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Saturday Hellos

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    Saturday Hellos

    Good morning all,
    I'll start the thread, hoping it's not duplicated.

    No rain today - yeah, and it looks like the sun is peaking out. I'm planning on going with a GF to a quilt show put on by another guild in our city. Then we will go to a LQS as she is looking for borders for a quilt. DH is going to the gliding club.

    I met DH new GP yesterday. She is nice and young. All is good, just regular bloodwork. Also had coffee with another quilting GF, who had a recent birthday.

    Enjoy your day, and stay safe. There's lots of rain and flooding across Canada and US. Stay dry.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.

    Re: Saturday Hellos

    Good morning, wonderful Saturday if a little damp. We have had rain the last few days and expect more today, it does help the flowers,
    I have guild sit and sew today after "Friday night drive in" yesterday. Our guild does that about 4 times a year. A video with explanation from a couple of members who also help anyone that needs help. Last night we learned to do X blocks an easy way.57923052812__6420BA47-27F5-45D5-B2ED-67BE1E7187C8.JPG
    Plus we had a lesson on contrast.
    Today I will cut up and sew more of those and have other various fun plans, maybe a little shopping thrown in.


      Re: Saturday Hellos

      Good morning all,

      Yesterday I worked bit by bit in my sewing room. J's math works are safely housed on one set of shelves. Today, I'm going to work on the second set. lol, see, I'm not over doing.

      I went and had my hair cut yesterday. I really like it, short, pixie like and plenty of texture so I won't have a lot to do with styling since the hard cast is off and rolling the round brush around to style isn't comfortable yet.

      Suzanne, it sounds like you have a fun day planned.
      Claire, Friday Night Drive In sounds like a fun time too!

      Have a great weekend! Time for some coffee and gentle flexing.

      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
      ― Maya Angelou


        Re: Saturday Hellos

        Happy Saturday!

        I just hit the button and purchased my ticket to see Jenny on the Road in Michigan in August! Due to my work schedule, I signed up for the one on Saturday. I am super excited!

        I spent some time this morning cutting out the appliqué pieces for my current project. I wish I could work on it all day, but I need to get ready for my sister's visit. The one from Texas is coming on Friday to visit Mom. She goes home the following Tuesday. Which means keeping next weekend open...and more work for me this weekend.

        Have a great day!


          Re: Saturday Hellos

          Good Morning ~ I popped in early this a.m., but didn't have time to chat. It's 11 a.m. now, & I've been doing laundry & running the vacuum. DS#2 is coming into town today. We're doing lunch together. He's shopping for a car. He had a good, but very busy first week on his new job.

          Prayers needed for my SIL & her dau. It looks like she is close to her Homegoing. My niece said she no longer talks, can't suck on the straw, & is eating only a few bites (when being fed) & having swallowing problems. She's been bedridden for the past week. The staff said maybe a week or two left. I'm praying her passing will be peaceful. My niece already has written up her obit. & plans to talk to the mortuary next week.

          We have a new baby rabbit in the yard. DH saw him yest. a.m. & I saw him late yest. p.m. So little & so cute! Eating grass just like the adults.

          My original plan for the day was to defrost the freezer, but it was so cold this a.m. (The freezer is out in the garage.) We had 36 deg. & heavy frost! It's warming up to 70, so I might yet get it done later this afternoon. It takes a good 2-3 hrs. from start to finish. I want to get it done before the next batch of chicken soup.

          I did more FMQ yest., but I spent almost half the time froggin'. I was having problems with the stitching. It would sew fine for a ways, then skip several stitches. I think I'll try loading another bobbin & switch bobbins. I already changed the needle. So frustrating!

          After the recent rain & snow it's nice to have a sunny day. Happy Mother's Day to everyone.