thanksgiving to our northern neighbors. Happy Columbus Day to our US friends. lol, I was glad J picked out something else to research for his journal this morning! When J is older, we'll have that wonderful research about who really discovered NA.

                  Have a great day!

                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
                  ― Maya Angelou


                    Re: Monday - Columbus Day Greetings!

                    Somehow, Columbus Day is not a holiday in California. Oh well, it answers my question about trying to get my Netflix video to the Post Office! And any day without mail delivery is a day without junk mail. I'm happy with that, even if I do have to work.I

                    I made terrific progress on staying the house yesterday and will continue today.

                    I watched "Stranger Than Fiction" last night. Good acting, but what a pointless movie! Spoiler alert: None of the mysteries get explained! I feel like I wasted two hours of my life. I'm not even tempted to Google and see if I missed some deeper meaning. (OK, now that I've typed that, I probably will.) The best part of the movie was that the math geek falls in love with a woman named Pascal, which is actually a great math joke. Not good enough to save the plot, however.

                    Blessings to all!
                    Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


                      Re: Monday - Columbus Day Greetings!

                      Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends. Happy Columbus/Monday. Still trying to get my room organized but guess what? I can see light at the end of the tunnel & don't think it's Amtrak. Not much else is happening but you should've been here on Saturday!!!! Our downstairs AC was making a expensive sounding noise. Turns out a small bird (a Chickadee, I think) had gotten in where the fan blades were. OMG!! poor little bird!! BUT the BIG news was that behind the AC was a black snake wrapped around a rat!!!!!!! At that point I was climbing the siding in my haste trying to get in the house. I'm sorry. I DO NOT LIKE SNAKES!!!! Don't like rats either but....

                      So, dear friends, have a great day. Hope it's a good one. I know Barb is enjoying her DD's visit.