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It's too early, part 2, The Sunday Version

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    It's too early, part 2, The Sunday Version

    Good Morning All,

    My brain hasn't cut off. I'd dose off for a little bit then startle myself awake. Or the ice maker decided to go on over drive, and it dumped ice just about every hour. Take your choice, I've had several naps and not a good sleep. Punch me if I doze off in church!

    I finished up the baby quilt only to realize I'd sewn one block in backwards (and it's for a star!) for pity's sake! Mike couldn't find it, with it all being pastels. It's going in the gift bag as is.

    Mike and I worked on filling in the holes dug by the rain. Now that the gutters are all in place, it shouldn't dig it out anymore. I'm going to get some more dirt to fill in and plant some perennials around in that little alcove. I stuck the aloe out there. It's looking kind of pitiful. We might have been a little too rough getting it out of the pot.

    Time to sip some coffee before getting ready for church. Cross your fingers, I won't snore!
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    Re: It's too early, part 2, The Sunday Version

    Good morning Katrina! I've been up since 3:15 and had a restless night too. It's no fun being the early bird when you didn't get much sleep. We put on new gutters a few years ago and put concrete "troughs" under each downspout to carry the water farther away from the house. Water was getting into the basement during hard rains and this really helped with that.

    I cut out an entire quilt pattern yesterday. I don't usually cut all the pieces at once, but I needed a project for guild sit-n-sew starting Monday so I made up a kit. Last Monday, I was working on a rail fence baby quilt...sewing strips together and cutting into squares. We had a new member at guild who is brand new to quilting. I showed her how to do it and gave her the project to work on. We'll see tomorrow how she did last week.
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      Re: It's too early, part 2, The Sunday Version

      Good Morning, Everyone ~ Good News! Prayers answered. DS#2 has a job! The interview Friday a.m. went well. They contacted him Fri. afternoon. He agreed to work for 2 weeks at a lower wage for a trial period; they want to see if he'll fit in, be reliable, (which he is!), etc. The job is in a machine shop with ~17 employees. He'll need to learn new things, but they are willing to train him. It was a plus that he knows how to operate a fork lift. At the end of 2 wks. the wage will go up. This is the job he really wanted. I'm so thankful he was able to get an interview before he was slated to start that grunt job at the Walmart warehouse next week. He stopped by yest. with a card for DH. I got to see his "new" Explorer. It's really a nice vehicle for a 2004. It was a one-owner & has only 92,000 mi. on it.

      I finally finished the FMQ on the Dr. Seuss ABC quilt. Glad that's done. It's trimmed & ready for binding. I hope to get that done this afternoon.

      Katrina ~ Sorry you had a restless night. I think I'm glad we don't have an ice machine. Of course, I sleep with ear plugs & a sound spa machine which help filter out noises. We live close enough to the RR tracks to hear the trains. The skunk wakened me last night at midnight with the obnoxious stink.

      This a.m. will be church. Then I need to make stops at 3 groc. stores on the way home.

      The next few days we're expecting a chance of rain every afternoon/evening, 40-70% chance.

      Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. I don't know if we have any men participating in the Forum now or not.


        Re: It's too early, part 2, The Sunday Version

        Good morning early peeps and those who follow,

        I dropped off like a log, no report yet from DH if I sawed wood all night. I was really exhausted after going around the quilt show yesterday. I had 4+ hrs until it closed. I went through the vendor mall and picked up a few FQ & 1/2 yds of green fabrics for the quilt I am working on. Also picked up something to apply to quilt table to make fabric slide easier. I visited the Gammill booth again and got more info on room size requirements. I'm still on the fence - I want and yet I don't want to reorganize the house to accommodate. And, then, do I make enough quilts to make this seem like a reasonable purchase. I know I'm addicted to quilting, but I don't want to lose focus on what other goodies that life has to offer.

        It's so nice to see the sun this morning and it's expected to warm up over the week. I think I will spend the day outdoors. I need to finish filling the pots and garden trough. I also need to spread some mulch in the front beds and pick up pine cones. That's a long list. I'll do what I can.

        Happy Father's Day to all the men in your life, and to my dad who is probably looking down and playing in the garden.

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          Re: It's too early, part 2, The Sunday Version

          Good morning everyone. The birds are chirping nicely out there this morning but everything is all wet so I guess we had some rain earlier. Yesterday was a nice day. Hubby got the grass mowed and edged and I got some cleaning and vacuuming done. Then Vicky, Kenny and the kids came over for a visit. They made a cute picture collage for grandpa. Hubby loves it! They also gave him a kit to make 3 different bbq sauces. Mmmmm, that's like a gift for me too. . We had so much fun with Max and Lily. Max is just so interested in everything. It is great just being around that amazing 9 year old and having conversations with him. Lily and I had fun playing with playdoh. And I had some marigolds that still needed planting so I planted a lot with each of them to take home. Not sure when we will see Kathryn, Joe and the kids. Kat just got back from her week in Milan and her flight was 3 hours delayed so I am sure she is pretty tired.

          After the kids left yesterday, hubby was ready for some couch time and I headed to my sewing room. I worked on another Secret Santa gift. I also worked on another block of the Farmers Wife quilt while watching the Yankees last night.

          Have a great day all.
          Ginny B


            Re: It's too early, part 2, The Sunday Version

            Good morning everyone. What is it that caused such restlessness last night for so many of us. I was in the same boat. I kep waking up, would read for about 30 minutes and nap for another hour. I am awake now, but I'll need to fight off a nap later so I can sleep tonight.

            Joy, Congratulations to your DS. I know that's a big relief for you too. Even though they grow up and move out, we still worry about them.

            Suzanne, good luck with your decision. I've used the Gammill Vision 2 in several classes, and they would glide like butter. I ended up choosing a different brand, because it was a lot cheaper, and no robotics. But even then I could have quilted a lot of quilts by check for the cost of the machine. But I have this thing, where I wanted to do it from start to finish and liked the idea of quilting when I was in the mood, instead of renting time on a machine. Oh well, we each have to decide our priorities. When you're ready with your decision, you will know.

            Looks like we will have another hot day today. It rained maybe 5 minutes yesterday. Today I hope to get the borders put on the grandmas fan quilt. Then I will go with my GF to shop for backing next Saturday so it can be quilted. Also desperately need to go grocery shopping after church this morning. Hope everyone has a great day.


              Re: It's too early, part 2, The Sunday Version

              Morning all,

              I had a full day yesterday with all the family here for a barbeque. We celebrated Father's Day, our daughter's birthday which was flag day, and our grandson's birthday which is next week. I was tired last night but didn't sleep as soundly as I thought I would and was up at 4:30 this morning.

              Sun is shining again and looks to be another nice day. Not sure what our plans are for they day but will probably be a slow relaxing one.

              My sister is coming tomorrow for a quick overnight visit so excited to see her. She is also a quilter so we have a lot we'll be talking about. I haven't seen her since last year as she's on a work assignment in Chicago for a couple of years.

              Well, got to get moving and do a few quick chores. Wishing everyone a good day!
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                Re: It's too early, part 2, The Sunday Version

                Good morning. Looks like we will have nice weather until late afternoon- early evening. We are going to grill and have key lime pie and cake to celebrate Fathers Day and birthdays. I want to order some construction themed fabric for a baby quilt pattern that I want to make for my niece. I still need to work at cutting more pieces for my WestPalm quilt.

                Have a great day.


                  Re: It's too early, part 2, The Sunday Version

                  Hello Everyone,

                  Not sure what is going on with the sleep problem. My mother and I talk about it all the time. I am lucky to get 4 hours of sleep a night. Our grandson raced last night so we didn't get to bed until 10 am this morning. That is normal for me though. I stay up late because I know if I go to bed early I will just be up that much earlier. I was awake a couple times and up at 5:30. After I toss and turn a few times I just give in and get up.

                  My husband, mom and I placed a wreath I made on Dad's grave this morning. I prefer to make things for his grave rather than buy something. It makes me feel better inside. Still having a hard time with losing him. I think about him everyday.

                  It is to be about 80 today with a chance of thunderstorms. The sun peaks out every now and then, but that is OK it is still nice for the moment.

                  For all the Dad's out there I hope you have a blessed Father's Day.


                    Re: It's too early, part 2, The Sunday Version

                    We are having a quiet day. After the week with all the family, we need it! Dh is planning something...a trip to Walmart he says. The kids have called, and I'm cooking him a pot roast. We should be on bread and water after all the food we ate, but that's another story!I tried to work on a quilt for GD, but the cat kept getting her tail in the way. I finally gave up. It's a summer day down south, at least it is here. Temps in the high 80's, and humidity the same. Rain should come tomorrow and most of the week.


                      Re: It's too early, part 2, The Sunday Version

                      Family should beginning to arrive in an hour or so for our Father's Day Lunch. I used to host a Father's Day BBQ for my DH and Sons but it;s too much for me nowadays so I asked everyone to pick an entree from the restaurant menu and I ordered for all 6 of us. i ordered grilled shrimp in a veggie risotto, hope it's tasty. Made a big green salad and a tray of ad-dons like red onion, thin carrot slices, cucumbers and grape tomatoes. too bad the few mushrooms I had were too soft or I would have included them.

                      Joy, Good News about DS#3's new job.

                      Sending Good Wishes to all the Guys out there, enjoy your special day.

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                        Re: It's too early, part 2, The Sunday Version

                        Happy Fathers Day,
                        Its raining here, too
                        didn't sleep to well, there are many factors for this, but luckily Le Mans 24hr race was on,
                        am disappointed watching, after racing for 24 hours you would expect the first car over line at checker flag to own the win!

                        my understanding is that 24hr Le mans is an endurance race, human against machine, technology against time, its about beating the unknown factors.a test at speeds. look's like I was wrong. Have just described sewing, quilting, and free motion hahaha.

                        enjoy your Sunday