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Monday hellos!

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    Monday hellos!

    Good morning friends. It is a wet wet morning here. Thankfully we didn't get the rain we were supposed to get yesterday and it turned into a very warm and beautiful day. I should have done laundry when the going was good to hang outside but rain had been predicted (which we never got) UGH!! Oh well I can do that today but use the dryer.

    On Saturday we went to an auction sale. I didn't buy anything but hubby bought an old radio (don't know why, it is still in the van) and a barber's glass jar that you would disinfect your combs in. He spent under $20. Why he got the radio I don't know. We went out for lunch after that and then stopped at two more antique dealers. A small cabinet and big bullet was bought. The bullet is to hold canes and umbrellas at the front door. I bought a sieve to use when I make jelly, cost me $2.

    I puttered around yesterday and was starting to get a little organized for retreat. I cut a whole bunch of 10" black and white squares and some 5" as well.

    I had the most wonderful surprise yesterday. I had a Baltimore Oriole come to the feeder. I couldn't get a picture of him but hubby saw him too. First one EVER to be seen here. I put orange slices on the feeder but I haven't seen him again yet. I hope he comes back. I also had a wild turkey come visit as well. My friend Lynda is very jealous that I had an Oriole.

    Hubby works today so I have the whole day to myself. I am going to clean up before I tackle anything in the sewing room. I work/quilt tomorrow and work on Wednesday and I also have the stress test on Wednesday. My Thursday got cancelled and I am not too disappointed about that.

    So that is what my week is looking like at the moment. Have an awesome day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Monday hellos!

    Good morning y’all!

    I’m thankful Monique that you didn’t get too much rain. Baltimore Orioles love LOVE LOVE grape jelly. It’s like crack cocaine to them. I’ve heard of them completely covering themselves in a bowl of it. I’ve seen them, but not very often.

    We finally had 2 days without rain and cut the entire yard. The back was wet, but at least it wasn’t submerged. Rained yesterday, but they say we’ll have 2 days of no rain.....super cloudy, it no rain......we’ll see.

    DH took me to a quilt shop some distance from us. All around me have closed.....sigh....I managed to get out without purchasing 1 piece of fabric! I was shocked. But did by a couple rulers. Had fun looking, petting and visiting with the shop owner. It was a great day!

    Prayers for Terry and her family. So sad for her loss. Love and hugs. Prayers also for Joy and her family and their loss too.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

    💫 Star lover


      Re: Monday hellos!

      Good morning. We turned on our A.C. yesterday for the first time this year. It will stay on today too. I won’t complain. I am glad to see the rain and clouds go for awhile. I plan on sewing some more blocks today. I have PT tonight. The only time left was 7:15. .

      Have a good day.


        Re: Monday hellos!

        Good Morning All,

        Jim starts his summer tutoring this morning, Mon, Tues, and Wed. 9 - 2, three different weeks this summer. One week in May, one in June and one in July. The kids will be getting the same hours, as the year long course work, all because the co. my son works for took this class away from him and the rising seniors wanted to take this class with him.

        Jim is looking forward to new beginnings. He's finished his first big project in his course work and has it ready to post. He'll start the second phase, I guess as soon as he gets the 'grades' on this one.

        Mike and I went shopping yesterday. I came home with 4 new tee shirts. Time to cull some old shirts out of my closet.

        Have a great day!
        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Re: Monday hellos!

          Good morning. Happy Monday. This week I start babysitting Tessa. Just two days a week , Tuesday and Thursday. I know it will be hard for Kathryn to go back to work but she is so grateful that her company has such a generous parental leave policy. It's been quite some time since I've taken care of an infant so wish me luck. I am happy that dh is retired now too so he can be on call to help pick Henry up, etc.

          I had a nice relaxing day yesterday with time spent in my sewing room. Hubby cooked dinner.... yummy chicken marsala.

          Have a good day everyone.
          Ginny B


            Re: Monday hellos!

            Flowers3.jpg Flowers4.jpg

            Good Morning Everyone....We had a warm lovely day yesterday so Jeff began putting together our flower tubs. They aren't in their final spot yet but I think he does such a nice job. I have always said Jeff should have been a farmer of some sort.

            Monique, you had a very nice weekend. Orioles are awesome birds. We don't have them here, but we have ever so many others. Right now the hummingbirds are in full force. They have been keeping me busy filling their feeder every other day.

            We had terrible storms Saturday night and lost a huge tree in our side yard and a pine tree in the back will have to be taken down. Taking trees down, cutting everything up, moving them, burning the tops, etc is a huge amount of work. In 2009 we lost 180 trees in a tornado and I thought we would both work ourselves to death dealing with it all. We had a tree issue and other damage at the apartments Saturday also.

            I need to run for now. The Girls will be up and ready for their day soon and I need to wash my hair before that happens.

            Wishing everyone a blessed day.
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            Scottie Mom Barb


              Re: Monday hellos!

              Good morning everyone,

              It rained a good part of yesterday. In the evening we had torrential rain and loud t-storms. It must have been close, our walls and metal roof were shaking. The cats skedaddled under the bed until it was over. More heavy rain early morning. It warmed up a bit yesterday but I am not motivated to work outdoors yet.

              I cut, pressed and put together the valence. It's almost done, but I was reminded why I hate to make curtains. This one is 6 metres of fabric wide (with a lining which I cut too narrow, don't ask). It's not the fabric I had shown her, so hope she likes it.


              Today I will finish it and attach hooks. I need to get a lot of little sewing projects finished today. Then I can focus on my own projects.

              Enjoy your day, whether you are gardening, spending time with grandkids or just getting through daily life.
              Be safe from Mother Nature. She's a real b*tch with tornadoes, flooding and fires.
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              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                Re: Monday hellos!

                Good morning all,

                Suzanne, we could use some of your rain; please send it southward! BTW, I think the valance is really pretty.
                Barb, your flowers are indeed beautiful!

                Spring is playing "hide and seek" here in northern Minnesota. The weekend was chilly, windy and cloudy. Yesterday afternoon it finally cleared up and got into the low 60s. Hubby and I drove to Grand Forks (ND) after church. We had brunch at Denny's, then did our basics shopping at WalMart. Next stop was The Golf Center where DH was truly in heaven! He had been saving some gift cards he'd received for Christmas, birthday, etc., and was ready to spend them. He ended up with new golf shoes, a putter, and a "wood", but don't ask me what kind. I looked around the store for a little while, then went out to the car and read on my Kindle. I'm glad he had a good time :-)

                After all the shopping, we went to the movie "Breakthrough". Wow! Such a powerful story. I don't think there was a dry eye in the entire theater. It's especially amazing because it's a true story. If you get the chance, I'd heartily recommend you go see it.

                Today's plan is to work on a SS gift that I started on Sat. I finally finished all the Days for Girls bags on Friday, and mailed them Sat. morning. It turned out to be a bigger project than I had first thought it would be.

                The sun is shining, and it's supposed to hit 68 today, so I hope it will be a day to get things done.
                Blessings, Jeanne


                  Re: Monday hellos!

                  I slept in this morning. I am sore in my arms and hands. My granddaughter spent the weekend with me and helped me clear out the clothes in my husbands closet and drawers on Saturday. Yesterday we attempted to tackle the garage. What a horrible mess! I was so tired and nasty we didn't finish it. So many things around the house that needs to be done that its just overwhelming . I am having movers come tomorrow to swap some furniture around and put the bins we filled in the attic. I could ask family to do it but this way I get it done when I want and I don't have to feel like I'm helpless.

                  I had plans to clean the screen porch but I think I am way to sore today to drag the hose up there. In Alabama we have this powdery green pollen and oak tree tassels that stick to everything my screen porch is covered in it. This will have to wait for another day.

                  Have a great day,


                    Re: Monday hellos!

                    Good Morning ~ I'm late getting here today. A busy morning with laundry, peeling & paring apples for sauce, which currently are cooking, & DH's every other day medical procedure, & making his salads.

                    Barb ~ Your flower planters are beautiful. Jeff did a good job. I used to plant all my own, but now I buy them ready made. By the time one buys all the bedding plants, planter mix, etc., I figure it's just as cost effective to buy them. I just don't have the time or energy to do all that work any more. I'm waiting for warmer weather before I buy this spring.

                    Monique ~ The only Baltimore Oriole I ever saw was years ago when I lived in rural Mich. I've never seen one in Colo. But we did have a visit from the hawk yest. eve. I looked out the kitchen window ~7 p.m. to see it in the grass out back by the crabapple tree eating something. Not sure if it was a bird or a rabbit. I haven't ventured out there to see if there are any remains.

                    It started to rain at 10 p.m. last night. Had one episode of that small hail called grauple. There are shredded leaves all over the patio this a.m. It's been intermittent rain this a.m.; the temp. is only 42 deg. It's snowing in the mts. Some areas are expected to get a foot or more of snow. Quite a change from the 90's we had last week.

                    I had a long chat with DS#2 who moved to CO in Mar. His work is going well. He's happy to have found a vehicle. He still needs to get the emissions testing done, license plates, pay for the registration, etc. I hope it will be a reliable vehicle for him.

                    I'd really like to make it to the sewing room today. This rainy weather is depressing. I'm feeling a bit bummed out today. Maybe some "quilting therapy" will perk up my spirits.
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                      Re: Monday hellos!

                      Back again. Weather was not enticing me to do any yardwork or to be social.

                      Joy - It was a bummed out day for me too, but I didn't have anything pressing to do. I made it to my sewing room and finished attaching the hooks to the valence, cleared up a bag of mending for DD & son, sewed a label to a quilt, made 4 more tea towels with borders. Cleared up small piles of fabric on tables, and put them away. Also found a piece of the backing from my Boomerang quilt - I was looking for leftover so I can make a label. Also got fabric out to make some personalized Paw Patrol pillowcases for mom's doctor's GKs. It feels good to get those 'other things' done. Now I can focus on UFOs.

                      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                        Re: Monday hellos!

                        Good evening all. Nothing exciting over here for me. Work was steady, but not crazy. Home now and have eaten dinner. Now, to go outside and do some yardwork.


                          Re: Monday hellos!

                          ke and rice pudding


                            Re: Monday hellos!

                            Seems my post got lost somewhere. My 2 sisters and brother visited on Sunday, what a visit that was. Sisters were going to bring dinner. already made I thought but they began by asking me if I had a pot to make 2 lbs of macaroni in! I'm still looking for kitchen items as they insisted on cleaning up after dinner. We finally settled down after dinner with coffee, cake and fruit salad and had a great chat. Today my 3 Granny cousins are coming over for lunch, will be a little less hectic as I have everything is ready even the baked rice pudding.
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