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    Monday Monday

    Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. I got a call from both boys. It was a very quiet day as my back was terribly sore. I did manage laundry, dishes and going to the dump. You know the usual chores, LOL!!

    Saturday was different though. We attended an auction sale in Almonte. They had some really neat stuff. One item of interest to me was a quilting hoop. It is a Hinterberg Quilt Hoop Stand. They are worth many $$. Well I got it for $55. Deal of the day in my opinion. Hubby has his eye on a thing but what interested him was a little plate inscribed with Donated to the Winchester Regional Hospital by the Atkinson Foundation. Well he got that for $35 so he was a happy camper. From there Les thought he could go to the antique store so I stopped at the quilt store. Yes I bought a little fabric. They have the exact quilt frame for sale at $260. From there I stopped at Lee Valley and bought a few items. From there it was to the bird store but I didn't buy anything there. Met up with hubby who bought himself a few Moorcroft pieces. By then we were both hungry and headed up to Arnprior for excellent wings. Headed home because we were both tired. All in all it was a good day.

    And so today I really need to finish my ugly fabric little quilt so I can hand it in tomorrow at Guild. I work Friday and Saturday Lynda and I are going to another auction sale and stop at a pop up market in town. Les is supposed to be headed up to the camp for the weekend but not sure what the roads are like yet. They have been working on them as some were washed out. We shall see what happens.

    Have a wonderful day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Monday Monday

    Good morning everyone!

    Wow Monique, sounds like a busy sad you’re sore. Hope you feel better today. I love antiquing.......even if I get nothing. I just love to look. Haven’t gone in a long time.

    The “pond” out back never seems to get much smaller with all the rain, so DH & I took the gas weed eater Saturday and “cut” it all. Whew, exhausted. Bonus was dinner out. My boys took me to brunch Friday am to a historical house (maybe an old church) turned into the neatest restaurant. Food was fabulous, but visiting with them all was the best!

    Sunday was low key, we were tired. Went to church and pretty much did little for the rest of the day.

    Lots of chores for today.......not my favorite thing to do. Ah well, it’ll be Tuesday before ya know it.

    Hope everyone has a good day. Prayers for many. Love and hugs to all.

    💫 Star lover


      Re: Monday Monday

      Good morning all,

      Oh Monique, I love spending time in Almonte, also Perth and Carleton Place. I would go more often but it's a road trip. Sounds like a good day. Wings - ahh my favorites, but I try to limit having them. Saturday I went to Ottawa quilt show with Heather. I think it's smaller than before but there were some lovely quilts. There were a few new vendors to the show, and I succumbed to temptation. I'm looking forward to Quilt Canada in June, but the entrance fee is a lot & there's a parking fee at that location. . I think it will be worth it, but I may have to buy multi-day pass.

      It was a busy Mother's Day. We went to DD to exchange gifts and also give GS his birthday gift. My DD was in high demand for kiddos attention. I told her she would get a break in about 20years. Haha. Then to restaurant for lunch. It's a very large buffet with food for everyone's liking. I went to spend some time with my mom after we got back. When I got home, I rested. I'm really tired this past month, but I guess it's from doing a lot of stuff. I'm itching to get yardwork done, but our weather is not consistent and that's not very motivating.

      Gotta run, driving to Cornwall for my birthday lunch with girlfriends and some alone shopping time afterwards. I feel bad, all these road trips and DH has been staying home. He's been a bit under the weather, so has been taking it easy.

      Joy - I hope you figure out the address boo with Outlook. So frustrating. Been there, dropped it eventually.

      Enjoy your day. Stay safe from rising waters. Stay dry.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Re: Monday Monday

        Good Morning ~ Woo hoo! Outlook is back up & working properly again! It was a long 24+ hrs. that it was malfunctioning. I'm sure there must have been thousands of unhappy campers. I was so frustrated yest. I even created a new e-m acct. with AOL. I was not looking forward to having to enter all my addresses in a new system. Hopefully now I won't have to.

        Yest. was beautiful. It got up to 83 deg. I had all the windows open. I went to church in the a.m. Made stops at Whole Foods & another groc. store on the way home. Had a nice chat with my gr. dau. in TX; we don't get to talk too often. She has 2 very busy preschoolers. My niece called in the eve. with an update on my SIL. I think she has only a few days left & could pass any time.

        Today DH gets the new crown seated. I need to mix up my turkey patties & do laundry, so it will be a busy day.


          Re: Monday Monday

          Good Morning All,

          No little kiddies this morning. Not a clue what will be for family dinner tonight either. VERC orientation lady is coming this afternoon, but it's supposed to be pouring by then. Won't be orienting too much in the rain! Maybe another skill. Tomorrow afternoon is PT...paid torture according to my BIL. So the first half of the week is rather busy.

          Mike and Jim went to the movies last night. Mike will be disappointed. The show he recorded started late and ended late so he didn't catch it all. Oh well, I watched it and can fill in the blanks.

          I finally got the flowers done, and I'm still not happy with the one on the stereo cabinet. I'll have to pick up some purple flowers to fill in, and that will tie all three arrangements.

          Well, best get started making the boys next set of word study cards. My printing isn't great, but it's making my wrist move in gentle ways, so I'll keep practicing. I'm sure tomorrow won't be as gentle!
          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Re: Monday Monday

            Good morning. Another rainy day here. It should wash all the pollen away.. My DS starts his internship this morning. I am going to drop him off and hopefully his sister can pick him up on her way home from school. I had a nice Mother’s Day. 3 of our 4 kids were here. My son cooked a nice dinner. One of my DDs bought me a gluten free scone as a gift.
            Looks like i will have time to sew a few more blocks.

            Have a good day


              Re: Monday Monday

              Good afternoon! Friday was a fun day. One of the boys and I went to the teen picnic. The weather was very cold with the wind blowing off the lake. I had on jeans, t-shirts and a long sleeve shirt. Even though it was cold and cloudy, I still ended up with a mild sunburn on the face and one of the arms that was covered.

              Saturday was just a stay at home day most of the day as the morning was cold and wet. Some of us did go out to two high school graduation parties that we needed to attend. Yesterday the day started off cold and wet. Anyone see a pattern here We went to church and did the shopping. I did get in a nice nap for Mother's Day.

              Today we will be running some errands this afternoon. Other than that, I don't have anything big planned.

              Have a great Monday everyone


                Re: Monday Monday

                Yippee! Finally finished the niece baby quilt top. It'll have to wait a few days. Have to go out of town for a few days for a memorial service for my Aunt Gloria. She passed on May 8th. My uncle Jack, passed on April 30th. With the bad juju (?) on things happening in 3's I'm almost afraid to answer the phone.

                Other than that, Monday can go away.

                Thankful for all the blessings in my life that are too numerous to mention. Hope your blessings list is long. Stay cool, dry & safe. Be good to each other.