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Good Morning, Sunday! :)

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    Good Morning, Sunday! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ It must have been a busy day yest. Very few folks chimed in on the daily chat thread started by me & Katrina.

    This a.m. will be church. This afternoon I need to hand sew labels on 2 mini quilts I'll be donating to our guild. Our annual quilt show is coming up later this mo. We do a silent auction of mini quilts as a fund raiser. Quilts have to be turned in Tues. eve.

    There definitely was a touch of fall in the air yest. Even though it was sunny, the breeze was chilly. It finally made it up to 74 in the late afternoon. I stored the top to the fountain, drained & covered the base, so that's taken care of for winter. It's supposed to be noticeably colder on Wed. & Thurs. There's a chance of snow flurries! and temps. dropping into the 20's. Glad our furnace is working well. It's running this a.m. The heat feels good!

    Have a great day.

    Re: Good Morning, Sunday!

    Good Morning,

    Started my morning early, to finish cleaning up and organising my sewing studio, because today I will have guests. I'm hosting a get-together for my Mardi Gras dance krewe, and we're going to be learning how to comb out and restyle the wigs we wear to events.

    It always amazes me how much dust, thread, tiny fabric bits, glitter, sequins (I build costumes and craft in here, too) collects in just a couple of weeks on the floor of a hard working studio!


      Re: Good Morning, Sunday!

      Good morning. Oktoberfest wraps up today. I only stopped long enough on Friday to pick up some sauerkraut (12 containers in all but only 5 for me). Today there will be a parade. Phil did partake in the 'fest'ivities, LOL!! Not sure if he will be up for driving home later, he may stay until tomorrow. I haven't done much of anything with Maizyn around. I have to work tomorrow and then I am free. I was out cleaning the road in front of the driveway this morning. Drunken idiots were out last night and broke a glass right there. Woke me up at around 1:40 am with their shannanigans and I had a hard time getting back to sleep.

      Have a great day everyone.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        Re: Good Morning, Sunday!

        Good Morning every one =)
        Sat. did seem to be a busy day. We had a frost warning so my husband decided it was time to empty the flower pots and start the winter prep. I did a lot of little things yesterday, and it seemed I was running in circles a lot. Today there is cold drizzly rain so it's an arthritis day. We turned on our heat as well. When the dogs run for blankets it is a big clue it is as cold as it feels, lol.
        That would be such a pleasure to go to a quilt show and bid on mini quilts.
        I found some panels and fabric at a great fabric store in Campbellford that I just love. My husband plans to become a quilter when he retires so he was buying stuff that he loved. I love crows and the owner showed me 2 panels with ravens and matching fabric. It is called Raven Moon. So after Christmas and New Year's when the world settles to quiet routine days, I plan to make myself a very special quilt.
        For now , I feel the number of weeks till the holidays counting down fast, and still have 2 quilts to make before than as gifts. Hopefully today I will start the Canadian quilt for my oldest son. That wonderful store had a lot of good choices for Canadian fabrics to choose from.
        With FedEx ordeals and the US exchange rate so high, this store was pure happiness to go to . If only he had Jenny there , I could have called it heaven. I just need to reorganize my sewing rooms shelves a bit, the overflow tells me I am buying faster than I sew.
        Hope all is well with everyone.


          Re: Good Morning, Sunday!

          Good morning everyone,
          I was awake at 3am til 6am Friday, and even when DH woke up at 7, showered, made noise and left to go gliding, I didn't hear a thing. The phone rang at 10am. I had told my GF I would be ready for an early start. Was I wrong! After quick shower and a bite, we changed our plans for the day and headed west to the Red Barn quilt sale and show. Many people I knew had quilts for sale. It's not a working barn, more like a restore one for events. I saw many treasures I could have brought home. We then headed west again to Kemptville, for a great meal of liver, onions and bacon at roadside dinner. It was packed and I can see why. My friend never had this before, and she loved it. Of course we both had a bring home container. Then we headed to a historic village, site of Unesco - Merrickville for some shopping. Beautiful gift ideas, but I resisted except for a pair of winter gloves and a magnetic Cardinal. You put each half on other side of glass. I put it in sunroom french door. It's entertaining to watch PJ trying to reach it. I think I may go back for other birds.

          Slow this morning, but gotta run. DH is waiting for me to go for breakfast.


          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


            Re: Good Morning, Sunday!

            Good morning to all!
            Yes, it's definitely fall here; we had our first frost yesterday. The afternoon was very warm. This type of weather has me guessing how to dress every morning.
            I've been grounded due to my knee issues and as a result the quilt blocks are just flying through my machine. The crazy quilt I'm working on now is turning out better than I expected. I had originally planned two wall quilts, but I'm thinking I may turn it into one larger quilt. I just ordered a puffy batting for it from Amazon.
            This morning I defied the doctor's orders and went for a walk. The damage is done, and I'm willing to sit through the rest of the day with a bag of ice on my knee. It felt so good to get out and smell al the good fall smells.
            Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!


              Re: Good Morning, Sunday!

              My goodness what a change in weather for us here in Central Illinois. It was in the upper 80's- lower 90's last week then this week it went to the 50's - 60's. I guess that was what we call Indian Summer last week. Time to get plants and fountains winterize. Check out the drafts and seal them. I do love the leaves changing colors. !!

              But having to pull out warmer clothes is gonna be extra work this week. flannel shirts, pj's and leggings here I come!
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                Re: Good Morning, Sunday!

                We are finally getting some cooler temps and rain. We haven't had a real rain in about three months and hearing it last night was fantastic.
                We are going to WV, Oh and south west Pa soon and puzzling over what clothes to pack. The forecast still says 70/80s, I was looking forward to some fall.
                Anyone ever go to Bedford, Pa fall fest? I think we are going to try it out.


                  Re: Good Morning, Sunday!

                  Good morning all. It has been a busy and fun weekend. Right now, we are still in Peekskill. I am relaxing with hubby, Johnny and Rob watching the football pregame shows. I had a delicious omelet breakfast made by Johnny. Yesterday we went to the Yankee playoff game. It was chilly but because they let me know ahead of time, I had the right clothes. We ha d a wonderful time and the Yankees won. One of my favorite players hit a grand slam too. And it turned out that hubby's nephew was at the game too so we got to see him for a few minutes as well as a good friend of Rob's who was at the game as well. The boys also surprised me and the four of them decided to also get me a beautiful necklace with their 4 birthstones. It was a wonderful birthday week and the best part was being able to share it with the boys...two in person and the other two in video chat and phone calls. And I also got to see or talk to all the grands too.

                  We will be heading home soon and this week will be focused on getting ready for next Saturday's craft fair.

                  Have a good day everyone.
                  Ginny B



                    Re: Good Morning, Sunday!

                    Good afternoon all,

                    I sat in church this morning with my jacket around my shoulders. I brought it because of the chance of rain, but needed it for the air conditioning!

                    The kids came and ate lunch today. Nana took Zeke to her car to change his diaper and must have twisted because her back was bothering her. They were planning on taking the the kids for the afternoon. Jim brought them over here when so Nana could go home, change and get her back brace out.

                    Lowe's called, they'll be here between 3 and 6 with my new refrigerator. Mine is cleaned out, other than the ice tray. I'll dump that into the cooler after Mike gets home and makes his lunch.

                    Last night we had Chili. I must have used a different brand of seasoning mix, because it was hotter than you know where! I remember making it, but we won't be eating any more of it. Even Mike said it had quite a bite. Thank goodness it's gone!

                    I guess while it's kind of quiet, I should get school stuff ready for tomorrow.

                    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
                    ― Maya Angelou


                      Re: Good Morning, Sunday!

                      Yesterday was super busy. Went to my favorite consignment shop and found 2 lamps, one is a celadon green table lamp with a crackled finished, really pretty. The other one is a Quoisel floor lamp which is very heavy. I've been looking for some good "vintage" lamps for a while. It seems what's available in the stores now are so cheaply made, even when you pay a good amount.
                      In the afternoon was the first Gypsy Wife class at my LQS. It's going to be a lot of fun over the next year. I've been wanting to make a quilt in solids so this is the perfect opportunity. I'm going with Grunge in bright multi colors against low volume strips.
                      We had dinner with friends last night at a Portuguese restaurant. It's very popular and very small and they don't take reservations. We waited about an hour. Absolutely delicious and worth the wait.
                      Today I'm going through some paperwork that has been piling up. Hope to sew a little later.
                      Hope everyone has a nice relaxing Sunday evening.
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                        Re: Good Morning, Sunday!

                        Had a really productive day yesterday putting our house back together after all our plumbing issues. I've had a lazy day today. I'm just about to get back to work staging our house to sell.

                        But I'm also going to set up my Janome 15000 to do a bit of embroidery. Other Janome models have the embroidery units built in. The 15000, unfortunately, has a HUGE embroidery unit that attaches to the back of the machine and swings out. It's then too big to fit on my cabinet, so I have to move it to my dining room table to embroider. I found an IKEA table that folds down to a small profile but opens large enough to accommodate the embroidery set up. I'm going to buy one after we move.

                        Blessings to all!
                        Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


                          Re: Good Morning, Sunday!

                          I have been at a retreat in Alabama all week. We had a great time, as we always do. Old friends and a few new ones. You are right, Claire. It really rained and it was wonderful. I hope it gets here tomorrow. East TN has had no rain at all for 5+ weeks. There is one fire in the mountains, but it is small and under control. I'm exhausted from the 6 hour drive, and ready for bed!