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Tuesday hellos!

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    Tuesday hellos!

    Good morning friends. It is a very wet start to the day today. We had rain very late in the day yesterday.

    I can't remember if I told you the good news. My niece who is battling cancer had a pet scan last week. The tumour is GONE from her lung. They will continue with the treatments but she won't need radiation. One chemo drug will be removed from the cocktail as it is causing problems. Thank you all for your prayers, they are working.

    I went out and picked some lilacs yesterday but got eaten terribly for black flies and mosquitos. The are just awful.

    Today I have our guild lunch. I will be meeting up with a friend and we will go together. I also have to get some blades for the ride-on tractor. I was going to get some bloodwork done but not sure if I will do that or not. No fasting required for this one.

    I did get into the sewing room yesterday afternoon. I finished the top for a baby quilt, greys and pinks. The baby is due next week so I need to get my tail in gear.

    Friday and Saturday are Quilt Canada days. I am looking forward to that. I don't know how much of the show I will actually get to see and that is okay too.

    My friend Lynda and I are taking a girls trip at the beginning of July. A few quilt stores will be on map, antiquing and who knows what else. I am looking forward to that.

    So have a great day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Tuesday hellos!

    Good Morning, All ~ Our predicted 70's for yest. ended up being 88 deg. We needed cooling from the swamp cooler. At least the eve. cooled off quickly. Most of the week it's supposed to be nice.

    Tonight is our monthly guild mtg. At least I finally have some "sew & tell" to share this time. Our guest speaker will be giving a trunk show.

    I made it to the sewing room yest. afternoon. Got the Dr. Seuss quilt sandwiched, pinned & basted. Cleaned my machine, changed the needle, & did some practice. I hope to start the FMQ today.

    I like those blue & green Tonga Treats charm pack in one of the daily offerings today, but not enough to buy. We're watching our pennies this mo. with the yard work project, plus DH has more crown work to be done later this mo., which is all out of pocket.

    Thoughts & prayers for Barb.


      Re: Tuesday hellos!

      Good morning,
      We didn't get as much rain as predicted, but maybe today. It was muggy and not pleasant to be outdoor. The massage was just what I needed yesterday.

      Today DH has pre-op appt for cataract surgery, and tonight is guild meeting, with elections, social and show & tell for mystery quilt. I will be seeing my friend Pam. She called yesterday with good news. She has passed all the tests and is now officially on the transplant list for a liver. Please pray that a match becomes available. I will bring 2 quilts I finished in May for show & tell. To orrow is the 1st day of Quilt Canada. DH & I will be going, and seriously looking at Gammill LA. I'M on the fence - I'd love one, but then i think of how to reorganize the house to accommodate one. I also really want this for our personal use, not as a business. That's why we keep looking.

      Joy - I hope your son finds employment. I know what you means about some of the daily offerings. There are some tasty offerings. However, I am waiting for an order from mid May. Shipping has not improved, and even though I don't order things I need right away, I can't even remember what I ordered anymore.

      Have a good day. I see Mother Nature is shaking things up in Ohio and blowing off steam across the continent.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Re: Tuesday hellos!

        Good morning everyone. It's a cloudy one here right now. We got quite a bit of rain yesterday and overnight. In fact, yesterday afternoon when dh went to pick Henry up from school, there was a downpour and they got soaked! But they came into the house laughing about it.

        All the arrangements are made for Aunt Terri's wake and funeral and all the rearrangements have been made for watching Tessa and getting Henry. It will be a busy few days the rest of the week.

        Monique, great news about your niece! And Suzanne, also great news for your friend Pam. I will keep them both in my prayers.

        Time to get a move on. I head over to watch Tessa at 1 today. Kathryn's sister Vicky is there this morning. Have a great day all.
        Ginny B


          Re: Tuesday hellos!

          Good Morning everyone.

          Monique - Praise God for his healing grace.....such wonderful news about your niece. I will continue to keep her in my prayers.
          Suzanne - Great news for your friend Pam....prayers for her continue.

          I'm down to the wire with my Radiation treatments - 6 more to go. I'll be finished on the 20th (next Thursday) and will be ringing the bell!!!! My sisters and some of my kids and gkids will be coming to celebrate with me.

          Haven't been doing much sewing, just some feel good stuff. I made some cute crab wind coasters and put crab borders on some hand towels. One of our dear friends is moving to the Villages (who isn't moving there these days - LOL) and a bunch of us are putting together a basket of MD themed items as a going away gift.

          Weather is looking pretty darned good here. I think DH and I are going to a baseball (bowie Baysox) game tonight....if I can stay awake - LOL.

          Have a wonderful day everyone


            Re: Tuesday hellos!

            Good Morning All,

            I had PT at 9. When I finished Mike and I went to Golden Coral for brunch. Now I need a nap, but I need to do my Study group homework. We'll see what wins.

            It's supposed to rain this afternoon. It's just a matter of will it break up and go north, or continue on it's current path. I hope we get the rain. It will help the baked 'weeds' from the weeks of 100+ weather we had. It's nice to be back close to normal temps.

            Prayers for those in need.
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              Re: Tuesday hellos!

              Good afternoon. Friday was a lot of fun taking two of the children over to Hamilton for the grand opening of a new restaurant (Duste Dee's Heat and Eat) and the MSQC's Education Center. If you are looking to take a class while you are in Hamilton, here is the website for MSQC classes and Courtenay will be adding more classes. We picked up some of the HWY 36 quilt patterns as we came home. And we had the opportunity to view the Fallen Soldiers traveling exhibit and speak with one of the mothers who helps with it.

              Yesterday I stopped by Hamilton as I took older children to camp for the week. So excited for some of the things that the retreat center ladies and I worked on planning as options to do during the MSQC Fall Forum Retreat. After dropping the children off at camp, I went up to my folks and made 24 pints of strawberry freezer jam. The homegrown strawberries are plentiful and delicious this year. Yesterday the Amish family had picked 48 gallons of strawberries and by last night, every single gallon had sold.

              This morning I was busy running errands. This afternoon planning on doing some cookie making with the little one and doing some sewing.

              Have a wonderful week everyone