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Good Sunday Morning

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    Good Sunday Morning

    Hard to believe it's almost June! Good Morning All,

    I turned my Husky back on yesterday and worked for little bits of time quilting a table topper. It took several sessions. It's ready to be trimmed and bound. I'm kind of waiting to see what's going to be happening Monday, to know if I want to get out the cutting board and rotary cutter or not.

    Jim is teaching Sunday School this morning. I'm looking forward to the lesson. Our new associate pastor is doing the main service. The pastor was in Haiti this week teaching at the Bible College we help sponsor.

    It's going to be a hot one today, getting close to 100. Hopefully, we'll get rid of this High pressure system soon! The wild fire north of is is still going. It's creating a haze across the horizon.

    Have a great day!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Re: Good Sunday Morning

    Good Morning, All ~ Cloudy this a.m. & 56 deg. We had 82 deg. yest., sunny, a beautiful day, but quite breezy. I hung some of my laundry out on the line. I love the smell of fresh air on laundry.

    Yest. p.m. I finished stitching the binding on the Japanese Cross and Plus quilt. The quilt measures 38 x 50". Wish I could post a pic. It turned out pretty good. I want to make another one with Kaffe Fasset and/or batik fabrics. With the warmer days & the furnace not running, it gets cool in the basement where my sewing room is.

    It will be church this a.m. No errands on the way home. Every other day DH requires a medical procedure; he's weaker & more anxious on those days, so he doesn't like me to be gone long.

    Have a great day.


      Re: Good Sunday Morning

      Good morning all . It's a beautifully sunny morning here today. Yesterday was nice but a little on the cool side. But that made it easier to work outside and boy did we work! We got a lot of things planted, a couple of shepherd's hooks moved, hanging baskets planted and weeding accomplished. We sure were tired last night. Today we will be heading to our friend Ray's place. There is a buyer for his apartment, they have been approved by the board so we need to go and pack up the rest of his things that are still there. I still can't believe he is gone. Miss him so much.

      Tomorrow our plan is to finish some more planting and bbq some ribs. I also have a couple of towels to make for an order I received last week. I also have some Secret Santa projects to work on.

      Tuesday is a Tessa day. She is doing well with me watching her. Taking the bottle is no longer an issue for her. I will say though that spending the day with an infant does tire me out a bit. I am sure I couldn't do more than the two days a week. And glad there is Wednesday between those two days to recuperate. Lol As they say "I'm not as young as I used to be.".

      Enjoy the rest of the Memorial Day weekend everyone. Be safe all those dealing with weather issues.
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        Re: Good Sunday Morning

        Happy Sunday!

        After a record setting temperature of 92 yesterday, today will be much cooler -- about 70, with an 80% chance of rain. There is rain in the forecast almost every day this week.

        I will be spending some quality time with my seam ripper this morning. I started to use metallic thread to quilt a wall hanging, but despite all of my trouble-shooting, the thread keeps breaking. I double-checked the tension, changed the needle, changed the bobbin, threaded and re-threaded the machine, and still it breaks. I don't understand why I'm having so many problems, I used the same thread to quilt a Christmas wallhanging last year and it worked like a dream.

        I had a good trip to the eye doctor on Wednesday -- no signs of cataract or glaucoma. He gave me a prescription for progressive lenses. My Texas sister had a pair, and could not get used to them. She bought hers at Walmart. I haven't ordered my glasses yet. I didn't want to buy them at the eye doctor's Wednesday, as my eyes had been dilated and I couldn't see to focus. I wish I had them already. It would be so much easier to see the stitches I will be ripping out later today!

        Enjoy the rest of your day!


          Re: Good Sunday Morning

          Morning all,

          It's another sunny day here, a few days of sun and warmth did wonders for the garden plants have grown a few inches.

          The Air Force Thunderbirds are on Long Island this weekend for an annual air show. They are housed at our local airport when they're here which is 10 minutes from my home. Friday they were doing a practice run and did a fly over our house. Quite a sight to see they were flying pretty low and we didn't even have to fight the traffic to go see them. We usually see them fly over when they leave Monday morning.

          Today we're having a family barbeque, did all the salads yesterday so today will be an easy day. Wishing everyone a good weekend. Take a moment to remember all those who gave their all for our freedom.
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            Re: Good Sunday Morning

            Good morning. We are expecting temps in the high 80’s. I ironed my blocks yesterday. Now just to sew 1 piece on each. Then I can put it away, and start something new. I would like to make the trek to a Barnes &Noble and check out the quilting magazines.
            With the kids down at the shore, it is quiet around here.

            Have a good day.


              Re: Good Sunday Morning

              Good morning everyone. I have been busy this morning. I have two pumpkin/cranberry loaves in the oven, laundry out on the line, and continuing to pack up food for my retreat. We will head out later this afternoon. I am about 2 hours away. Les's sister is supposed to come over in a while to take a look at a car for sale near here. I have a trip to the dump to make and to Bonnie's as well. I check her place once a week.

              So everyone enjoy your time with family or whatever you are doing this May long weekend for you.

              I may nor may not have the chance to start the daily thread this week so be my guest.
              Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                Re: Good Sunday Morning

                Good morning all,

                Boy, did we sleep in 9:30 & 11. Even the cats were flat out this morning. Last night I woke up screaming from a scary dream. It may have been the documentary we watched on History channel - Presidents at War. Very interesting perspective on Presidents who served. Or it may have been the flashes of lightning & thunder, heavy rain and winds. It had been predicted. Today will be warmer and breezy, and rain on and off all week.

                Yesterday we ran errands to pick up our coffee beans, some veggies and t-shirts at Michael's. DH loves them in all colours & at 2/$8, he can't go wrong. Even if they don't last forever, they make excellent rags after a year. I picked up more 3-M hooks for the sewing room.

                I finished the musical quilt - more FMQ, made binding and attached it. I'm definitely getting faster at handsewing. It was 280". Just need to make the label, ready to give. I'm pretty pleased, and need to remember not to stress out about the quilting. These are not going into any juried shows, just for friends and family to use.


                No definite plans today, except I need to pull out pattern and fabrics for a class on Tuesday.
                Monique - enjoy your retreat. I'm certain it will be loads of fun.

                Enjoy your day, and long weekend celebrations.

                Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                  Re: Good Sunday Morning

                  Got woke up this morning by a fireman warning us that we may be getting flooded as they are opening both dams above us. We have had so much rain that we don't have anywhere to put the water. Towns all around us were forced evacuated earlier this week. Lots of road closures so no plans to go anywhere.
                  This was the week for the annual fly in at the airport. Definitely not happy campers as the weather has kept everyone grounded. There are pilots from all over the world here.
                  Brainstormed last night so now I can get some more SS projects done.
                  Oops, there go some more punkins rollin' cross the bridge. What did you call thunder when you were a kid?


                    Re: Good Sunday Morning

                    Suzanne, great job all around on the musical quilt. I love how you picked your accent fabrics and pieced it together. Also love your quilting in the pinwheels for more movement. I tend to stress out when making something for someone else also.

                    Not much going on until later when the grandbaby comes over for an overnighter. May need to take a nap before then.


                      Re: Good Sunday Morning

                      JulieC ~ Thread: You might consider using Glide thread. It's a trilobal polyester thread that has a sheen to it & looks almost metallic w/o the problems of metallic thread.

                      Glasses: My first glasses were progressives. I didn't like them. I could see to read just as well w/o them. I put up with them for one year, then switched to flat-top bifocals, which I've used ever since. The magnification for reading is so much better, & there is no distortion in the sides of the lenses. The progressives pretty much go down the center of the lenses. I never buy my frames or lenses from the optometrist's office. We have used an optical center which we like much better. We just take our Rx to them.


                        Re: Good Sunday Morning

                        Joy, I am just the opposite with my glasses. Can't stand the lines in a bifocal, feel like I am constantly bobbing my head up and down to get a better look. But isn't it nice we have choices.
                        Suzanne, so funny! I read your post too fast at first and I thought you meant your dh loves all diff colors of coffee beans! So that was my laugh for the day. Thanks, sometimes you need that!

                        I sewed two more rows on my quilt today as well as sewing all the little blocks togther to make each row. I am getting there, only 28 rows left. Yeah you read that right and in case you think I am making a quilt for an elephant, no I'm not--the blocks are 1.5 inches so there's lots of rows to be made.

                        Took a break from sewing and thought I'd check in on Facebook. A long story I won't even get into, but it will not let me log in and I am stuck in that loop where they send you a code in your email to change your PW, only the email doesn't come through. No its not in spam folder, etc. So I tried re-requesting it a few times and now it is telling me I have exceeded the number of attempts. It is so annoying I want to open the nearest window and toss out my computer!!