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Saturday morning, way to early

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    Saturday morning, way to early

    It's 3:30 in the morning and there is a fierce thunderstorm sitting on top of us. I'm not afraid of them, in fact I've been known to sit on the front porch to admire the lightening. But when the first thunder cracked right on top of us I had to get up and close windows and unplug my sewing machine and the computers and TV. So now I am wide awake!!!!

    I will do some crosswords and hope it puts me back to sleep. Hope your morning isn't as noisy as ours. Two nights in a row of loud noises is enough. For those who didn't read yesterdays post, we had a gun blast in the neighborhood last night. Haven't heard what it was all about.

    Watch out Bubby, it's coming your way!!!

    Re: Saturday morning, way to early

    Good Morning....The storm just got here, Laura. Just what we don't need right now.

    Dottie woke me up early needing to go out to be sick. She ate a ton of grass yesterday and it hit her early this morning. I took the pups out with us so they are tucked back in their beds for a little while. They will happily ride out the storm there. When I get off here I may go back to bed for a while.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Saturday morning, way to early

      Morning. Laura and all that follow,

      I'm also up earlier than usual this morning couldn't sleep as all the things I need to do today kept popping in my head. We are celebrating Father's Day and all the June birthdays today with a barbeque. So I am up early getting the pulled pork in the crock pot and finishing off the salads.
      Sun is up and looks to be a nice day so I'm thankful we'll be able to eat outside.
      Our vegetable garden has loved all the rain we've gotten this past week. Things are growing quickly and we will have to start picking the sugar snap peas. That will be on the agenda tomorrow as I want to Blanche some for the freezer. We've already been eating the lettuce and radishes and have given family quite a bit of them too. My husband plants too much for the two of us so family and neighbors are happy to see him coming with veggies for them.
      Well time for me to get a move on and do a little straighting up. Wishing everyone a good day!
      If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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        Re: Saturday morning, way to early

        Good morning all. No thunderstorms here. The only sounds I am hearing from outside are the birds chirping. The sun is shining this morning again.

        Yesterday hubby and I got a bit of outside work done. I also did laundry and some housework and then spent a couple hours reading and relaxing. Not sure what today will bring but I know part of it will involve time in my sewing room.

        Have a good day everyone.
        Ginny B


          Re: Saturday morning, way to early

          Good morning all,
          It's been raining and another wet day. We're up early as we are going for breakfast at a restaurant with DH's oldest son and family. I'm still on the fence about going back to Quilt Canada. I didn't see all I wanted on Wednesday as DH was getting tired. I shall see after we get back.

          Yesterday we had an appt in afternoon. I did get to my sewing room to work on my QCR project. I am getting very friendly with my stitch ripper. It's one of thos projects you have to be focussed. Since I am making it bigger, I decided to add a few more different greens for leaves and blues for birds.

          Laura - those kind of cracks of thunder really wake you up. We had a bad one a few weeks ago, it shook the house. I did read about the gun shot, and following. That's scary! So close to home.
          Cathy - I would love to be enjoying veggies from the garden. It has been so wet and cold with risk of frost in past month, that I haven't planted my garden, other than spices. I keep hoping for a dry day, but maybe it's just not going to happen this year. I also made a pulled pork yesterday in crockpot. It will be good for a few meals.

          I've checked my M* package from May 26th. We only see that it goes to Newark, NJ and it can sit there for awhile. This morning it arrived in Canada. It will probably arrive today or Monday. Yeah. It's fiction quilting books from 2 series I read which were out of stock at CT. I think I also got the Daily Deal and there were freebies that day - a white measuring tape bracelet (which will go with my black and turquoise ones), star pins and reduced shipping.

          Have a fantastic Saturday.

          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


            Re: Saturday morning, way to early

            Good Morning, Everyone ~ Lots of early birds here today for a Saturday morning. I'm up at my usual 5 a.m., however, I was wakened at 1 a.m. with a charley horse in my L. calf, & the skunk odor at 4:30.

            My main goal yest. was to get to our senior's computer lab to learn how to downsize my pics so I once again could post pics of my quilts on the Forum & create albums. I took a Photo Shop class previously. I have the program on my laptop -- found it on sale shortly after taking the class, but I've never really used it. My coach walked me through the steps to reduce the resolution so now I am able to post again. It's just a nuisance to have to go through the pics one by one to reduce them, but I'll make it work.

            It's supposed to be cooler today. The usual chance of showers in the afternoon. Yest. we hit 88 deg. before the clouds moved in.

            DS#2's job interview went well yest. a.m. He has an offer. He wanted to sleep on it before making a final decision.

            I'm about 90% done with the FMQ on the current baby quilt; I hope to finish that today, then I can trim & start on the binding. I have the strips all ready to go.

            I hope everyone has a good week end & enjoyable Father's Day with their families. It will be a quiet day here tomorrow.


              Re: Saturday morning, way to early

              Good morning everyone!! Boy, glad we do not have those thunderstorms here --- at least not yet. There may be some rain tomorrow but, hopefully, not thunderstorms. I have been wanting to make lap size quilts out of some of my husband's shirts for each of my three kids but just have not found a pattern that caught my eye. But yesterday, I watched Jenny's latest tut --- the travel one with the state outlines --- and knew that was it. I will make them smaller than the one in the tut, about 4 blocks by 5 blocks which should be a nice size once I get borders on. I ordered a couple of layer cakes yesterday --- camping themed --- he loved camping. Now I just have to decide if I should make the full blocks from his shirts and the state outlines from the camping fabric or the other way around. I will probably put minky on the back. I have a few days to think about it as my order hasn't been filled yet.

              My 3 somewhat local granddaughters are coming tonight for a sleepover. They are very active and I suspect I will be very tired tomorrow.

              Have a great day everyone.



                Re: Saturday morning, way to early

                Good morning, everyone! Thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon, and every day for the next four days. Normal rainfall for June is just under 3.5 inches, we're only halfway through and we've had almost 4. I'm starting to regret not letting the roofer replace Mom's roof while my Texas sister was visiting in May. We've had so much rain I don't know when they will have a chance to catch up.

                I will be spending a lot of time in the sewing room this weekend, working on a pillow for my boss' birthday. Our new mascot will be appliquéd on the front. So far, all I've done is wash the fabric. Her birthday is in two weeks. That's plenty of time, right?

                My oldest sister's birthday is next week. I had a lovely floral design picked out for her cake. She loved my beach wallhanging so much, I decided to do a beach theme instead. I ordered adirondack chair cake toppers from Amazon, and will use candy for the rest. I have a couple of candy molds with beach themes -- seashells, flip-flops, etc. I think the hardest part will be figuring out how to fold a paper umbrella. Thank goodness for you tube!

                Have a great day!


                  Re: Saturday morning, way to early

                  Good Morning All,

                  I've been catching up on the Genesis study this morning. It would be bad to go back with homework pages. I had two lessons left to do. I have a hard time with the application questions. If it doesn't pop into my head, I move on.

                  Yesterday, I painted with one of Sarah's tutorials. It is relaxing and it does count as PT, just like writing in the homework book. I bought 2 lb. weights to continue my weight work here at home. Quilting is also counted at PT, so I'm planning to work on the baby quilt. I've got to go around the stars and put on the binding. The shower is next weekend. This is cutting it too close for my comfort!

                  It's another beautiful day. The gutters are up and they look good. We've got stone and dirt to fill in where the rain has been beating the 'sand' down, and level up where the splash guards are going. I've got to get my aloe planted. It's baking in the pot! Then we'll see what the next project is.

                  Time to start shooing the squirrels off. Have a great day!
                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                    Re: Saturday morning, way to early

                    Good morning everyone. Finshed the mowing this morning while there was a breeze. Next up is a date with the ripper. Have decided the grandma's fan quilt needs another row. Of course everything is on point, so I need to rip out the setting triangles. Have a great day


                      Re: Saturday morning, way to early

                      I'm back from the family camp week in the Smokies. All 22 of us were there. Dh, me, 3 kids and spouses, 4 grandchildren and 3 spouses, and 6 great grands under 7. It was a riot! The weather was good except the day we arrived and the day after. All the young ones went to Dollywood on Tuesday and loved it! Then a morning of hiking, and swimming in the pool across the street. I am exhausted as usual, and I didn't go to Dollywood or hike! The noise gets to me after a couple of days. But it was a wonderful week, and I look forward to the next one in 2 years.

                      I have lots of sewing to do now, and the rest of the summer will be quiet.

                      Our animal shelter has 100 kittens. I'll go there this afternoon and take some food for them. Wish I could bring home a kit, but Ellie (my 10 year old cat) would not be too happy. She is rotten spoiled and very attached to me. However, my sweet friend stayed with her while we were gone last week, and they got along fine. Ellie knows her well since she lived with us for 2 months while looking for a condo.

                      I ran by the quilt shop this morning to pick up a piece of Kona. They didn't have the color I needed, but I managed to spend $60 anyway. I try not to go there very often!

                      The weather is so strange these days. I hope y'all don't get too much rain. We are expecting some Sunday afternoon and all next week. Just showers except for one day, so it won't be too bad. We are 20+ inches over normal, but most of that is from February. I thought we would be washed away!

                      I will make a special meal for DH tomorrow. Our sons have their own families to be with for Father's Day. The rest were here last week, so they are just getting back home. Besides, DH has had enough of family to last a while!


                        Re: Saturday morning, way to early

                        Back again from the quilt show. I had a good 4 hrs to go around again. I was interested in the vendors, and especially the Gammill. I also went back around to take a second look at some of the quilts. Really impressed with the detail, the talent and creativity.

                        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                          Re: Saturday morning, way to early

                          It's almost 30 am.. Sunday. I just woke up and now can't get back to sleep. Love this getting old thing. It throws me a curve ball every so often.

                          Got all my 12 large flower pots filled with plants and placed where I can enjoy them this Summer. I bought extra Pansy's this year.. 3 and 4 per pot worked out better than the 2 I was doing. the 2 raised beds are filled with herbs.. love my lavender and marjoram. The peppermint came back from last year and several of the other herbs. So those beds will fill in with lots of goodies for me to dry and save.

                          My cast came off this week, so I'm still not up to speed. The step I failed to see has now been marked with contrasting color and I've learned to slow down when I head out to the back patio..

                          Just wanted everyone to know I am still hanging around and checking up on the happenings here.

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                            Re: Saturday morning, way to early

                            Granny Judy, I usually buy a pot of pansies every spring but by summer, they always poop out and stop blooming. Last year I tried an experiment to see if I could get them to bloom all summer long and it worked. I dead-headed every flower. Otherwise if you let them go to seed (you can see the seed pod get bigger and bigger) they will stop blooming. They did get very leggy though so planting them among other flowers would be ideal.

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