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It's Wednesday and the First of May

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    It's Wednesday and the First of May

    Happy May everyone. Well today won't be so good, we may get snow and freezing rain today. REALLY? But then the temps are going back up to double digits tomorrow. GEEZ LOUISE!!

    I didn't do much of anything yesterday. One more load of laundry went out and dried nicely. Laundry put away, dust rabbits (they grew to be rabbits) removed from behind the bed. I think that is why I have a sinus headache this morning.

    Not sure what today will bring yet. I will be going to town as hubby has offered to take me out for breakfast. He has to do something for work that he forgot to do last night.

    I did a little organizing in the sewing room yesterday as well. Getting there, bit by bit.

    I sure miss Anita's posts. Can't wait until she is back.

    Prayers for Joy's son who is having health issues. Katrina, I hope you find yourself a new bag.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It's Wednesday and the First of May

    Good Morning...The whole state of Missouri had severe storms and tornadoes all night. They are supposed to continue for 4 more days. We took all of our usual precautions to get into our hidey-hole but we didn't actually have to use it. We were up checking the weather on our phones all night. This is such a mess. 17 power poles were ripped out along the highway and tossed around like toothpicks in a nearby town. Our power is off and on and the LAN line is down. Thank goodness for cell phones!

    Don't worry if I'm scarce on the forum for a few days. Stay safe everyone.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: It's Wednesday and the First of May

      Good Morning All,

      I can't believe it's already May! I'm so thankful I started working on SS hard and fast this year! 9 more days with this cast! Two quilts are waiting for binding and table runners have been sitting patiently waiting to be finished. I can't wait!

      Lifting prayers for those in need. Melinda made it through her hip replacement with flying colors. Russell sent a picture of her in recovery. He'll pay for that later, I'm sure. I'm assuming Jim"s MIL did well, haven't heard from them yet.

      Have wonderful day!
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Re: It's Wednesday and the First of May

        Oh my goodness Barb, how scary. Today is suppose to get up to around 85 and we may be getting thunderstorms over the next few days. Humidity won't be too high though so that's a plus.

        I volunteered yesterday at the library and helped sort out and set up for their book sale. I enjoyed it and just love love love books. They said if I saw anything I liked I could just take it!! I came home with a super how to sew book with tons of pictures (thought it might help with the sewing lessons I'm giving) , a book on memory quilts (t-shirt and photo) and a book on making all kinds of wreaths. (plus two others).

        I guess me being out for 5 hours unannounced caused a bit of a stir. The landlord got concerned when he stopped off and I didn't answer the phone or door. He went to a neighbor who also got concerned and the two of them came over. While Carlie kicked up a bit of a fuss since SHE was in charge she did allow the female neighbor to let her outside. I guess they were terrified that they were going to find me in one of the rooms having met my Maker. So apparently they were quite relieved that that wasn't the case. Carlie then decided she didn't want to pass them at the door to get back into the house but finally relented. So that was the excitement for yesterday.

        Oh and the tree people came late yesterday to removed the huge oak branches overhanging another neighbors house. The tree is probably 100-150 years old. OMG, I thought I was going to get sick watching that guy hang from branches so high up to get those down!! Really amazing talent!
        Women are Angels. When someone break's our wings we will continue to fly-usually on a broomstick.We're flexible like that.


          Re: It's Wednesday and the First of May

          Good morning everyone,

          Yesterday, I picked up pine cones and needles in the front yard. I filled 4 large yard waste bags. I was hoping to rake the lawn but my back started complaining, so it will be for another day. We decided to go ahead & replace gutters on the front of house. It should be done next week. They are adding some on upper gable and we're hoping this will divert the water away from the from steps. It has a fine mesh which will help as we have many trees in the neighbourhood clogging them up. We are going to leave one small section as the turtle doves are nesting again. They come back every year.

          The struggle is real as another bridge up the river is being closed. The flooding continues with the river expected to crest tomorrow. We have friends who are impacted and sandbagging is not holding in some areas. The winds and cold weather will not help, as we also have a freezing rain warning. Mother Nature is not being kind, as we see there have been snow blizzards across Alberta, Montana and other states, as well as a tornado in Kansas. Stay safe Barb.

          Today is catch up day and visit with mom.

          Enjoy your day.

          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


            Re: It's Wednesday and the First of May

            SPRING FLOWERS.jpg
            Welcome to May. Hoping the terrible weather that many M* members are experiencing abates, enough already Mother Nature.
            Didn't get much done yesterday so I better get moving this morning, that is after another cup of coffee.


              Re: It's Wednesday and the First of May

              Good morning. A cool and cloudy day here. I am off to get a blood draw to see if my thyroid Tsh level is cont to go down. I now know how to treat the pseudomona under my nail— vinegar and water soaks and Cipro eye drops placed on the nail.

              Such scary weather everywhere. Everyone stay safe and dry.

              Still trying to get my sewing mojo back after my surgery. I wish I had a quilt shop near by. I think I need see what is new out in the quilting world



                Re: It's Wednesday and the First of May

                Not too much going on in my world, didn't quilt yesterday at all.
                Our hot water heater is being replaced today, I had made a comment on how nice our saving account was looking and it must have heard me.
                I did spend some time looking through some old quilt magazines and found several things to add to my list. One will use my rapide fire lemoyne star ruler, hooray, I thought it would just collect dust forever.
                Old quilt mags seem just as fresh as new ones except for the adverts.


                  Re: It's Wednesday and the First of May

                  Good morning all,
                  Cloudy and gloomy here too. Anybody have sunshine? I lose all my ambition when the weather does this, and it looks like it will the same for the next few days.
                  Yesterday I sewed the binding on a quilt that has been languishing in a corner, poor thing. I'll work off and on today to do the hand sewing on the back (probably for several days.) The quilt is for my GD's bunk at the cabin.
                  I need to finish up painting the walls of the entry stairs today. I'll have 3 of the GK from Th. night - Sunday. I can't have the painting supplies around when they're here unless I want the whole house repainted! LOL I was supposed to be done last week, but I lost painting mojo. Ah well. As Scarlett O'Hara said, "Tomorrow is another day."
                  Hoping everyone has a blessed day. Prayers for your son, Joy, and for all dealing with health issues.



                    Re: It's Wednesday and the First of May

                    Good Afternoon ~ I didn't have time to post this a.m. Too many e-m's to check. It was Bible Study Fellowship this a.m. I had my usual quick lunch at Wendy's, then made stops at Sprouts (I buy my bulk raw nuts there) & reg. groc. store. I was home before 1 p.m.

                    I updated about son Brad in the other post. I'm hoping they can get his B/P adjusted to a good level. I told him he'd probably need to buy a B/P cuff & monitor his B/P at home & keep a log. He works for the FAA admin. in downtown D.C. & commutes daily. Parking fees are exorbitant in downtown D.C. so he drives in part way, then takes the Metro train the rest of the way.

                    DS#2 was having a job interview today -- a 2nd one, at the job site. He won't know if it's a "fit" until he sees what the job is about. One of the other jobs he interviewed for was actually production work, 12 hr. shifts, alternating days & nights every 2 wks. He wasn't thrilled about shift work, but then he hasn't heard anything back from them yet anyway. I'm sure the right job will come along soon.

                    I finished the binding on mini quilt #2 yest. eve. I discovered one small area where I missed some quilting, so I'll have to go back & fill that in. But it won't be today, because it's Survivor & the Amazing Race tonight.

                    (Interrupted by phone call from Brad) -- he's out of the hosp. Woo hoo! I'll post a more detailed update in that other thread.