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Monday hellos!!

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    Monday hellos!!

    Good morning friends. A new week and a week filled with work and maybe some sewing/quilting.

    The heat wave has passed for now but what a hot hot hot weekend we had. On Saturday I was out selling 50/50 tickets out in the blaring sun. Yes I was hot but the job got done.

    Also on Saturday there was a terrible accident between a motorcycle and a car, they collided head on. The driver of the motorcycle died from her injuries. The road out of town was closed for many hours. Not exactly sure what the circumstances were that the driver of the car went into her lane. She only sustained minor injuries. So so terribly sad.

    Phil is back home after a little over a week on a search and rescue team mission. They have not found the helicopter, nor the two people aboard. It is now a missing person search.

    I didn't do much yesterday either. A couple loads of laundry got done. I got two projects cut which I will take with me today to work on. I will bring along a featherweight to sew on.

    Not much else going on. It is a little cooler today, hopefully the post office isn't too hot. There is no a/c there but just a fan on a pedestal.

    Have a great day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Monday hellos!!

    Good morning. The start of a new week and I'm excited to get going. For the past couple of weeks I have been on a "just get it done" thing. Happy to say that my project pile has gotten smaller because some of those projects are now bound and completed. Yah!

    This week I need to cut out and sew my husband's tunic for his costume for our upcoming FanExpo in Toronto next month, go to Toronto and buy the backing fabric for the Spiderman quilt I made for our friend's 4 year old, mark said quilt and get it on my long arm, and long arm 2 Quilts of Valour quilts which have been here for far too long.

    I don't like to use my long arm during storms, so hopefully the weather won't be a factor this week. Have a great week folks.


      Re: Monday hellos!!

      Good Morning...We had thunderstorms and pounding rain all night. Dottie had to go out in the middle of the night and the lightning was everywhere.

      In two weeks I will be in California. Now the countdown begins for getting things organized for Jeff and the Girls here as well as finding my suitcase and getting a few of my things organized. I'm done sewing until after the trip.

      I heard about that terrible accident, Monique. How sad.

      I have a few loads of wash to do today and clean sheets to put on our bed. I like to get this done before the pups are awake so they don't try to help me.

      Wishing everyone a good Monday....Hugs....

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Monday hellos!!

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ They predicted 80's for yest. Huh! It got up to 94. I waited until the temp. dropped into the low 80's, about 7:15 last eve., to spread fertilizer on the lawn. Sun. night is one of our 3 nights/wk. to run the sprinkler. I wanted to get it on the lawn before running the sprinkler & while the temps. were cooler -- less chance of it burning it the grass. By the time I cleaned up things, did the hand watering, etc., it was dusk at 8:30.

        This a.m. is DH's dr. appt.; it will be his annual physical. He hates going to the dr., but he likes our current dr. We've been with the same medical practice for 20 yrs., but not always the same dr. Both of our prev. drs. retired. Now we see the same one. She's retired Army & listens well. I think I like lady drs. better than some of the men.

        Today it's supposed to be in the 80's, but 90's are forecast for all the rest of the week. Hopefully, we won't see any more 100's.


          Re: Monday hellos!!

          Good morning,

          I am also looking forward to more seasonal weather this week also. I did manage to do a few hours of yardwork early morning, then indoors for most of the day. Stripped the bed and towels from guest room, washed and back on. I attached the label to a friend's quilt, so it's ready to give. We wil have to plan a short road trip, maybe meal by the water. It was even nice enough to enjoy a glass of wine under the pergola without sweating.

          Today, I was awoken by annoying call at 6:30am - these out of country telemarketers are annoying. I will be running errands. A friend is coming to see our trapeze hiking git-up to use on his catamaran. I have used mine in the past, but not planning on hanging on a wire any longer. DH used his once, and he is ready to part with it. Maybe, just maybe, there is hope that he will want to sell his catamaran. I plan to get to the sewing room, for some quality time with myself.

          Monique - I haven't heard about that accident. So sad. There are way too many fatal accidents involving motorcycles. I worry and pray that my SIL will be safe. He takes his bike to work, as its a short distance, but you are at risk, no matter how far you go.

          Enjoy your day. Stay cool. Stay dry and be safe.

          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


            Re: Monday hellos!!

            Good Morning to all,
            Wow, what a stinker of a weekend. When I went to bed last night, the temperature at my desk was 91. Today is cloudy and cool.
            The contractors are back today so it's another day of who knows what. It's supposed to rain so I don't know whether they'll be able to put in the last window and the new front door.
            I'm feeling better; I've found the combination of Tylenol and ice packs works wonders. I'm getting lots of computer housekeeping done as well as lots of reading time. And the dogs have invented a game with me. They love to play tug of war but I can't do that right now. Instead they've found that if I just hold on to the end of the rope while I'm sitting in my wheeled desk chair, they can just pull me around the house.
            They growl, I laugh and we have fun.
            Well, time to get it in gear and get the day rolling. Have a wonderful and hopefully cooler day!


              Re: Monday hellos!!

              Mornin all!

              Wow, sounds like a wild weekend all over.

              We went Saturday to the dulcimer was a blast! Except for the weather.....whew! It was raining wham we got there and it got worse and worse.....poured like I’ve never seen before. Thunder like I’ve NEVER heard before. When there was lull, I took my equipment to our car....only the gate had been chained? Mmmm, I was t sure what to do, when a guy came up on a golf cart. He unchained it, he said that they chained it cause there was a tornado siting! Yikes! Went back to a class where everyone has a cell phone and they were all talking about a worse cell coming along. My DH & I decide we should get outta Dodge! So we did. I missed some classes, but we feel it was the safe decision. While driving we watched the, never saw clouds like we did. They looked somewhat like these....only very black.


              We kept just ahead of it. We finally turned south and out ran the storm. From the news this storm was the 2nd worse storm in Michigan history......for the whole state. Power outages. Trees...oh my, so many trees down. We had huge branches down in our yard when we got home. We kept power.

              So we’re home and safe. So thankful to the Lord that we are safe.

              Home y’all have a wonderful day!
              💫 Star lover


                Re: Monday hellos!!

                Good morning. Well we made it through the hot, hot, hot weekend. Did a lot of early morning watering and some weeding but mostly just stayed inside in the a/c. Last night as we were heading to bed a storm came through and cooled it down a bit. It was in the 70's this morning at 6:15 when I woke up. I turned the a/c off and opened some windows. Made some tea and headed outside to do a bit of weeding in a flower bed. I want to try and get it done before we leave on Thursday because if not, by the time we get back from California next week, those weeds will be much harder to pull out and a whole lot bigger.

                I am enjoying watching my sons' progress across the country. They are at Devils Tower, Wyoming now. The pictures they are sharing are absolutely awesome!

                So sad about that motorcycle accident Monique. Motorcycles are scary things to me.

                Lynda, it looks like you have gotten a lot done. Suzanne, aren't those telemarketer calls so annoying! But that early. Sheesh! Barbara, be careful with that new game with your doggies. Joy, I hope all goes well with your hubby's dr. appt.
                Barb, where in California are you headed. We will be in the northern part. It's hot out there right now.... but low humidity. Heck, I say over 100 is hot! humidity or not.

                Looks like the hot weather is breaking a bit here today. We're expecting storms and possible flash flooding later today. Anita, I am glad you and hubby outran that storm and made it home safe and sound.

                Well it's time to start getting things ready to start packing. Have a good day all. Keep cool.
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                Ginny B



                  Re: Monday hellos!!

                  Good Morning All,

                  Yesterday was really quiet here. Church, rest, cooked dinner, church. The Bible Study was interesting this week. There was a lot of discussion before the video, then there were some eye openers during the video. I've enjoyed being with these women during this study.

                  This morning I finished the borders on the Garden Rose. I'm trying to think of a good name for it. So far, my brain is working on the next quilt. I'm hoping something punny will come to mind.

                  I pulled out the Patriot jelly roll from Timeless Treasures. I've watched bits and pieces of Hip to be Square from Donna Jordan. I'm hoping to get it cut and started today. If I can get everything clipped together, I'll be happy.

                  Time to get busy. It's going to be a busy week. Jim has orientation on Tuesday and Wednesday, so today he's working on his project for his coding class. Mike has orientation starting on Wednesday. I need to get a stock up trip to the grocery store done before he starts to work, and a trip to the meat market. Cecelia and Melinda will be coming back some time. I don't know when.

                  Have a great day, stay cool and hydrated. Pay attention to the weather, it seems to be a stormy time all around.

                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
                  ― Maya Angelou