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It's Thursday today

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    It's Thursday today

    Good morning friends. I had a good day yesterday at work. Busy but good. My brother did stop by and he now has my goose to fix. It was a very short visit. I also had the stress test which I passed. There were nothing wrong discovered. He did have a look at my xrays from last week and found that I have arthritis in my neck which may be causing the feelings in my arm. We will keep a watch on that.

    Not much happening today. I think I will head out later and get the groceries I need to take with me for retreat. Our meal has been changed from Tuesday to Monday. That is great to get our meal over with early and then just sit back and relax the rest of the week. 3 sleeps left. I am so looking forward to having a whole week to myself.

    So have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It's Thursday today

    Good morning Monique and all who follow.

    Great news on that stress test Monique. Sorry Arthur has decided to take up residence in your neck - such a pesky guy he is.
    Sounds like you're gonna have a fantastic time on your retreat.

    Exciting happenings on the Radiation table yesterday. About 1 minute in the entire machine froze up.....leaving me on that danged hard table - naked from the waist up - arms above my head - 5 feet off the ground. They had quite a time getting me off that thing.....I can just tell you it involved 3 techs, a tall chair and a smaller chair.........I am so glad there are no mirrors in the room - I really didn't need to see that. Then of course as soon as I was down and covered up - the IT person got the machine working again.
    Since I had gotten part of the dose they decided it would be best to go ahead with the rest. My 10 minute appointment ended up taking about an hour. And can I just tell you that they keep the temps in that room very very low - I was chilled to the bone and couldn't get warm the rest of the day.

    But -when I got home I did manage to almost finish FMQing the Harry Potter quilt I'm trying to get done for my sweet nieces graduation party on JUne 2nd. She is a HUGE HP fan and was so helpful guiding me with fabric selection and dos and don'ts with my other nieces Harry Potter baby quilt - and she did drop a few hints like "I wish this was for me" I kept telling myself I just didn't have the time to make another one by the 2nd.....but what't an Auntie to do when she knows how much it means to one of her favorite girls - LOL

    Better get off here and get out the door for my 7th treatment - hope today is a little less exciting - LOL

    Have a great day everyone


      Re: It's Thursday today

      Good morning. After being gone most of yesterday for the graduation, I plan on staying home today and catching up. I am still trying to finish the last 5 blocks of my quilt. I may put that one to the side and start a new one.
      Monique— how many projects are you taking to your retreat ?
      Have a good day.


        Re: It's Thursday today

        Good Morning Everyone!

        Monique- There are so many things that that can be done to help Arthritis these days. I can not imagine it being in my neck. Bless your heart.

        Carol- What an experience! I didn't realize that they raised the table that high off the ground.

        I am still trying to get things back in place since the movers came and rearranged furniture for me. Amanda is off today and we are going to leave early to go pick peaches. The kids only have only half days of school left and she wants to spend this afternoon with them. I have barely been in my sewing room this week and hope to sew some this afternoon.

        Sandy's new favorite thing is to get rocks in her mouth and put them in my lap. I can't figure that out. I am just thankful she has stopped bringing me creatures that were once alive.

        Have a wonderful day!


          Re: It's Thursday today

          Good Morning All.

          It's my last PT appt for the week today. I can tell the difference! I'm doing my exercises more times during the day and only taking 1 advil before bed.

          We've had no school this week, so I only saw the grands on Monday. Feels weird, but it allows me more time to do my exercises.

          I'm about ready to get out the some things I'd like to do. The goal today, PT and folding up a few more things in my sewing room. I have the bins in the closet that I've been slack and just sticking the stuff on top of. I need to put those things away. I've found a project that I'd like to do for April's SS. A trip to JoAnn's is on the list of things to do today.

          Time to get moving! Have a great day!
          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Re: It's Thursday today

            Good Morning ~ My hearts go out to all those in Missouri & the areas that are being hard hit by the tornadoes & flooding. I hope all our Forum members are safe & haven't suffered damage.

            Well, DS# 2 is taking another hit. He was told yest. a.m. that his temp. job will end tomorrow. The company told his boss they're transferring in a FT employee from another district who wants to move here, so DS is out. His boss did not see this coming & feels sorry he has to let him go. So the job search starts again. He needs to find something right away since he just bought his vehicle last week. He's going through a tough time right now & could use some prayers.

            Our weather remains cool. We did see the sun for a while yest., but it was mostly cloudy and 57 deg. We had showers yest. eve.
            The mts. still are getting snow. Some areas of the mts. are at 200-300% of their usual snowpack. There is concern that as the temps. warm and & the snowpack melts there could be flooding along the Front Range. Many mt. recreation areas & trails are closed due to the late snow. Many camp sites are not accessible for the holiday week end.

            I finished the FMQ yest. afternoon on the Japanese Cross & Plus quilt. Glad that's done. Now on to the binding. I have the strips all sewn together ready to go. I'm ready to be done with this one & move on to another project.

            Monique ~ It's not unusual for older folks to have arthritis settle in the neck. I have some of that, too. If the sensations in your arm -- esp. if it's your hand -- you might want to consider having a nerve conduction study done by a neurologist to see if there are nerves being pinched or possible carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrist.

            I guess there's another skunk in the neighborhood! Grrrr! The stink woke me up at 3:50; I had to get up & close my window. After I got up at 5, I opened the window wide & set up the fan to air out my BR.

            Well, DH is waiting for me to fix his breakfast, so on with my day.


              Re: It's Thursday today

              Good morning all,

              The dogs and I are off to the lake cabin later today. The rest of the family will show up Saturday, but I wanted to have some time to do some cleaning, put fresh sheets on the beds, etc. It's supposed to be cool and wet all weekend; I hope we can keep the GK entertained. There's no internet at the cabin, so it'll be Monday night before I catch up with the forum. I work next Tuesday, then I will probably head back to the cabin. It's my happy place.

              I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend. Remember our fallen soldiers, Marines, sailors, etc.


                Re: It's Thursday today

                Good Morning Everyone...

                Missouri was hit very hard by tornadoes again last night. Friends of ours were hit by two tornadoes 24 hours apart...what are the chances of that happening? The State Capital in Jefferson City was damaged and there were three lives lost in Barton County. There are ever so many people missing.
                Jeff's brother and his family live in Jefferson City and so far no word from them. We had bad storms here all night and they are continuing through the rest of the week and weekend. Floods are the most urgent issue today and thousands have lost their homes, pets and livestock. For the first time ever Dot got underneath the covers last night so she could snuggle with me and hide from the storms.

                Carol, so glad they got you out of the machine...what an ordeal for you, Hon.

                Joy, I see it's still snowing in Colorado! Praying for your Son to find a job quickly. Can't wait to see your Japanese Cross and Plus quilt. I remember how smitten you were when the pattern was posted here.

                I have a doctor appointment this afternoon but I'm not going unless Jeff can come home early to take me. My little car wouldn't be safe if any water is over the road. I would rather reschedule than float away.

                Stay safe everyone...prayers for everyone whose lives have been turned upside down due to this crazy weather. Hugs....Barb
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                Scottie Mom Barb


                  Re: It's Thursday today

                  Barb. Cancel that appointment if Jeff can't take you, can't have you floating away.. Enough already, how much terrible weather can people take? Prayers going for those affected, adding one for Joy's DS also.

                  Body doesn't want to get going this morning, think I need another shot of caffeine as I have lots of laundry waiting for me. COFFEE ROOSTER.jpg


                    Re: It's Thursday today

                    Good morning everyone,
                    We both woke up quite late although we were early to bed. Yesterday we took a road trip to a quilt store an hour away. I picked up my free meter of fabric but I also found some lovely neutrals and finished 2 bolts for extra 20% off. I remembered that I have an all day class on Tuesday and needed background. I also picked a few fat quarters of green. I will have to look at the pattern and pick fabrics. I have some prep work to do.

                    Then we dropped in on some dear friends we hadn't seen in awhile. I guess they have challenges, health and family, but plough through. They went to Italy in April and are going to France for a special birthday end of August. It was good to catch up, Jeanne always scolds DH that we don't travel while he still has good health. I agree. Then we stopped at the sailing club to check on our boat and the devastation. It's pretty bad, and there are still pumps to remove water which seeped under the concrete foundation. The first floor carpets and flooring were removed and staff are temporarily housed upstairs. In the yard, you can see how high the water got by the debris. There is still a ban on the river from up north to Montreal, heavy fines if you ignore. Traffic was bad getting home, and after 1 1/2 hrs stuck in traffic, we went out to dinner.

                    It really sad all the devastation from the tornadoes, flooding, wildfires and snow. And this is just the beginning of tornado season, although they now seem to happen all year. DH's niece in KS is expressing more concerns than ever. They seem to be more frequent than ever. I guess we won't visit this summer. We are expecting some heavy rains and t-storms coming across the border. I feel like spring is a bust and summer season will be short. Barb and others - sending prayers for all those impacted. Please do not drive through water on roads - the force of water is not to be understated.

                    Carol - yikes, that sounds like an experience. I hope the remaining treatments are uneventful.
                    Monique - also have arthritis in my neck, joints, knees. It just sucks to get old, but there are simple things to do to minimize the pain.
                    And you know there is no pain at the retreat, just plenty of liquid remedy. I know you will have fun. Too bad I couldn't make this one.
                    Joy - I'm so sorry to hear about your son. His move closer has been challenging for sure. Hopefully he will land on his feet and find employment soon.
                    Nwmnteacher - enjoy your happy place. I think when you're there it won't really matter what kind of weather you get.

                    Enjoy your day, and happy Memorial Day weekend for those who may be getting an early start. Be safe.

                    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                      Re: It's Thursday today

                      Originally posted by MissMay in Jersey View Post
                      Barb. Cancel that appointment if Jeff can't take you, can't have you floating away.. Enough already, how much terrible weather can people take? Prayers going for those affected, adding one for Joy's DS also.

                      Body doesn't want to get going this morning, think I need another shot of caffeine as I have lots of laundry waiting for me. [ATTACH=CONFIG]159204[/ATTACH]
                      Agree, agree, agree, especially more coffee since I'm having trouble moving.

                      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.