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Good Wednesday morning

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    Good Wednesday morning

    Good morning from a very foggy place. I had a very busy day yesterday. I went early for blood work and xrays. In all I was about 2 hours in total. Not bad. I also had a couple of errands to run and then it was off to Renfrew. I had groceries and some birthday gifts to buy. My little sewing neighbour had a birthday yesterday and today is her little brother's birthday. Joshua's birthday isn't until November but I bought him a gift too. So all three were pretty happy. I was also invited for cake later in the evening.

    At guild, they had their magazine sale, although I did not buy a magazine, I did a few patterns with rulers included. A good buy. I also handed in my challenge and they will vote on those at the next meeting. Paid my dues, paid for final lunch, everything is all paid and up to date.

    Today I need to cut paper, tickets for our Lionette Fair draw. I borrowed the paper cutter so I shall be busy doing that today. I also need to contact the dr's office, I missed a call last evening. Next week will be another busy week, with work and more tests. Monday is a holiday here.

    I found out yesterday that my cousin's husband passed away. He was 85 or 86. This was totally unexpected and Joan is broken-hearted. We last saw Ray back in September in Fredericton when we were on our way back from PEI. I would appreciate if you added a small prayer for Ray's family.

    Well that is it for me. Have a wonderful day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Good Wednesday morning

    Good Morning ~ Well, my SIL died yest. afternoon ~3:15. I talked with my niece after I got home from guild last night. She's relieved that her mom's suffering is over. It was very hard on her to watch her mom slowly fade away. She said it was much easier when her dad died suddenly in 2009. The autopsy showed he died of bilateral pulmonary embolisms. I'm thankful my SIL now is with the Lord in Heaven. My niece now has to plan the memorial service, which will be this week end some time. Relatives will be driving from FL & MI. The last time I saw my bro. & SIL was in 2004, when my sis & I visited them in TN. Family get-togethers have been difficult over the years since everyone lives so far from each other. Prayers, please, for my niece & comfort for family members & for safe travels. My niece was my SIL's caregiver for several yrs. It's been tough for her.

    Guild last night was our annual tea & silent auction. We had Sew & Tell. I took 2 quilts I previously had made: The Prairie Flower & the Bordered Nine-Patch, both from Jenny's tutorials. (In my albums.)

    The batch of chicken soup I made yest. a.m. made 14 qts. Today I'll be baking DH's spelt bread. It's going to be a hot day; the oven will heat up the kitchen. We had a high temp. of 95 yest. & it's supposed to be just as warm today.

    Time to get on with my day.


      Re: Good Wednesday morning

      Good morning everyone,

      It's still cool but will be a few sunny days. I think the rain affects my mood, more than snow and cold. Sincere condolences to the families - Monique for your cousin's husband and Joy for your SIL

      RESOLUTION - Yesterday the gutter contractor came back and made things right. They replaced and installed the correct parts in the right colours. As I explained to the manager, our home is on a corner and was a model, so it stands out. We often get stopped by neighbours or people driving around asking which contractors we used to replace roof, windows, doors, landscaping. I said this would reflect on them if not done properly. They got it.

      While Elaine was cleaning, I worked on quilting the ribbon star quilt. It had been sandwiched for over a month. I finally decided it would be simple quilting, SITD, and I have about half done. It was calming, as I feel that I've been on a treadmill lately. I didn't go to Guild last night. Ever since I had concussions years ago, I have difficulty with too much stimuli - whether it's contact with lots of people, events, noise, and yes, too many road trips. I try not to let this affect me, but I need alone days to recover to keep going. DH is a good at reminding me when I'm going off track.

      Today, I will continue to quilt and catch up on mending and small projects. The yard is still too wet to do anything.

      Enjoy your day. Stay safe, as I see there are many parts of the U.S. and Canada which are flooding. Stay dry.
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      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Re: Good Wednesday morning

        Good morning all,

        Suzanne, I can relate to reacting to too much stimulation. For me, it's noise. I don't know why I'm that way, but since I retired from teaching, I seem to have to deal with it more often. Maybe it's the fact that I'm by myself most of the day, and of course it's quiet in the house. I find I get extremely tired from over stimulation or having too much going on during the week.

        I'm still working on the Days for Girls bags; that's all I worked on yesterday. Eleven done, fourteen to go.

        We had another really nice day yesterday with temps in the 70's. Hubby did a little more yard work. Today is supposed to be in the low 70's but with some rain. I have a hair appt. today, and then I hope to get more bags done this evening.

        Wishing everyone a blessed day.


          Re: Good Wednesday morning

          So sorry about the loss of your cousins and sil, it is always difficult even when expected.
          Our weather is about perfect, I hate to say that since it will probably be too, too hot before long.
          I have been fmq on my Juki sit down and even with the huge throat it is hard work moving a king quilt around. It is coming along, I am happy with the design I came up with but it will take a while to cover that whole thing.

          Our patio contractor has done the concrete but not the tile, he is "looking" for matching tile. I know he will be back one day as he has not been paid but I sure would love to see it done soon.


            Re: Good Wednesday morning

            Good morning. We have blue skies and sun!,, I am ready for warm weather. I have a number of appts today. So I will be in and out of the house. My son wants to make dinner tonight. I just have to get all the ingredients.

            I did sew and iron 10 more blocks yesterday. I was going to stop at Barnes and Nobles to look at the quilting magazines, but I talked my self out of that idea. I have so many patterns at home. I do not need any more for awhile.

            Have a good day. Sorry to hear about the passing of loved ones.


              Re: Good Wednesday morning

              Claire, your quilting is beautiful!


                Re: Good Wednesday morning

                Good Morning All,

                I'm so sorry for the family losses. Sudden deaths are so shocking to our sense of well being, but I agree, it's easier than watching someone fade away and watching their pain with nothing you can really do to help.

                Yesterday was PT. I had the little ones early and Nandy came to pick them up at the usual time so I had a chance to have a snack before I went. It actually felt good yesterday, while I was there. Later in the evening, not so much. The therapist said to lose the brace unless the grand kids are here. It's a safety thing to make sure I don't over extend too much when they're here and to remind them that Grandma is still 'broken'. She did take the metal stay out of the palm, so it is more comfortable when I do put it on.

                I've spent the morning in my sewing room picking up pins, threads, and using that pinching motion with my right hand. Pins are a pain! I haven't quiet gotten the hang of picking those up yet! No cheating with the magnet! That would have been a lot quicker but less helpful in making my hand do what I want it to.

                She added side to side motions to go with the up and down motions I was already doing. Today, I have to pick up epsom salts and a ball. Would you believe I don't have a medium sized ball with my grandkids around? lol, they surely won't be using it inside... or at all until I've finished with it! I'll need to look for a larger ice pack, while I'm out.

                I finished the flowers in the smaller vase last night. I like them better now, the pansies and one purple flower tied all of the floral arrangements together. 100_0425.JPG Still some tweeking of the ferns to do, but that will wait until I can do it myself.

                I've decided that I want to start looking for stained glass piece to go in the window in the kitchen. There are several small art shops around that might have something that will go with the poppies in there.

                Time to go back to the sewing room. I've gotten my desk almost ready to start sewing. I'm starting with one of the small pieces that's ready for quilting. It's just a table topper so it shouldn't take too long. lol, longer to find the right shade of blue for the applique. Have a wonderful day!
                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                  Re: Good Wednesday morning

                  Good Morning Everyone!

                  I am up early waiting on a mattress delivery. My mattress is about 5 years old and still in good shape. I am going to put the old one in the guest room. I have noticed that if I sleep on the couch I wake up not near as achey as I do when I sleep in my bed. Psoriatic arthritis is horrible. I have also noticed that when I do sleep on the couch I don't need as many pain pills . Call me crazy but I think the old mattress is adding to my discomfort. It seems to me when you hit that magic number of over 60 doctors just want to give you more and more drugs and I hope this helps.

                  I made Sandy's boarding appointment so I don't have to ask someone to let her in and out when we go out of town for Kaylee's birthday. Sandy is due everything and her 6 months appointment. They are going to take care of all of it and giver her a bath and do her nails. She is a whopper now! over 90 pounds and will not get into the car so I have to have someone help me . It will be nice to get this all done at one time.

                  I have been trying to clean the house. I keep telling myself do a little everyday and you will not be in this mess. Seems my sewing room over rules everyday and nothing gets done.

                  Claire your quilting is beautiful! Its my dream to be able to free motion like that.

                  Have a wonderful day everyone!

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                    Re: Good Wednesday morning

                    Good morning! Monique and Joy so sorry for your losses.

                    For the moment we have sunshine. Not sure what the rest of the day of weather will bring. Yesterday evening we watched the storm clouds build to the south. It was cool to watch but sad for the ones who were on the receiving end with hail.

                    I did make it back in the sewing room yesterday. I made a small project. Then I worked on figuring out a design for a panel that I bought.

                    Not sure of today's plans. The children have their last piano lesson until fall. With the plans for the summer, we decided to not do summer lessons. I know the children have camp. We are hopeful that there will be a summer mission trip for the boys this year. The oldest boy enjoyed the building mission trip last year. Everything is kind of up in the air because the gentleman who is in charge of mission trips is not doing well. He caught a virus that went to his heart which is now only functioning at 20%. He is only 35 years old and has a wife and three young children. We are praying that his heart heals and he will not need a heart transplant. He is the second one around here that has had this happen lately. The other person is a lady who is up at Mayos right now where they are trying to keep her heart going until she can get a heart transplant. She is also young.

                    Hug and tell your love ones that you love them. Enjoy today for no one know what tomorrow may bring.