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Good Sunday Morning

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    Good Sunday Morning

    Good Morning All,

    Just a quick starter before I go in and finish getting ready for church. lol, I got rather hot drying my hair so I'm cooling off, thank goodness the air just cut on.

    Yesterday was pretty uneventful around here. I kept my foot elevated most of the day. It's not as swollen on the top, and the bruise is getting lighter around the edges. Long distances and I aren't friends, though. I found that out when I had to walk down to the mail box yesterday (for junk).

    Mike was starving by the time he got home around 9. He hadn't had a dinner break. That's twice that he's gone with out a meal on a long shift. I guess he'll have to start taking a snack that he can nibble on during his shifts.

    I painted while he was gone yesterday. I tried the Moody Silo's tutorial from Let's Make Art. It came out alright. I still have a lot to learn!

    I have no idea who is picking me up this morning, so I'd best be ready just in case it's Jim. He'd be here shortly after 7. Have a wonderful day!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou

    Re: Good Sunday Morning

    Good morning,
    It's still dark, and we are both up. I woke up early, I was dreaming of the dead mouse DH found in his train room. I had visions of little mice unpacking their suitcases for a winter vacation. Really don't know how it got in.

    It was a busy day with loads of laundry, vaccuming house and shopping for Monday's meal. I decided to pick up a fresh young turkey and cooked it last night. I have never had a turkey fall apart. It's so tender. It's all cut up, ready to warm up and serve. Today, I need to make stuffing, gravy and apple crumble (request).

    I did get to my sewing room and made embroidered labels for 3 quilts, and 2 are sewn one and put away. I bought fabric storage boxes from Ikea called Skubb - love it. The small one holds a king-size quilt and have space for another small quilt. I have run out of space to store in cedar chest. I also sewed the remaining rows for the D-9 patch.

    Have an enjoyable day. Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian quilters, and Columbus Day weekend to American members.
    Please be careful and safe if you are experiencing early blasts of winter snow and storms.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


      Re: Good Sunday Morning

      Good Morning, Everyone ~ Suzanne, those mice find their way in through the smallest openings. In the 41 yrs. we've lived here, we had a mouse in the house twice. Both times, I think it was because they came in through the garage & sneaked into the kitchen when that door was left open too long. Now we're very careful to close it quickly each time. We have those glue boards around the garage; they're sticky enough to catch a mouse. I really don't like setting those wooden traps.

      We had a beautiful day yest. A hard freeze in the morning, then a gradual warm-up to 70 deg. by late afternoon. I did some yard clean up. I disposed of the 3 pots of geraniums from the patio which got frozen. The impatiens also were kaput, so I cleaned up that flower bed. I still had room in my trash bag, so I cut back some perennials in another bed. The lawn is nice & green from the application of winterizer fertilizer I applied a few wks. ago. Of course, now with the sprinkler system blown out, I'll have to drag around the hoses to keep it watered, but not as often as during the warmer months.

      This a.m. will be church; it's my Sun . to play the organ. This afternoon I'll work on my Bible study lesson & do some sewing.


        Re: Good Sunday Morning

        Good morning everyone. We decided not to head upstate today. A nice relaxing day is what we both need after the craft fair yesterday. Not that there won't be some chores to take care of. The bins need to be put away since they are sitting in the family room right now. Plus dinner will need to be made too and boy oh boy, does my sewing room and machine need cleaning. I need to finish up some things to send off to California for Ana's "Sprinkle" which is next weekend. So between that and finishing up my Secret Santa gifts, I will be in my sewing room a good amount of time this week. But there are many household things to be attended to also so I suppose I will have to make some time for them too.

        The craft fair went well. It was a bit cloudy and chilly for the first few hours but when the sun finally came out, it was very nice. There was a collective cheer that went up from the vendors when the clouds finally gave way to the sun. Sales were very good. The hooded towels were very popular yesterday.

        I guess it's time to have some breakfast. I slept in until almost 8 this morning! Then I got up, fed the cat, made a cup of tea and I've just been relaxing and reading a bit. Just the morning I needed.

        Have a wonderful day all.
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          Re: Good Sunday Morning

          Good Morning!

          It is a chilly 44 degrees this morning; high today will be 66. Fall has finally arrived! Still no frost, yet. My maple trees are dropping leaves left and right. They have maple tar spot (black spots on the leaves). The two trees in front have lost more than half of their leaves already...without changing color.

          I pieced the back for my sister's quilt yesterday. It just needs a press, then I can double-check the measurements. I don't want to have too much wiggle room -- M* quilters only need 4" on each side. I centered a panel. I know it may not come back that way, but I don't want it to end up too wonky, either. All that is left is to press the quilt top and snip the loose threads.

          I finally found a new embroidery machine! I had a different sales gal at my LQS; she actually listened to what I wanted the machine for (edge to edge quilting) and did not try to sell me a machine that cost twice as much. It came down to the Brother XE1 or the Babylock Meridian. Both are embroidery-only machines, and have the coveted 9.5" x 14" hoop. I picked the Meridian. All other things being pretty much equal, the interface on the Babylock made more sense to my brain and the Brother machines come with a bunch of Disney designs that I have no use for. I will pick up my new machine on Thursday. They have to ship one new-in-box from another store.

          Have a great day!


            Re: Good Sunday Morning

            Good morning. I had another busy day running around. I wanted to get a hair cut before we leave for South Dakota and stock up on pet supplies. My DH and I had tickets for a murder mystery dinner. He was on call and had Togo back in to operate, so luckily I found a friend who could go with me. We had a nice time catching up and watching the show.
            Not a lot on my plate today. I need to do some laundry and get the dog meds sorted out for my DD.

            Have a good day.


              Re: Good Sunday Morning

              Good morning everyone. Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and Columbus Day to my American friends. Be safe no matter what you do.

              Hubby was out golfing with friends yesterday so I was left to my own devices. Lynda stopped in and chose a jelly roll from my stash. She needed something printed and boy did I have a time trying to do that. Got hers printed and then the printer would just not print. Uninstalled and reinstalled seemed to have fixed it.

              My brain was working overtime the night before. "jjkaiser", sometime ago, sent me a whole box of 'scraps'. Well I have been working at getting the whole lot into blocks. I am making them into 5" blocks. Yesterday, I started making string blocks to join the bunch. I have 4 patch, 9 patch, 9 patch on point, and 9 patch with borders. I am making headway. So Jocelyn, I have been using up all those strips you sent.

              Buns are made already. Smells good in here. We are headed to Greg's later for a gathering. Phil is already there. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. His in-laws will also be there.

              So that's it for me. Have a wonderful day my friends.
              Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                Re: Good Sunday Morning

                Good Morning, everyone!

                We awoke to a blissful 73 degrees this morning! We were anticipating the cool down (haha! I know that 73 being "cool" is alien idea to many on here; so funny, right?), and opened the windows when we went to bed last night. Having fresh air blowing into the house through open windows is a special event here in New Orleans, and I treasure every precious moment of it.

                With the cooler weather, and having gotten my health back to, probably, more than 75%, I went out and pull weeds early this morning. I am happy to say I got all of the cat's claw that had overtaken the fence behind or shed off of it. Made a batch of organic non-gyphosate weed killer to get the couple of roots I still wasn't strong enough to pull out.

                I am super-itchy to get back to piecing, so I think I'm going to work more on a UFO that began with the Delightful Spooks pattern, but done with batiks in greens and blues Flat_DelightfulSpooks.jpg

                Hope everyone has a wonderful (restful and/or productive, whichever you're hoping for) Sunday.


                  Re: Good Sunday Morning

                  Good morning! It is suddenly so cold here in Wisconsin, 42 degrees and 20 mph winds and no sun. Time to get out the winter jackets. My dh spent the last 2 weeks chopping and stacking firewood and we had our first fire last night. I am almost done hand quilting a quilt that I started last April and hoping to finish this month. After sailing along using the same needle for about 6 weeks, yesterday I broke two needles in about 15 minutes and then I could not get my needle threader to work on a needle the exact same size and brand. It was so frustrating. I finally got the needle threaded by hand but oh that eye seemed microscopic!

                  On Friday I finally got things straightened out with Social Security. Yay! Somehow they had my last name under "W" which was my maiden name instead of "K" and a double last name not hyphenated. I have been married 45 years and have never used those two last names, only Kaiser. This double last name triggered the same problem with my name under Medicare and It was causing confusing issues with my medical records being under two different names, plus if I die I thought it would be a big mess being under two different names. I went to the SS office and was told by a supervisor that I would have to go to court and have my name changed legally before they would change it to just Kaiser. The fact that my legal name never was this double last name and it was their mistake did not seem to penetrate his brain, he just kept telling me "it's their policy" and "Ma'am you obviously aren't listening to me." So next inwent home and typed up a letter to SS explaining the situation (leaving out that I had gone into a SS office), filled out a form for a name correction, and sent it to a different SS office. Got a phone call 3 days later from the 2nd SS office. The woman was so nice, she apologized said I don't know how this happened to you and of course we can change it. She just added that I needed to get a certified copy of somethingband send it to her which I took care of yesterday. My husband is a lawyer and he couldn't believe I was told that I had to do a name change in court. So I am happy this is on the way to gettingball straightened out! I hope the change will automatically bevswitched iver with Medicare or else I will have to start over with them.

                  I did lots of cooking yesterday. Somehow got it in my head to make home made Pad Thai. Had to go to three different stores to find ingredients. It turned out okay, but kind of bland and certainly NOT worth all the trouble. Wish I knew of a ready to use sauce that tastes decent. Next I made a huge batch of chili, it made so much in think I will have to freeze some. But with today being so cold it will be nice to sit down to a bowl of that.


                    Re: Good Sunday Morning

                    Good morning everyone, a few minutes left until noon. Yesterday I had a good visit training session with GF. She came to learn the very basics of using a longarm. She signed up for a class at Houston Quilt Festival and has never used a LA before, so we thought it was good for her to get the basics before going to a ruler class, to help prevent being overwhelmed. I finally reloaded the t shirt quilt on the frame yesterday and started quilting it. Just finished it this morning after church, so now it's time for binding. I bought some ombre for that to give it a little pizazz(hopefully). Astros forgot to come to the ball game last night, so hopefully they show up to play tonight. The weather is beautiful today. I should be working in the yard, we'll see. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends.