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Saturday Morning Hellos! :)

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    Saturday Morning Hellos! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ With my luck, Monique will be posting at the same time. lol I hope you have a wonderful trip to PEI.

    Today will be bread making day; it's time for DH's spelt bread. I also need to change the bedding & do laundry.

    Yest. I went back to the mattress store for the 3rd time & placed my order. By waiting, I was able to take advantage of their Labor Day sale & save the cost of delivery & set-up, which was $50. Also saved on the price of mattress protectors, buy one, get one at 1/2 off. So that big decision is made. They will be delivered next Wed. a.m.

    I spent an hour in the dental chair (a filling), & ran several errands. I picked up Chick-fil-A on the way home for a late lunch. My lip was mostly numb until almost 5 p.m. DH had a better night sleep last night; his mouth is not quite so sore now. He still has a fat lip where he bit himself while he still was numbed up.

    First thing yest. a.m. the power co. came to work on the issue on our street. They dug a hole next to the neighbor's pedestal lamp & laid more protective cable; they will return Tues. a.m. to do a permanent fix. We lost power for
    ~30 min. while they worked. Had to re-set all the clocks...again!

    I'm following the hurricane news; unless there is a last min. turn, it looks to hit FL with heavy damage.

    Re: Saturday Morning Hellos!

    Good Morning....Jeff just left to work at the apartments without me. I just don't feel up to it today. The pups are still sleeping after their morning potty break. They will sleep until breakfast at 9. One of our tenants trimmed all of our shrubs and cleaned up the mess. I sent him a lemon cream cheese pie with fresh blueberries with Jeff with orders to give Mr P the whole pie....not with a piece or two missing.

    I have decided to do a thorough cleaning and organizing of my stash. I got 4 of the 18 shelves done. This will take me a week and then I can tackle the closet.

    We are praying for Florida and the hurricane.

    Take care friends....

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Saturday Morning Hellos!

      Good morning Joy and others who follow,
      I'm glad your lost power is being resolved quickly and that you'll be sleeping in new beds next week. I think Monique was working part of day at the fair, perhaps. I'm hoping that Dorian leftovers won't impact on her/our trip to the coast.

      Katrina - I read your late post yesterday. My condolences on the loss of your cousin Steve. It sounds like you are as ready as can be from Dorian but sending prayers you will all be safe. I cannot imagine the impact on people's lives now and after the storm.

      My days seems to be exceptionally busy these past few weeks, I get exhausted thinking of all I'm getting done. Yesterday, two members of my guild dropped by and gave me 10+ quilt tops in various sizes for VQC. Many are ready to go. Others need a border. There were a lot of smaller ones, large blocks, which I now think would be perfect for the bags to carry. So generous. Then a friend picked up burp & change pads. This always takes time, as we catch up. Linda has been many times to StAndrews by the Sea, NB on their way home from east coast. We are staying there 4 days on our return home road trip. I just hope Dorian is over by then as it is on the Bay of Fundy.

      I finished adding the last border to my quilt. It's big 102 x 112. I will prep the backing and binding, and hang in the quilt queue while I think of how to quilt it.

      I visited mom in the afternoon. She said it was boring, as there was no activities and no one dropped by. The lady in the room next door passed away, as did several others she knew this summer. Sunday my kids and GKs will be having a birthday lunch for her. She'll be 96. I can't think of anything she needs, except for company. There used to be more family visits but many are getting too old to travel themselves.

      Today, I'm going shopping with a friend for blinds. They are replacing the windows in her condo, and her blinds are 20+ years old, so she wants a change. I want to start removing the garden plants. They're done, and if not, they will be by the time we get back.

      Enjoy your day doing something special. Be safe and be prepared. Happy long weekend.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Re: Saturday Morning Hellos!

        Good Morning Joy and all those who follow,

        Still working on little things getting ready for the rains. I've already been out an put a coat of mortar caulk on the cracks at the bottom of the stucco under the front window. I'll see what happens tomorrow, I may paint it if the weather holds out.

        Today, I'm going to get all of the insurance policy information documented, and work on creating a hurricane notebook. I keep getting emails from various companies telling me to have those policy numbers and copies of policies in waterproof bags readily available and claim phone numbers accessible.

        I figure the more prep I do, the less I'll have to worry about. Jim has a generator and room in his freezer for our meat if necessary. He was telling me I needed 'shelf stable' meat yesterday. I was like I have a freezer full of meat, I'm NOT eating canned meat if the food in my freezer is good! That's what the grill, smoker, and camp stoves are for! Mike and I couldn't find the tree that goes on the gas bottle last night. I'm sure it's in the garage somewhere, but I ordered one from Amazon last night, just in case. We'll find it now!

        Take care everyone! It's looking bad for GA and the Carolina's now. Dorian's still too far out to know anything for sure.

        Be creative this long weekend!

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
        ― Maya Angelou


          Re: Saturday Morning Hellos!

          Good morning!
          I'm just popping in before making our run of errands this morning. Eric needs some things from HomeDepot, I need some things from the feed store. We both need some things from Costco, including something simple for supper.
          The barn needs to be cleaned when I get back. The last batch of babies will be moved to the upper field today too. We will see how my knee holds up to this.

          I hope to start my paper piecing project this afternoon/evening.
          Be who you are and say what you feel
          because those who mind don't matter,
          and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


            Re: Saturday Morning Hellos!

            Good morning all. Just dropping in to add my prayers for those in the path of Dorian. Be safe!