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Wednesday hellos!

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    Wednesday hellos!

    Good morning friends. Half the week is here.

    It was an extremely quiet day at work, not much mail came in. I did send a parcel the night before to Maizyn and it got there yesterday morning. NOW that is fast! She will get the parcel when she visits her Dad today.

    I watched a video from the Featherweight Shop on how to fix the foot pedal. I noticed the day before that the foot pedal was terribly hot to touch. Well I fixed it yesterday morning and it is no longer hot to the touch.

    I continued sewing the many blocks that I had started back in May at the retreat. These were made with the cake mix recipe papers. I should be finished those today. I still have two other projects to sew.

    Have a great day everyone. Stay safe my friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Wednesday hellos!

    Good morning. Our heat wave finally broke. We are suppose to have sunny and nice weather until Sunday. Another heat wave may start then. I have 2 appts today and then I hope to sew some more on my quilt. Thank goodness for Google. I am finally remembering how to sew these strips together. Hopefully the quilt won’t be too wonky when I finish it.

    Have a good day.


      Re: Wednesday hellos!

      Good morning,
      Another beautiful day. I did a few hours of yardwork and then more calls in the afternoon, while Elaine cleaned the house. I did a quick clean up on the weekend before she comes, so she can focus on extras. With 2 cats, I can't leave it 2 weeks without picking up cat hairs and dust. Then we had dinner with family at Persian restaurant. Always delicious. This was followed by a trip to favorite ice cream place. The kids had ice cream dipped in blue cotton candy chocolate with icing strips & sprinkles, topped with pieces ofreal cotton candy. I just had my favorite Dulce La Leche chocolate dip.

      DH is volunteering today at gliding club. They are giving rides to hanidicapped adults. He will be helping on the ground. I plan to do more yardwork, using my torch to burn weeds between patio stones. I had to stop as my propane tank ran empty. I will visit mom this aft, and may get to sewing room to work on quilting sandwiches. There are a few in queue.

      Have a beautiful day.

      P.S. I ordered batting & thread from CT on Monday when their stock got replenished on last day of sale. It's already en route, and I LOVE their tracking. They also extended the batting sale, and now the backing and tools are also on sale. I'm tempted.
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      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Re: Wednesday hellos!

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ The sprinkler guy came at 8:45 yest. The problem was not a broken head as I thought, but a pinched line from tree roots. We have several honey locust trees at least 30 y.o. that have roots starting to surface in a few places in the lawn. As he walked along the pipe's pathway toward the control box, he discovered the spot. You could hear the water in the ground. So... he had to remove a layer of sod, dig out the dirt, then hack out the tree root with the hatchet, splice the pipe, & put things back. He was here 1 hr. & 20 min. Great water pressure now from that zone. The rectangular area is marked with 4 little flags so the mowers wouldn't disturb it. I'm supposed to water it twice daily. I suspect there could be more such problems in our future.

        I need to go to the groc. store today. It's time for chicken soup again. I'm going to take my receipts from when I purchased avocados. All 4 of the last ones I bought were black around the pit & spoiled! At $2.49 each, that's $10. down the drain. I'll see if they will refund my $.

        Our weather remains hot, but at least not >100. It was 95 yest. It cools off into the 60's by morning.

        My friend Ann's funeral service is scheduled for Friday -- at the same time as when I've committed to playing the organ for a memorial service at our church -- so I'll miss it.

        I was shocked when I read the paper yest. that the man whose house was burglarized & he was killed, turns out to be someone I know (not him but his wife). I knew her from years ago at Bible Study Fellowship. I gave her a call & talked with her yest. She has a supportive family & church, but what a shock to come home & see blood in your home & your husb. missing. She called police; they found him somewhere in the house. Their vehicle was stolen. It's been found & a man has been arrested. One just doesn't expect something like that to happen to them. His service is Mon.

        I have done no sewing for several days. I've either been busy or not motivated. One of these days I'll be back at it.


          Re: Wednesday hellos!

          My sorrow continues and I just can't stop. We have moved Sammy's cages out of the house and off the porch, thrown away all of her toys and dishes and yet, everywhere I look and everything I do tears me up. I can't focus on sewing or reading or walking around the property. I just sit and mope. Surely this will pass in a few days.
          I think DH is equally mourning. He has decided we need to move to the coast and fish. We are headed that way on Saturday to look at property. I can't imagine not living here and getting even farther away from my children. I'm trying to share his enthusiasm for a new beginning. We will see.
          I've been working on the same quilt for it seems like forever. Yesterday I tried to plan something different. That's how UFO's get started I'm afraid.
          Today, I will try again to get my mojo back. Its cold here. The last week it has rained and rained and rained and we are seeing highs in the 60's. This morning it is only 55 and the high today might get to 70. Jeans and a sweatshirt. I guess the angels are crying and Sammy did like the rain. I see some blue sky out there today though so maybe we are moving forward.
          The flowers are drowning but the weeds sure are thriving.
          Joy, I'm sorry about all the yard work that is plagueing you this summer. Roots are no fun at all. These 30 plus yr old houses are certainly a challenge. I guess that's what DH is experiencing and thinking perhaps a new house would start us over on repair. I have to admit that a modern house with an HVAC might be a nice change. I seem to clean cobwebs everyday in this old house.
          Sorry I've ranted on with my down attitude. I thought maybe if I said it outloud it might help.


            Re: Wednesday hellos!

            No sleep last night so I'm less than functioning this morning, hope a second cup of DH's coffee gets me going. If that doesn't do it I'm surely headed for a very early afternoon nap. COFFEE ROOSTER.jpg


              Re: Wednesday hellos!

              Terry, trust me, grief is in it's own category. It will take the joy out of something you've always enjoyed. I would have a talk with your DH about the possible move. Don't decide on something that lifechanging in a hurry. I know EXACTLY how you feel about everywhere you look you tear up. It happens to me every time I sit in my recliner to watch television or read the Sunday paper. Grief can & will bring you to your knees. While you're there give thanks that Sammy was able to be there to share in your love. He will always be there in your heart & soul. I don't remember is I gave you this advice. It's what I tell everyone that loses someone they love. It doesn't matter if it has fur, scales or in Sammy's case feathers: Cry when you need to. Smile when you can. After a while you will think of Sammy & a watery smile will come to you. Before you know it you're back, a little less sad but rich in memories of a lifetime with Sammy.

              I'll be praying for you & DH. It does get better, just not right away. AMHIK.

              Hang in there, my friend. I'll be thinking about you.



                Re: Wednesday hellos!

                I just got here at almost 50 pm EST.

                I managed to cut the tunic pieces for DHs tunic yesterday. Today I made my way to the fabric district in Toronto and bought the backing for the Spiderman quilt top I recently finished. Happy that I finally got there and got that done.

                Still haven't gotten to the longarm this week, but got block 24 done of the 100days100blocks challenge I'm doing. Hope everybody had a great day.


                  Re: Wednesday hellos!

                  Terry ~ How much is this talk about moving related to Sammy's death & grief, or is this something that has been in the back of your DH's mind for some time -- so you won't be so far from town, you'd be closer to medical services, shopping, wouldn't have to chop wood & feed a wood stove, etc.? Your country home is so peaceful & is in such a wonderful setting, I think it would be difficult to give that up. My goodness, what would the grandkids do without "gramma camp?" I would think long & hard before making any changes. Make a list of the pros & cons, study your finances, etc. Write down your goals for retirement. What about your wonderful quilting room? And the Shriner's? Look at all the different angles. There is a lot to consider.

                  I'm sorry you're grieving so over Sammy. I hope better days will be ahead. God bless.