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It's Thursday and a HOT one

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    It's Thursday and a HOT one

    Today promises to be an extremely hot day with high humidity. It is a good thing I don't have curly hair.

    Work was work yesterday. You have to love small town post offices. A parcel was received but no one knew where or who the person was. It sat for a few days without being picked up. I was almost certain who is was and sent a message via messenger. They are cottagers not far from me. Sure enough it was who I thought is was. How do you know this Monique? I didn't see her question until after I got home. Well they showed up at the post office to pick it up and then discovered why I knew they had a parcel. Too funny. They were just glad to get it. They thought it would be delivered to them.

    I did get out the vintage Brother machine I paid $5 for. It runs. What a lovely heavy machine. It is a Model 180, Brother Citation. There isn't a whole lot information out there on it but I do have the original warranty card the purchaser had. It was bought in 1959.

    Well I need to shower as I feel I am melting sitting here. Thankfully there is air conditioning at work.

    Have an awesome day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It's Thursday and a HOT one

    Good Morning Everyone....We have terribly high humidity here, too, Monique. Isn't it miserable. I have natural curly hair and right now I'm a fuzz head.

    Jeff has done well going back to work so soon after his surgery. He goes back to the surgeon Monday for his post-op check-up.

    Donna Jordan has a new tutorial for a really nice simple mini rail fence runner. I may make one for our kitchen table. Thanks Annika for posting it.

    It's going to be another very hot day, so what I get done this morning will be all I get done for the day. Jeff is wanting some brownies, so maybe I'll bake some first thing.

    Have a great day everyone....

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: It's Thursday and a HOT one

      Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's supposed to be in the 90's all week here. Hot, but minus the humidity.

      A skunk odor wake-up again this a.m. at 4:44! I reversed the direction of my BR fan to help exhaust the stink.

      I had a good sewing day yest. Our guild does something called "caring hearts", which are 5" blocks of background fabric with an appliqued heart in the middle of a different fabric. Our pres. sends out names of those who have had a death in the family, or are having surgery, etc. Our treas. currently is in the hosp. with influenza & pneumonia so there was a request for her. Also, the guest speaker we were supposed to have in Sept. had to cancel due to a diagnosis of peritoneal cancer & upcoming chemo treatments. Our guild is going to send a collection of caring hearts to her. Participation is optional, but I try to do it & send a card. My supply of caring hearts was depleted. These are the first ones I've made since my surgery in Jan. I made 8. I also put together sample blocks of the dogs fabrics to have for a practice sandwich for FMQ.

      DH is waiting for breakfast, so no more time now.


        Re: It's Thursday and a HOT one

        Good morning everyone,

        I think the heat and humidity is with us, and there's a t-storm warning for this afternoon and evening. Just lovely. We are babysitting 3 GKs, and I won't let them play outside if there's t-storm. I was hoping not to have the house topsy-turvy. We may have the baby, depends if he's awake or sleeping when they get here. It's supposed to be for a few hours, but this usually stretches into dinner. It may be take-out. My GF Pat was coming for dinner and sleepover long before the request to sit. We have to get up early as she has to be at the airport for 5am.

        Yesterday I spent a few hours at mom's bank. The bank's network data was compromised by a disgruntled employee who was fired. Since this was across all branches, they offered a free monitoring service, but I encountered problems doing it at home over the phone & on-line. Even the bank employees are having issues getting clients registered. We may have found a solution for mom's case. I'm not so concerned about the money, as much as I am about identity theft.

        In the afternoon, I cut and sewed the blocks and rows of the baby quilt. I need to find the flannel back, which may require a road trip to a few LQS. I went to one yesterday and no gray flannel, parents' request. I hope to finish early next week.

        Enjoy your day. Stay safe from the weather.

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          Re: It's Thursday and a HOT one

          Good Morning All,

          It's already hot! I'll be spending the day inside!

          Mike and Jim are going to work in Jim's front yard. They're planting a type of jasmine and putting down mulch. What ever it is, it's going to keep him from having to mow that area of the yard next to the road. Apparently the HOA doesn't like dead grass between the sidewalk and the road. Picky, picky people.

          I should work on my Bible study homework. I've been slack. I swept and mopped the kitchen yesterday. I think I'll take care of the carpet in the TV area, today. Then I'll see what my wrist feels like doing.

          It poured last night while I was at church. It was cool, Jim was making a point and a roll of thunder shook the building. Timing is everything. John Paton was an interesting person. I think I'll see if I can find his autobiography. He had some really good quotes about bullying.

          Time to shoo Mike out the door! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Re: It's Thursday and a HOT one

            Good morning all,

            The rain has stopped, and I woke up to a sunny day. We did need the rain, so it was a good thing, but now the garden wants some sunshine. No particular plans for today. I did some back exercises last night before going to bed, and I think I'm feeling a little better today. At least I didn't feel like I needed a walker to get out of bed this morning! I hope to get to the sewing room today and work on a SS project.

            I hope you all have a blessed day.


              Re: It's Thursday and a HOT one

              Good morning!

              It's supposed to climb over 100° today, so I'd best water the vegetable garden. Wednesdays are always the day I update my Superman website, so I'm glad to have that done for the week. Thursdays I pretend I'm not retired, and I do some work for my "former" client.

              My quilting goal today is to machine sew the the binding to the back of the charity quilt. That's one step before the home stretch! I told the team I'd have the binding done this week and I may just make that goal.

              Blessings to all!
              Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


                Re: It's Thursday and a HOT one

                Hot weather tends to make me a little grumpy so I'm happy to stay inside & quilt. I have made great progress on the tshirt quilt. I hope everything continues as well as it has cos I'm getting antsy to start another "regular" quilt.

                Stay cool everyone, hydrate, & be good to one another.



                  Re: It's Thursday and a HOT one

                  I was going to start quilting my other binding star quilt but decided after sandwiching it that I would sort stash for a piecing project! Maybe some mindless sewing, Scrappy log cabin blocks or something. It's storming which is a relief from the heat and humidity. Cleaned house this morning. Yesterday I thinned daylillies and the heat really wore me out. Guess I'll just chill today
                  Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                    Re: It's Thursday and a HOT one

                    It is hot here, supposed to reach 96 today, 99 tomorrow and 101 on Saturday. I'm glad to be inside, sewing the last border on my quilt top. I have to find backing fabric for it. Then I can finish it! I hope you all stay cool today!



                      Re: It's Thursday and a HOT one

                      Hot here, too! A while ago it was 102! That's the highest reading so far this summer. Last mo. we had a couple 100* days & one of 102*. We've had many days in the 90's. We turned the swamp cooler on sooner than usual today.

                      Today I've been working on supplies for those hygiene kits for Africa. I removed fabric from 3 long lengths of batting trimmings & cut several strips. I had some fleece which I had decided I would not use for baby quilt backings. I washed that up earlier this week. I'm still sorting through my stash for usable fabric that might work. I have some that's too old that I probably should discard. I know some of it is >30 y.o. b/c my son used it to make a quilt when he was in Home Ec.! (He grad. in 1985.) I think I saved it just to use for practice blocks.

                      The baby rabbit has been out & about much of the day in the back yard. When the adult rabbits "bathe" themselves (a spit bath, for sure!), they remind me of when cats clean themselves. Spitting on their paws, wiping over their face & ears.

                      Well, it's time for my daily e-m to the family.