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Friday has arrived

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    Friday has arrived

    And it is a very wet morning here. UGH!!! Will it ever quit raining?

    I had a good day yesterday but not very successful. I did not get a lot of what I was looking for. I have decided I hate shopping for clothes. I even stopped at Fabricland but nothing interested me, how sad is that? Nothing at Value Village either.

    So today is a work day for me but I only work until 1. I have a stop after work and may stop at Boutique Gwendolyn to look for a pair of pants as she is having an anniversary sale. I may find something there.

    Going to an auction sale tomorrow. It looks like tomorrow will be the best day to be out. More rain headed by Sunday. Les can't go to camp, roads are all washed out.

    On my way to Pembroke yesterday, I saw the places that are flooded along the river. You just can't imagine and all this rain doesn't help either.

    So have a great weekend everyone. This one is long one for us here in Canada.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Friday has arrived

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Even though it was partly cloudy yest., it eventually warmed up in the afternoon to 94 deg. Most of the day it was in the 80's. The house cooled off more quickly last eve. Now we're in a cooling trend.

    I searched on line last night for a rechargeable electric razor for DH. His other one is ancient & has been making strange noises. This a.m. it died completely. So I'll be ordering a new one for him. I have another item I also need to order from Amazon, so I'll combine the order. In the mean time, he has an old Remington (non-rechargeable) that he'll use. He quit using it years ago because it radiates a lot of EMF.

    I did some FMQ yest. afternoon. Still having problems with the stitch quality. Not sure if it's my mach. or a bad cone of thread. Anyway, it's frustrating.

    Today is our monthly senior fellowship & lunch at church. It's a sharing day for our hobbies, so I'll take a few quilts to show. This will be out last get-together till next fall.

    Have a great week end.


      Re: Friday has arrived

      First of all, I've missed you all. I have my flowers undercontrol now and the peonies are blooming in buckets. It is so beautiful here in my world, all green and lush. God has surely blessed me.
      My mother died on Mothers Day. She was 92 1/2, had macular degeneration and loss of hearing and some dementia. She had a long life. My oldest DD is devastated, the others all took it in stride. My dad died on Fathers day 35years ago. I guess they had a flair of drama in wanting the dates to be remembered. All is good. Now they can reunite and have joy with my sisters and grandparents. What a warm week for them in heaven.
      Tomorrow is my birthday and most of the children will come. We will miss those who can't make it. Today I will go grocery shopping for the whole crew. Hope I find some wonderful choices. I'm thinking a cook out as it is suppose to be in the 80's. The pool is clean, the yard and fields are mowed and we are excited.
      This has been a week for DH. First he got the tractor stuck and left it in neutral while he went to fetch the excavator to free it up, when he got back to the field, it had freed itself and ran smack into a tree and totaled itself. He said he will rebuild the engine, get a new radiator and some hoses...won't be pretty, but it'll work. Then, the hose on the excavator exploded and all the hydrolic fluid ended up on DH. So, he came in, changed and decided to mow the front yard...the lawn mower's engine went poof and it died. What a day!! So, on Wednesday we went to Lowes and got him a new one. We asked if they had a discount on returns and the man went back in the back and found us one and discounted it by $500. We paid for it and the fellows who were going to load it asked me if we bought gas so we could drive it up the ramps or if we would want to push it. I said, well, it was returned so there must be gas in it...yes there he got on it to start it. It wouldn't start. We tried for about 30 min. They went and got the manager and he said, "what do you want to do? you can cancel the sale or you can have a brand new one with no charge:" We couldn't argue with that. DH is like a kid with a new toy. He says it goes really fast and is fun to mow. I guess our old one (we think it was 15 or 20 years old) was just worn out.
      Well, I think that catches me up. Hope you all have a blessed weekend
      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


        Re: Friday has arrived

        Good morning,

        It looks like another fall day. Cool and wet. This is the usual long weekend that everyone gets their gardening done and opening up of summer cottages but I suspect many will delay.

        Yesterday was a good day. I finished quilting the Ribbon star quilt. I decided to FMQ the border. It turned out pretty good, although it's still a challenge for me to keep stitch length consistent. At this point I'm going to cut myself some slack. Finished is better than perfect. It is the way it is, and looks decent. I'm almost finished handsewing the binding. Then my son came over for dinner. I served salmon with hollandaise sauce, French beans and basmati rice. Then I served the strawberry rhubarb pie I made.

        Today I plan to get to Home Depot for the .98 geraniums. They usually run out quickly. I get the red and white and they look great by Canada Day. I will visit mom and pick up vegetables. DH is already gone as he is volunteering for the May Fly days at the club. There will be gliders from other area clubs. He is so happy but tied when he gets back. I may go one day this weekend if the weather is nice.

        Monique - too bad Les is not going to camp. There has been so much more flooding up the river, which is impacting so many people this year.
        Joy - must be that time. My hairdryer had been giving me grief lately and was concerned it might spark. I got another one, to be safe.
        Terry - I'm so sorry for your loss. Everyone deals with death differently, but you are fortunate that you shared her for a long time. Sounds like DH was under a black cloud, but now the sun is shining. It gives me hope to hear of your green yard and warm weather. I know we will be blessed soon.

        I'm going to order the missing quilt mystery books by Carol Dean Jones from CT. Their books are on sale and there's an extra 20% off entire order until Sunday. There is one collection by Ann Hazelwood that I have the first two of the wine country collection, but haven't seen #3-4 book for sale on any site yet.

        Enjoy your day. Stay safe.
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        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          Re: Friday has arrived

          So sorry for the loss of your mother, Terry and oh my, your DH has had a time lately.
          Our contractor is due back today to tile our new patio addition so no zumba today. I do want to go to an estate sale and grocery store before the weekend crowds. I do need to wait until after the tile guy arrives.
          I hope to get more fmq done, I am perhaps 2/3rd of the way through the center. I am going to try something different on the wide borders so putting that off until the center is complete.
          In between I have been working on another top, glad it has been slow go since I changed my plan on the cornerstones. The whole thing is soft pastels and I think I want to keep it that way and not have cornerstones in a stronger color.


            Re: Friday has arrived

            Terry, I am sorry for the loss of your mother. You spent a lot of quality time with your Mother, taking her shopping and some nice lunches. Seems your mother had a rich life with children and grandchildren who loved her.
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              Re: Friday has arrived

              Good Morning All,

              Monique, you can share some of your rain with us. It's been a while since we've had any and we're currently sandwiched between two high pressure cells.

              Joy, I hope you have a great luncheon. I'm sure your quilts will be a hit.

              Terry, you've been missed around here, but it sounds like your hands have been full! I'm so sorry for your loss.

              Suzanne, my grandma always had geraniums. I can't look at them without remembering her. She would put them out every spring through fall. Then take cuttings and root them all winter in the spare bedroom window. The original plants came from her mother's home. At .98 I can see why they'd run out quick!

              Today, so far, I'm in a PT sore state. I'll soak shortly and then start my stretches. Slowly and surely, I'll get the stiffness worked out.

              Kiddies will be here while Jim goes to Graduation. We'll have play time and cartoons while he's gone. I'm hunting for my supreme slider. I know it's around somewhere, laid out flat so that limits where it can be. Maybe this afternoon, I'll have some quilting time.
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                Re: Friday has arrived

                Monique I used to love shopping. I need some summer clothes and something new for a trip at the end of the month. I have had no luck at all. All I can find is things for my granddaughter. She is my weakness ,looks nice in anything and clothes make her so happy!

                Terry, Sending hugs to you. I am so sorry for your loss.

                My sweet daughter and family bought me a small gas grill for Mother's Day and they are bringing it over today. I have no idea how to use a grill. Grilling and smoking was my husbands area. She tells me its super easy and she will teach me how. I like the idea of doing veggies on the grill.

                Hope you all have a great day,


                  Re: Friday has arrived

                  Been a heck of a week for you Terry, ups and downs with mom passing and your Bday celebration with your family., not to mention so many motor failures. Glad your got a new mower, DH needs to keep the grass cut so your beautiful plants and flowers can shine.

                  Off to get a much needed short and curly perm, I just don't like long straight hair as it keeps falling over my face. Need to begin planning a quilt for new great grandgirl, maybe a trip to the quilt shop for some pinks!

                  Have a good DayGOOD MORNING.jpg


                    Re: Friday has arrived

                    So sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom ... no matter how long we have them, we want them longer ... memories will keep her with you always ... take care ...


                      Re: Friday has arrived

                      Good to hear from you Terry but so sad to hear about your dear mother.

                      to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


                        Re: Friday has arrived

                        So sorry for your loss sounds like you will have a grand time for your birthday with family...enjoy!

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                          Re: Friday has arrived

                          Terry, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. You have my deep condolences. To hear that your father died on Father's Day and your mother died on Mother's Day tells me that they were truly meant for one another. God bless you.
                          Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


                            Re: Friday has arrived

                            So sorry to hear about your mother. Big hug to you.
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                              Re: Friday has arrived

                              Oh my goodness Terry what a week you have had. So sorry about your Mom's death. Yes she had a long life but it still hurts when they go. I hope you know we are all thinking of you right now.