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Yeah, it's Saturday!

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  • Yeah, it's Saturday!

    I'm almost certain I won't type fast enough for this to be the only posting this morning.

    It's going to be hot and humid today, so I'm going to head to the sewing room. DH is going gliding, so it's a free day.
    Yesterday I made my banana muffin recipe using GF flour, but forgot to add the buttermilk. They turned out great. I dropped off some to my DD. Then I got a manicure and picked up groceries. Last night I watered the plant and set the trap for the Japanese beetles. Gosh they are really attracted to it, they were following me to where I hung it up. They won't be pesty. They only attack a few fruit trees and leaves of my beans. The latter they haven't caused damage yet.

    Enjoy your day. Stay cool, dry and safe.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.

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    Re: Yeah, it's Saturday!

    It is lovely and cool out this morning, it won't last but for now it is wonderful.
    I went to an in town two day retreat yesterday and back today, so much fun to be with like minded folks. I got 12 very scrappy block done and ready to do the sashing. I need to cut more fabric for the sashing and lay it out so that will stay home and I am starting something new today. I don't even know what it is so it will surprise even me.
    I need to come home early and finish up packing, we head out on a plane at 5:30 tomorrow, yikes, that means I have to get up around 3, bummer, but we will have fun on our trip.


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      Re: Yeah, it's Saturday!

      Good Morning, Suzanne & Everyone ~ Very warm this a.m. Cloud cover, so it didn't cool off much last night. I was hoping we were done with the 100's, but no, yest. it was 102!

      The memorial service yest. went well; there was a good attendance; I saw several acquaintances from years past. The slide show was interesting to see the couple when they were younger & in good health. A large family. There was a lunch & reception afterwards. Then I made at stop at Walmart for another Rx. It bothers me that these drug companies charge such exorbitant prices for old meds. that no longer need "research & development". They charge an arm & a leg just because they can. Pure greed.

      I saw a Rail Fence layout on Jordan's Fabrics today that I hadn't seen before. I get their daily e-mails.

      Today I'll be baking DH's spelt bread & changing the sheets on the bed.


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        Re: Yeah, it's Saturday!

        Happy Saturday, Everyone!

        I am thrilled to report that my sister and I got Mom up to the BMV yesterday for her new ID...with minimum fuss! She wasn't too happy when we got her out of the car, but once inside she retreated into herself and did not meltdown. I took us for a drive in the Cleveland Metroparks after -- she and Dad used to go down there a lot. That helped her relax. Then we went to Dairy Queen for takeout. While we were waiting for my sister to return with the food, Mom thanked me for the "lovely outing." The best part: by the time we got back her house, she didn't even remember having gone to the BMV!

        It's going to be a warm one today -- upper 80's. I have some housework to do this morning. I hope to spend some time in the sewing room this afternoon; I want to add another row to a UFO I've been working on. The next step will be the appliqué.

        Have a great day!


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          Re: Yeah, it's Saturday!

          hi friends
          happy sewing, holidays,
          hoping the weather becomes managable,
          pleased you had a great visit with your mum.

          its raining this actually makes me happy, the plums, pears, apples, will benefit hopefully there wont be a price increase on the greens in supermarket due to the hot weather,
          we are aiming to make gf bread today, unfortunately the only flour in cupboard was gf self raisin, so this could turn out to be toast if does not prove, we are having a left overs topped pizza that is cooking now with same bread base, we had an apple, onion, ham, small amount chicken, banana, tomato x bbq sauce. no doubt this will tickle the taste bud's
          have a great day


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            Re: Yeah, it's Saturday!

            Nothing much doing this weekend, sometimes that means I may finally get caught up with odds and ends around the house and yard.
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              Re: Yeah, it's Saturday!

              Good Afternoon!

              It's been a busy morning, all three grands stayed here while their mom and dad went to Aunt Katie's memorial service in St. Augustine. We had two snacks, lunch, dessert, and graham crackers. The way they eat here, you'd think they were never, ever fed!

              Parent just left with them, now it's feet up time for me!

              I hope everyone has a great day!

              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
              ― Maya Angelou