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Sunday Morning Hellos! :)

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    Sunday Morning Hellos! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I don't see a thread for today so I'll start. We've got clouds this a.m. & it's noticeably cooler. It's supposed to be only in the 60's today. Yest. we hit 91. I made it over to the garden center. A family owned business, this is their 27th year. Hardly seems possible. I think I've bought flowers from them most, if not all, of those years.

    The groc. store was very busy. I usually avoid Sat. groc. shopping if at all possible, but I needed a few things. I sewed in the afternoon. I finished the binding on the Alpha Bears ABC panel. All it needs is a label. I'm pleased with how it turned out. I ended up quilting Angela Walters' wishbone pattern on the border. It's goes pretty fast once you "get in the groove". Now to start on the next panel quilt. There just isn't time to do a lot of piecing.

    Yest. I was able to access my Outlook e-m by going over to Google Chrome. By afternoon, Outlook was working ok again when I used Internet Explorer. It's always frustrating when I feel like I can't "connect".

    This morning will be church. It's my Sunday to play the organ. Have a great day.

    Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

    Good Morning Everyone....Just a quick note today. We are getting ready to drive to Rolla for a little shopping after we feed the Girls. Had a fairly unproductive day yesterday but I was worn out. Maybe a little sewing this afternoon....

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

      Thanks for starting us off this morning, Just stopped in for a peek the last few days as I was too tired to post or do anything at all. Spent almost all day yesterday resting, no make that sleeping but I'm feeling good today. Somehow I turned off my mind to all the "things I needed to do" and a got a good rest. May take today off also just to smell the flowers as my potted plants need some attention. Maybe a late lunch out will take care of lunch and dinner to make today a really restful Sunday. Hope you all can join me for a feel good day.SUN.jpg


        Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

        May, it sounds like you have the perfect day planned. Glad you are feeling better.

        Beautiful but hot weather here today. Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.
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          Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

          Good morning. We have rain moving in this afternoon. Suppose to pour at times on Monday. I spent yesterday replacing my DD’s cell phone. Supposedly she had it stolen. I found a store that had a refurbished phone. I have been getting pieces cut for my new quilt. I found out that I need to order some more yardage for 3 fabrics.

          Enjoy your Sunday.


            Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

            Good morning ladies,

            It's going to be warm and sunny all day. We will enjoy it while we get it. More rain expected this week. I woke up middle of the night, thought it was morning, forced myself to relax and fell back asleep. I realize it was the conversation with my GF. She still works and is cutting back hours at work, but they keep asking her to come in. Thing is, they are not nice to work for. If it were me, I would report them, but she can't afford to retire and needs the money. I keep my eye out for employment options for her, but she has limited skills and not bilingual. This is a big thing in the capital.

            Yesterday, DH went gliding, so I had a day to myself. I did housework, laundry and groceries. It was driving me nuts, so I did at my own pace. I don't mind as I do get to spend most of my days doing what I like. I also made some ribs, chicken and pasta salad for dinner. We will have leftovers today. I will make some banana muffins, rhubarb cake and pineapple dessert to share with DD.

            I think I might play in the flower beds today, and get the beans planted. Not sure, bu DH suggested we sit on the patio this aft and breathe. This week will be busy.

            Enjoy your day.

            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


              Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

              Good Afternoon All,

              I was getting ready to start a thread this morning when the phone rang. I'll be there around 7:15 to pick you up for church. lol, quickest I've ever gotten Jim off the phone. I was already dressed, but make up and my hair needed to be done. It's really nice to be able to fix my hair without stopping positioning my brush after every few seconds. There are still some twinges if I twist the wrong way, but for the most part it's pain free! Yippee!

              Yesterday was beautiful for the most part. We did have afternoon stormy sessions. Since the TV was intermittent at best, I listened to a book for most of the day. I can take it with me to my sewing room or around the house where ever I decide sit. It's not the best thing to do PT to, since I forget to count and tend to over do.

              I finished the baby quilt top yesterday. Tomorrow, I'll go search for backing and binding fabric. I'm going to leave it borderless, less to deal with quilting it as maneuvering is still challenging. I told Jim, pushing the buttons on my sewing machine is a challenge, too. I guess I'll tell my PT about that on Tuesday.

              Tonight starts the summer Women's Bible Study. Nana is going to pick me up and take me. It's nice to have some adult girl time. We'll have an appetizer dinner. I picked up a veggie tray. I'm not big on finger foods. My MIL could figure something out, as for me, I'd rather fix a full meal for everyone.

              Time to get started doing something productive.
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

                Good afternoon!
                Just finished the dusting and wanted to pop in and say hello. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.



                  Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

                  Happy Sunday
                  they say a picture says about a thousand words
                  we went here after the store for furr food, the weather was, with a gentle breeze,

                  t'otherside of hill more there is heather over there

                  hope you all had a great day
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