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Tuesday Trivia: New Dinosaur 🦖

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    Tuesday Trivia: New Dinosaur 🦖

    Tyrannosaurus rex was what paleobiologists call the "apex predator" of the latest Cretaceous period, a gigantic creature that stalked the Earth between 80 and 66 million years ago, eating what it pleased.

    But the T. rex didn't start out as the 42-foot-tall, 7-ton giant we know today. Its earliest relatives were human-sized, and archaeological digs in Uzbekistan unearthed a horse-sized T. rex cousin.

    T-Rex tooth, left. Timurlengia euotica tooth, right.

    Named Timurlengia euotica, it weighed about 250 kg (550 pounds) compared to Tyrannosaurus rex at about 8000 kg (17,600 pounds).

    . Life reconstruction of the new tyrannosaur Timurlengia euotica in its environment 90 millionyears ago. It is accompanied by two flying reptiles, Azhdarcho longicollis. (Original painting by Todd Marshall)
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