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  • It's Friday

    Good morning friends. I am up WAY too early this morning. I already see a nap later today.

    I had a busy afternoon yesterday. The training course for the elections lasted 3 1/2 hours. Needless to say I didn't get much done here. I did manage a load of laundry and got it hung outside. I am not sure what today will bring just yet.

    My oldest will be a happy camper this morning, his beloved Astros won their series last night. On to the next round.

    Monday is our Thanksgiving. On Sunday, we will head off to the city and have dinner with our children.

    Have a great day and weekend everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

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    Re: It's Friday

    Morning all,

    I'm also up too early Monique, seems once my eyes popped open that was it couldn't get back to sleep.

    We've had rain since Wednesday, it looks like a chilly morning out there with a chance for more.

    Yesterday I worked on some towels, got some pretty fabric on them for a border, and embroidered a very nice design for Hanukkah. Was a win/win situation I got the towels done and while the machine was running did a bit of clean-up in the sewing room. My friend always attends the craft fair and always asks if I have anything for Hanukkah so this year she will be happy to see something.

    Tonight's dinner will be leftover stuffed peppers so no cooking tonight, more time to play in the sewing room.

    Off to fire up the Keurig and get caffeineted, wishing everyone a good day!
    Nobody is going to stand up at your funeral and say she had a really expensive sofa and great shoes Life is not about stuff.

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      Re: It's Friday

      Good morning. Another busy day for me. I work out and then take the puppy for another shot. The groomer comes this afternoon.
      I am always exhausted after she leaves.. crowd control can be tiring. I probably won’t be able to sew today. Looks like our nice weather will continue today. We may spend some time out on the deck.

      Have a good day.


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        Re: It's Friday

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ Our thermometer reads 23 deg., but the web site says the temp. is 18, so it's our coldest morning yet. The snow yest. caused all kinds of problems -- traffic accidents galore. DS#2 who lives here & works ~1 hr. away said it took him 2 hr. & 10 min. to get to work yest. a.m.! The roads were terribly slick. Accidents everywhere. He switched over to some of the county roads to avoid the traffic mess on the fwy. It's supposed to warm up into the 50's & 60's over the next few days. The snow won't stick around long.

        I finally made it to the sewing room yest. afternoon. At a recent quilt show, I bought 8 yds. of floral flannel for only $4./yd. It was one long piece, which I've cut in half, trimmed off the selvedges, then sewn the 2 sections together. I'm making a queen size blanket for my bed. I still have to hem the 2 sides, top & bottom. I hope to get that done today.


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          Re: It's Friday

          Good Morning Everyone, Just a quick hello. My DD got here safely yesterday. Maggie and Sugar are head over heels in love with her. Dottie barely recognized her.

          Cathy, it's raining here today also. Remember the monsoon rain we got caught in last year when we went out for dinner? We were soaked to the skin and came home and put on bathrobes!! You and Barry sure gt a dose of Missouri weather!

          I'm off to start making breakfast and a coffee cake.

          Have a great day everyone....Hugs.....

          Scottie Mom Barb


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            Re: It's Friday

            I sure do remember that, never experienced rain like that before! Enjoy your visit with your daughter.
            Nobody is going to stand up at your funeral and say she had a really expensive sofa and great shoes Life is not about stuff.

            Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
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              Re: It's Friday

              Oh happy Friday! I'm so ready for this week to be over. We had 7 new windows installed on our porch on Wednesday, and this morning I can really tell a difference. It's in the 30's but the porch is still comfortable.
              Yesterday I saw the orthopedic surgeon about my knee and I'll be having surgery in November. I need to step up my PT so my leg can be as strong as it can be. I'm anticipating more Tylenol in my future.
              As I was cutting the foam insulation around the windows yesterday, I sliced my finger with a razor knife. Lots of blood and it was painful, so I threw a couple of bandaids on the finger and went on with my day. I spent the evening pinning pieces of quilt blocks together with my finger sticking up. DD had a laugh as she said I was making rude gestures to the blocks.
              Today we're getting a section of gutter replaced. Hubby and I had done it a few years ago, but we could never get the seam sealed. In the winter the water would freeze on the steps so we couldn't use the front door. So now it's time to let the professionals do the job. In the spring the rest of the house will be done.
              Hopefully while the gutter is getting done I can sew the last seam of the 50 crazy quilt blocks I'm doing. Then I will look at the big picture to see how they look. Fingers are crossed.
              The fog is finally beginning to thin out and I can finally see some sun, so I'll get going. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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                Re: It's Friday

                Good morning everyone,

                Our beautiful Fall weather continues. I wish I could bottle this up. Yesterday I did about 3-4 hrs of yardwork. Our side yard is on a corner / street and itt seems city workers were cleaning up the curbs of weeds that grow between asphalt and curb. They also cut down our grasses near the power box. I talked to the city worker, who said the City hired contractors to help. It seems that the city staff are supposed to clean curbs every 2 weeks. In 9+ years living here, they have never done this. This saved me at least 4+ hrs of work.

                DH went to a sailing meeting last night and home early. I watched about 45 mins of our election debate in French. It was much more civilized, as half the candidates' first language is not French.

                I'm spending the day with my DD Mélanie. We are going to hear Michelle Obama this afternoon, shop and stop at Costco for last minute items for Thanksgiving meal on Monday.

                Have an enjoyable day.

                Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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                  Re: It's Friday

                  Good morning everyone.
                  Cathy and Bubby - please, please, please send that rain my way, we need it so badly. We haven't had any rain to speak of for a couple months now, and the pollen is so bad I'm in the midst of the worst allergy attack I've had in probably 10 years. I have spent the last 4 days inside in hopes of getting some relief - might be working. This morning I was so desperate I actually pulled out the dreaded I hate that thing, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do - LOL

                  So - my big project this year is to make my 4 eldest gkiddies a quilt for chirstmas. So far I have 1 totally finished, 1 finished except for the binding, 1 with just the top done, and 1 waiting for me to start. Sounds daunting, but I'm actually ahead of schedule. I'm thinking I'll have the last 2 done and at the long armers by Halloween. The good news is that the first 2 were done with mostly scraps, as will be the 4th one. The bad news is the 3rd one, which is for the only boy, I had to buy almost all the fabric for. I just didn't have much in my stash that wasn't very girly. Anyway - can I just say how much I have been enjoying making these quilts and I know giving them on Christmas is going to bring me as much (or more) joy as it will them. I can truly say it's been a labor of love!!! when I get them all done I'll try to post some pics for you to see.

                  Have a great day everyone


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                    Re: It's Friday

                    Good morning everyone. I do enjoy reading your posts when I get home from work at night. Today is my Friday off, although I have paid for it all week with late hours. Yesterday I finished binding a baby quilt. I've always wanted to try quilting a continuous spiral on a quilt. Glad I did it on a baby quilt, because I won't be doing it again. Also finished quilting and binding a charity quilt for the guild. On the fence as to whether to sign up for the guild next year since I rarely go to the meetings.

                    Like the look of it, but I'll go back to using my LA. HVAC guy is hear checking out the heater system. Shouldn't take him long. A GF is coming later this morning to bring me some jeans she needs hemmed. Still trying to decide what to do this afternoon. Do I work on a project here or go get DGD and visit the children's museum? Rained this morning, but looks like it is over now.


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                      Re: It's Friday

                      Good Morning All,

                      It's a beautiful morning, but I'm stuck inside. I turned the corner into the bedroom to sharp and ended up kicking the small chair that I had to move because of the quilt ladders (that are still in the garage unfinished). I moved the chair again, between the chest of drawers and wall opposite of where it was. I won't kick it now! I'd have to run into the chest of drawers and the night stand first.

                      I worked on the materials Melinda sent yesterday. There was a lot of up and down off the floor, so this morning my wrists were objecting. It's taken a while, but they're starting to loosen up. I've still got some work to do in my sewing room, but I'm thinking floor work is out of the question today.

                      Jim is apparently not coming over this morning to work on his project stuff. I do hope Morgan is feeling better. She's had a time with migraine's this fall. I was really worried when they bought the house so close to the high power lines that it might make things worse for her. I keep hoping her moving to day shift will help. It doesn't sound like that is going to happen before the first of the year now.

                      Time to go scrub the scalloped potato dish from last night. Something tells me it's going to be scrub for a few minutes, and rest my wrists. Eventually, it will get done. Hopefully soaking in soapy water all night will help the process.

                      Have a wonderful day!

                      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
                      ― Maya Angelou


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                        Re: It's Friday

                        Good morning all. I was not up early this morning. All the rest of the week I was up early to spend time in the sewing room getting ready for tomorrow's craft fair. I was finishing up two tablerunners last night. Today will be spent taking inventory, adding a couple of small things. I want to add some single wine bottle gift bags in some fall fabric. I've got a couple but want to add a few more. The fabric is already cut and ready to go. I was just too tired to finish them last night. I also need to go to the bank to get small bills for change. And then pack everything up.

                        Monique, I have a message for your son.... "Let's Go Yankees!" . Cathy, sounds like you are busy getting ready for next month's craft fair. I've done a few Hanukkah tablerunners to add to my stuff. Carol, how wonderful that you are making those quilts for your grands. I am sure they will treasure them. Suzanne and Barb, enjoy your time with your daughters.

                        Oh my gosh Barbara, hope your finger heals quickly. Beth, hope you aren't too exhausted after the groomer leaves. Karen, whatever you decide to do today, I hope it is great fun. Katrina, take things easy with those wrists.

                        Joy, my brother posted pictures of the snow they got out there. I am a bit envious. I love snow.

                        Depending on how tired we are after tomorrow's fair, we might head upstate on Sunday to hubby's cousins to a big fall gathering one of his cousins has every year. We haven't been able to go in the past because of work but now that we are both retired, we don't have to worry about that Monday thing. So just in case I am not in here Monday morning I'd like to wish all our Canadian forum members a very Happy Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful day.

                        Happy Friday everyone.
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