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Monday Morning Hellos! :)

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    Monday Morning Hellos! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I thought sure Monique would have started us off already this morning. Anyway, here goes. We're expecting record setting temps. today. Probably close to 100. We've had many "air quality alerts" lately for ozone. The skies are a bit hazy on those days.

    I did take it easy yest. After church yest.. a.m., I made a stop at the $ store, Safeway for the sale ice cream, & went through the drive-through at Taco Bell for a couple tacos. I didn't feel like fixing lunch. In the afternoon I read -- finished my latest book. I was re-reading one of Lori Benton's books -- pre-revolutionary war days on the Ohio frontier -- a widowed mother in search of her son stolen by the Indians. I did more browsing for a new laptop. Still haven't found the right deal.

    Today will be the usual Mon. laundry & more house cleaning.

    Re: Monday Morning Hellos!

    Good morning,
    It was one of those "nuit blanche" again. Woke up around 3, tossed and turned, as I was falling asleep, there was a burst of heavy rain, finally fell asleep around 5. Hate those nights. Probably too much wine, ate too late, too many crazy dreams, who knows!

    We've got our east coast trip stops figured out. I just need to book hotel for the later part. I'm looking forward to it. It will be fun to spend time with friends by the water. One plan for sure, eat lobster, visit sights and relax. Not much planned today. It's been hot & humid and rainy. Good day to stay indoor and sew.

    Enjoy your day.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


      Re: Monday Morning Hellos!

      Good morning everyone. I was ready to head here this morning but my neighbour was over early. I had a fridge that she is taking for her daughter. Well we got that sucker out and onto the trailer. WE ARE WOMAN!!!!! Then she needed help loading a mattress as well. Got that done.

      WELL, yesterday I was working on a tablet cover, the first one didn't turn out so great. I made this one bigger and got it together fairly well until it came time to attach the binding ends together. Well do you think I could figure that one out. I ripped it out 6 times and then took a break. Looked online and found an 'easy' way. Well I screwed that one up too. So after the 9th try I finally got it done. Cheesh, my brain was just not working properly yesterday. I have done bindings so many times but for some reason it wasn't working yesterday.

      My youngest son is traveling today on his first trip to the west coast. It should be quite an experience for him. My oldest will be here on Wednesday as Thursday morning he and his Dad have a golf date and then they are headed up the camp for a couple of days. OH geewhiz, what shall I do for 4 days to myself?

      So on that note have a wonderful day everyone. It promises to be hot and muggy all week.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        Re: Monday Morning Hellos!

        Good Morning All,

        Pepper is standing watch at the sliding glass doors this morning. She's determined to get the squirrels. Mike is going to do laundry today. I haven't made up my mind. I do know that Pepper's getting up and down during the night is breaking my sleep cycle. We'll have to make sure she's pretty active before bed tonight.

        Jim and Morgan made it to their destination. lol, I didn't know it until this morning. I'd turned off the volume on my cell phone on Wednesday night. Whoops! No wonder it hasn't 'rung'. I've missed a couple of calls. I'll return them later today.

        Have a great day!

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
        ― Maya Angelou


          Re: Monday Morning Hellos!

          Good morning. Another hot and humid day here too. I plan on doing some errands this morning and then staying indoors. I am continuing to make headway on my quilting. It gets a little boring,so I sew a few lines and then I go do something else.

          My trainer is away this week, so I don’t have to rush off to the gym. I was hoping to take some walks outside. I think I will skip that idea due to the heat.

          Have a good day and stay cool.


            Re: Monday Morning Hellos!

            I am back from a wonderful 4 day retreat, heavenly. Lots of good friends, good food, sewing and laughter. I actually got a few things done, too.
            Today, after the gym [our trainer is not on vacation] I need to unpack everything and lay out a queen top that will be on point. It is the video pattern Donna Jordan did a couple of weeks ago called something like beads. I am excited to see it unfold.
            Our cat got another chipmunk last night, at least this one was outside but it was a bit of a circus disposing of the remains before the dog got it.


              Re: Monday Morning Hellos!

              Good Morning Everyone =)
              I didn't sleep much last night either. We had quite the lightning show for a couple of hours. No rain, not even a breeze to move a leaf, no thunder either. The night wasn't for sleeping so I made tea and watch the dark clouds light up a lot. We lost the phone and internet for the night. I spent most of yesterday baking a lot of gluten free cookies. Amazing cookies, some recipe books are worth getting. It's a scorcher outside already, so it sounds like a quilting day to me , lol. The sewing room is well stocked so my only challenge is to make a choice from the many possibilities of projects. Life is good. Always thankful for the good days, they give me strength to get through the not so good ones. Hope every one's week is off to a great start.


                Re: Monday Morning Hellos!

                good Monday morning,

                its sunshine and showers here today, its breezy,
                the word 'breezy' takes me back some years to a tent vacation, in those days our only technology was a battery powered wireless, a gas lantern and gas powered hob, the wireless / radio was used for finding out the next days weather.
                They said it would be breezy on the wireless, it was to rain and the tent a cabin style closest to wind was protected by car, somehow slept, but woke up to the far end of tent closest to wind pressing on sleeping quarters, the pegs had come out of ground with all flapping, a quick re peg and all was well. breezy ha ha
                the next day was a beautiful calm day, we spent the day relaxing on the beach, decided to go back to tent to cook tea, within that cooking time when looked out expecting to see the glistening waters of the calm sea, we could not see anything, it was a pea soup thick fog!
                we had a heavy rain the next day, once it brightened, folk started walking about, they were near to tent when a sudden gust happened, the water on the tent took that moment to leave the fabric drenching the passers by, at there screams we rushed out (before leaving for vacation we had used a water proof solution on tent fabric, the water stood on fabric like it does on a highly polished car.) thankfully everybody laughed about it.
                the weather conditions on that camping site were memorable. Was a nice camping site that everyone spoke to each other everyone seemed happy and relaxed

                yesterday it rained, so did the computer restart, it took the computer 6 hours for the computer to restart, finishing the update install, then reset all setting again, am pleased its now done.
                yesterday we made a butternut stew, gf baked some Almond macaroons that stuck to the sheet, and a chocolate sultana cake, that turned out wonderful.

                have a great day in what ever you do


                  Re: Monday Morning Hellos!

                  Morning all.
                  Today is supposed to be high temps so I 'll be staying in. Have some chores to keep me busy but after they' re done hope to get a bit of sewing done. I am pretty stoked that I 've been keeping on my schedule sewing for the craft fair, so far I' ve made 18 wreaths so they are done. Now to decide on what else to make.

                  Wishing everyone a good day, and hope you stay cool with these temps.
                  If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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                    Re: Monday Morning Hellos!

                    Morning! It was little sleep last night. We are dealing with a nasty stomach bug around here. DD started off not feeling good on Saturday evening so her and I stayed home from church yesterday. Then in the night last night it was oldest DS, then DH. This morning little one has started (thankfully, a very messy diaper that required a bath as it went out the diaper and up the back etc has been it for him as being so little getting the whole throwing up in a trashcan is not there yet). And as he was getting cleaned up, middle DS started. So everyone is just laying around - beds, floor, couch.

                    Currently, little one is sitting on a chair watching one of his favorite shows - Hee Haw. For me, it brings back lots of good memories with grandparents. My plans for the day is taking care of everyone, working on laundry, and thinking about in just six short weeks, I will be at the Fall Forum Retreat with some great ladies.

                    Have a wonderful day everyone


                      Re: Monday Morning Hellos!

                      Katrina, I can sympathize with the pet-induced insomnia. Our 20 year old cat wakes us up around 1am and again at 4:15 every single night.
                      Thankfully, our grand-puppy is a good sleeper when we puppy sit for him. The trick is to take him for about 4 good walks/day. He loves to hike but even a walk around our neighborhood calms him down and he'll sleep through the night.

                      to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


                        Re: Monday Morning Hellos!

                        Good afternoon everyone! It is a beautiful day here, in the seventies. Yesterday I dusted and then I took Teddy (the pug-shih Tzu mix) to Pet Food Express where he had a nice, relaxing bath. He is just the best dog - he walked up the tile steps to the wash basin, no shaking or whining. He really enjoys his bath. And now he is so soft and clean. I wish I could wash the other two dogs (40 pound Irish terrier mix and a German Shepherd) by myself but they do NOT enjoy baths. My husband has to wrestle them into the basin. And the GS cries/howls. People keep walking in to check on us because I'm sure it sounds like we are torturing her.

                        Today I hope to get some more quilting done. We shall see. I hope you all have a good Monday!



                          Re: Monday Morning Hellos!

                          Hi, again ~ Well, it's promising to be a record breaking high temp. day for this date. It's already 101 & we're not even to the hottest part of the day yet. One of the adult rabbits in the back yard was totally stretched out on the ground under one of the trees. I imagine it's hot with all that fur.

                          I had a list of questions for the mattress place so I called this a.m. I've been shopping for a new mattress for my bed, maybe also one for the guest room & DH's BR. I asked if there would be a discount for buying more than 1 mattress. They all could be delivered with just 1 delivery fee. The co. will take away the old mattress & set up the new one. I'm still sitting on the fence, but I know I need to replace our mattresses. I've been browsing on line today pricing cotton sheets for the thicker mattresses. Hmmm. That will be an expensive buy, too! Kohl's is having a white sale this week; I'll go see what they have. The mattress place recommended; I've looked at their sheets. I suppose I should think about replacing our pillows as well. I like a feather pillow so I can scrunch it any way I want. Foam pillows are too hot. Decisions, decisions. Buying fabric would be easier! LOL.

                          The laundry is done for the day; I did 4 loads. I need to get on with the rest of the day's chores before the house heats up. Even with the swamp cooler going, the house really warms up from the afternoon sun, which hits the front of our house.

                          Feeling bad for Barb with all the family problems going on there. I plan to look up the house explosion article.

                          An arsonist was apprehended & arrested in a fire at a local home/building supply this week end. He still was in the building setting more fires when the fire dept. showed up. They tackled him & held him for the police. The store owner gave a rough estimate of at least $500,000. worth of damage. In our 2013 flood they experienced heavy damage & costs to clean up & remodel. This is an old established business that was in our town long before Home Depot or Lowe's built here. I feel bad for them with yet another set-back.

                          Well, the next order of business is some lunch.


                            Re: Monday Morning Hellos!

                            We have had good results with the sheets from Target. I'll check the actual name, but I think they are the Traditions. My sister suggested them.
                            I buy them separately since we had a waterbed and the top sheets are still good, but the bottom sheets didn't fit the new mattress. The sheets are 100% cotton, smooth, and hold up to washing really well. They also have a tag that tells you if it's a side or bottom/top edge of the fitted sheet. Very handy instead of skootching the sheet around trying to fit the proper edge.
                            Sometimes they have really good sales.
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