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Monday hellos!!

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    Monday hellos!!

    Good morning friends. WOW what a gorgeous weekend we had. VERY warm and lots of sunshine. We have been waiting a lot time for this kind of weather. As beautiful as it was, you can't spend a lot of time outside, the bugs just eat you alive. Oh well, they will soon be gone.

    Saturday at work was very quiet. I am glad my week is over. I have a busy week ahead. Tomorrow is our last guild lunch until the fall. Quilt Canada is in Ottawa, Canada and I am volunteering Friday and Saturday. I will stay at Greg's the first night as he is very close to the centre. I am looking forward to seeing friends as well. It should be exciting. Les and 7 others are headed to Lake Champlain for a golf weekend. They should have an awesome time.

    Today I will try and get into the sewing room. I need to finish two baby quilts and soon.

    Wishing everyone a great day.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Monday hellos!!

    Hello. We are having a cool and rainy day. At least we have been saving on our water bill. I have only had to water the lawn twice . I am off to the gym soon and then to the store. My DD told me that there is no food in this house. I need to get back to cutting fabric. I only have 10 more fabrics to go.
    Have a good day


      Re: Monday hellos!!

      Good Morning....I had a very restless night...up and down all night. I definitely need a nap already.

      Jeff and I drove to Rolla yesterday and I did a little shopping for my upcoming trip to California. I need a nice outfit for the rehearsal dinner because pictures will be taken there also. I won't buy online and couldn't find anything yesterday other than casual things. There is still time.

      Rain is in our forecast for most of the week but the weekend weather was perfect.

      I will check in later....I have to get some sleep before the pups get up for the day.

      Have a wonderful day everyone!

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Monday hellos!!

        Hi Monique
        good morning everyone, have pretty much the same weather as yesterday, but apparently there is about a months worth of rain about to fall from skies this week.
        saw the F1 from Canada on telly last night, amazing weather you all had, interesting end too, we got coverage of 3 F1 fellows standing on the pontoon rounding up the day bouncing up on down with the passing boats.
        enjoy your day,


          Re: Monday hellos!!

          Good Morning, Everyone ~ The skies promise good weather again today. It was much cooler yest., only 74 deg., but sunny. This morning it's only 46, so a bit chilly. I think Denver was only 39 deg. Pretty cold for mid-June.

          Church yest.; no errands afterwards. I had the fabric all cut, so yest. afternoon I assembled the Dr. Seuss ABC panel quilt with its borders. The top is finished. Now to cut the backing, sandwich & baste it, & start the FMQ. The baby shower is only 10 days away; I should be able to finish it in time.

          This a.m. will be the usual laundry. I hope to spend a good portion of the day sewing.

          Monique ~ I would not like to contend with those insects you mentioned. The main thing we have concerns with here are the mosquitos. Since West Nile Virus became an issue, we don't sit out on our patio like we used to. Growing up in Mich., we used to have to contend with the no-see-ums as well as the mosquitos. When we visited my uncle's farm in Ill. we had the horse flies to contend with. No fun.


            Re: Monday hellos!!

            Good Morning All,

            It was gray and dreary most of the day, but some how we managed to make 30 Kilo watt hours of electricity. It must have been when I was in church! It really helps offset the electric bill. Apparently, our new window are helping, too. They should after all the aggravation we went through getting them finished.

            Last night was the summer Women's Study kick off. There was plenty to eat. I took a veggie tray, Nana took egg salad sandwiches and Morgan brought a bag of sweet bell peppers. I sent the veggie tray home with Morgan. It would take me too long to eat all of it and the grands will have something to snack on while Mom is off until Thursday. The study is the rest of Genesis. We did chpt 1- 11 last year. I did find out, I don't like writing with my pen. I don't think I'll be doing justice to the homework! Nana said she shakes so bad, she can't read her we might just sit where our books won't be seen! With 10 weeks of practice, I should see/ feel improvement by the end of the course.

            I think Mike and I will go to Cinnamon's today to pick out backing fabric for the baby quilt. Piecing wasn't bad on my hand (the buttons on my machine made up for it!). I'm thinking I'll do stitch in the ditch and echo the stars, and long straight lines.

            Time to get busy. I have a book to finish, and they keep sending more! A lot of what the library is sending is series, but starting at the middle or end. I really don't like jumping around in a series like that. But, it's nice to have a book going while I'm sewing.

            Have a wonderful day!
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              Re: Monday hellos!!

              Good morning all. Here we are at Monday again. It was a busy week last week and this week is going to be a bit challenging. Sadly, dh's Aunt Terri passed away on Saturday afternoon. She had some shortness of breath and chest pains on Thursday and so went to the ER. They said she had some fluid in her lungs that they needed to deal with before doing any other tests and that they were going to admit her to the cardiac unit. Well, they kept her in the ER until late Friday night . I don't know if the outcome would have been any different if they had moved her to the special unit earlier but my bil was furious with them. She had had a heart attack about 2 years ago and they put some stents in then. She would have been 87 next month. Of course, this would happen the same week that my step-daughter Kathryn had to fly to Italy for work and will be gone all week which means more "grand-duty". We had the schedule all figured out with our son-in-law's parents so everything was covered nicely. After the funeral arrangements are finalized this morning, we will need to re-arrange the schedule.

              I did get some sewing time on Friday afternoon and started on grandson Max' rag quilt. WooHoo, one Christmas gift begun. Of course, Saturday we were at the hospital for a good portion of the afternoon and seeing as how the upcoming week is going to be quite hectic, we did what needed to be done yesterday and then, since the weather was nice, we sat outside and relaxed and chatted for a few hours.

              Monique, I hope you get some time in your sewing room and Barb, I hope you got a nice nap. Katrina, I'm with you, if I am going to read a book series, I really need to read them in order. I have tried audio books while I am sewing but I guess I just can't split my brain power and I wind up not hearing whole parts because I was concentrating on what I was sewing. I don't seem to have the same issue with podcasts for some reason. Although I have needed to rewind occasionally because I seemed to miss something.

              Ok, time to get a move on. Joe's parents are with Tessa this morning and they got Henry off to school. I will be going over to relieve them at 11 and then I will be there until around 6 when Joe gets home. This is one of his late nights because he is taking classes after school gets out. He normally is home between 4 and 4:30. DH will be back from Brooklyn in the early afternoon so he should be able to get Henry from school. But, if not, Tessa and I will take the walk over to get him.

              Enjoy the rest of your day all.
              Ginny B



                Re: Monday hellos!!

                Good morning all,

                I was at the cabin all last week; came home last night. The dogs and I were by ourselves Mon. - Fri. so I was able to get some sewing done. I'm working on a log cabin quilt for the guest room. The rest of the family showed up Sat., so the machine, fabric, etc. were put away. The mosquitoes were horrendous! With the weather warming up, they hatched in full force. The dragon flies hatched a few days later, so they were having a mosquito feast. They usually keep the mosquito population under control, and I'm hoping when I go back to the cabin tomorrow, there will be a lot fewer of the little devils!

                Today will be laundry all day, beach towels and cabin linens, etc. We don't have a washer there; maybe some time in the future.
                I better get the clothes sorted and start the washer. I hope to get into the sewing room in between washing and folding. My sewing room kitty missed me while I was gone.



                  Re: Monday hellos!!

                  Good morning,

                  I must be worn out from my week & weekend. I slept over 11 hrs, got up at 10 this morning. The phone rang, it was mom to ask when the foot care person was coming. Oops, I forgot to book it. I left a message, she's pretty flexible and reasonable.

                  I picked up bags of mulch and dirt at Home Depot, along with groceries next door. I made 3 doz banana muffins, and 5lbs of meatloaf muffins with cheese for DD. I dropped it all off. I held back 1 doz muffins for DIL and will make a few freezer meals of shepherd's pie for them. I was stiff from yardwork and housework of previous day's. Time for Tylenol Arthritis. Since today it will rain, I will tackle indoor things, but will do nothing after my massage this aft. I've cooked enough that we will have good leftover meals.

                  This week will be busy, but DH and I are planning to go to Quilt Canada. Probably Wednesday and I may go back on Fri-Sat, alone or with a GF. I hope we see you Monique. DH also has pre-opt appt for cataract surgery. My plan is to survive and try not to spend too much at Quilt Canada. I think I will spend a few hours looking at my fabric stash, for inspiration and to realize I am very blessed and don't need any more fabric. Hahaha

                  DH is ready and is taking me out to breakfast/lunch. Enjoy your day.

                  Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                  Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.