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It's Friday!

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    It's Friday!

    WOW where did the week go? More rain is expected today. The flooding along the river will exceed the levels reached in 2017. State of emergency in several areas, military has been called in. So terribly sad for those affected by the floods once again. My wonderful neighbour across the street has agreed to come and help with our roof problems I just don't when. That is good news.

    I had a little visitor yesterday, a little bat outside. Strange to see a bat in the middle of the day but there he was. I looked this morning and he is gone from the hydro pole that is just outside my front door. I hope he found a new home last night.

    Well I got into the sewing room and went looking for a charm pack to make a table runner. Very simple design, 4 across and 10 down. I have it just about finished, need to turn it inside out and quilt it. I guess I will finish that today. Seems like Lynda doesn't want to go to that fabric sale tomorrow so I won't either or the quilt show. Bonnie would have come with me. Next week is Bonnie's birthday. One year ago she started the awful cancer journey. I miss my friend.

    So I am not sure what the weekend will bring yet. Have a wonderful day friends and weekend to boot.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It's Friday!

    Good morning everyone.

    My heart goes out to you Monique. So sad that you miss your friend. Hugs and love, hoping your memories grow sweeter as time goes by.

    Rain here to....pouring rain since yesterday early evening. Yard is flooded, but we’re up some, so we’re good. Others are having a bad time. The weather guessers are saying snow over the shouldn’t be much.....

    DH was told yesterday that he’ll be laid off next I won’t be here until he's back to work. Sob, sigh.....ah well, this too shall pass.

    Hope everyone has a blessed weekend. Prayers for so many. Love and hugs to all.

    💫 Star lover


      Re: It's Friday!

      Good morning. I actually did some errands yesterday. It felt good to get out of the house. I am still taking it easy. I did get back into my sewing room and pin 15 blocks. My goal is to sew them together. It rained last night and we are suppose to get storms tonight.
      Monique— I am terrified of bats - even baby ones. It is bittersweet to remember our friends who have passed. If I lived closer to you I would go to the quilt show with you.

      Have a good day.


        Re: It's Friday!

        Good morning all,

        More rain in the forecast. I'm hoping being with girlfriends will chase any gray skies today. I will probably bump into friends, as show is in my hometown. Monique - Sorry to hear you won't be going to fabric sale or show. I understand. It takes time to shift gears, doing old activities with new friends. I totally lost my sewing business mojo when my GF died. It just wasn't the same, so I did other things, and now I have discovered quilting.

        State of emergency has been declared and the army is coming to assist in flood zone areas.

        I went with DH to car dealer. The hitch was not ordered when he bought car, although it was fully understood he was buying for extra towing power. Monday he gets it installed.

        Laura - love that your DH has gyrocopter. Neat picture posted yesterday. I hope your DD is ok from accident and asthma after effects. My DH is like a kid when it comes to gliding. He is so happy when he comes back from a day of gliding. Although I worry that he would get his license and fly solo, I think his goal is to keep learning. He can always fly with an instructor.

        Timer rang. Gotta jump in shower and pick up my passengers, and get on the road to a quilt show. Enjoy your day.

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          Re: It's Friday!

          Good Morning ~ The scenes of the fiery crash on I-70 in W. Denver still are in my mind. Just before 5 p.m. yest., during rush hour, a semi speeding down out of the mts. plowed into stopped traffic resulting in a horrific fiery crash involving 12 vehicles & 3 semis. Traffic was stopped due to another wreck further up the road which had backed up traffic. Unknown yet if the semi's brakes failed or what. The fwy. has been closed all night as they put out hot spots & begin to process the scene. There are multiple fatalities. Helicopter coverage showed the fire as it spread & there were multiple explosions of fuel, etc. Local TV coverage pre-empted other news & had live coverage of the scene. My heart goes out to those affected by this tragedy.

          Today is our monthly Lady Bugs lunch. We're going to what used to be The Egg & I but now is called First Watch. Totally different menu. Then I need to go to Whole Foods for a couple items.

          We're supposed to have temps. close to 80 today. Well, I need to get on with my day.


            Re: It's Friday!

            Horrible about the wreck, so sad for the fanilies of those involved.
            Today I go to Piecemakers which is an in town quild retreat at a local church.
            I think I will go find a jelly roll and something for the snowballs and put today's video to good use.
            Have a wonderful weekend friends.


              Re: It's Friday!

              Rain, rain go away you're causing too much damage and also making my joints hurt. Left shoulder is really a doozy this morning, hope the Advil kicks in quickly so I can get moving and get something done today. Been putting off taking care of utility bills and better get them paid before we're sitting in the dark without any heat. Need to make a complaining phone call to our trash pickup company but will wait until some of my aches abate a bit, no need to be cranky with them. They're called a Waste Management company and whenever I see their bill I think of The Sopranos.

              Have a good weekend gals, I'll be doing one of my favorite things, playing with and choosing fabrics for my next projects.
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                Re: It's Friday!

                Good morning and Happy Friday all. It has been another busy week in the yard but today is rainy so we are just puttering about inside. The garage needs a major going through but we are just taking one section at a time. This morning we have a small pile of things to be donated or dumped. Every little step counts.

                Now we need to head out and pick up a gift for grandson Max. Can't believe he is 9 already. His party is tomorrow. If the rain isn't too bad this evening, we will go out to dinner. It's our 16th anniversary.

                I got my last order out in the mail yesterday so sewing room is closed except for cleaning (or maybe something for myself, lol) until we get back from California. We leave next Wednesday and will be gone 2 weeks. Can't wait to have some playtime with Zeke. And some playtime at my bff's in her magnificent sewing room.

                Joy, so horrible about that accident. Monique, (((((hugs))))) to you as you are missing Bonnie. Anita, sorry to hear about dh being laid off. Beth, happy to hear you are feeling up to getting out and about.

                Suzanne, Have fun at the quilt show. May and Claire, enjoy picking out your fabric. As I am straightening up and cleaning my sewing room today, maybe I'll pull out the fabric for the log cabin quilt I have been wanting to make for the guest bedroom. If I leave it all on the cutting table, I can just get right to it after vacation.

                Well it is time to get moving along again. I need to pull out my bin with the summer clothes so we can start packing for the warmer weather in Cali. Have a good day everyone.
                Ginny B



                  Re: It's Friday!

                  Good morning all,

                  It's sunny and cooler here today. The north wind really blew hard yesterday, so we'll have temps that are about 15 degrees cooler than yesterday....the weatherman says maybe a high of 53. Yesterday I drove to the eye doctor to pick up my new glasses, and I fought the wind all the way home.

                  I also picked up more paint from Menards, so I hope to finish up my part of painting the front entry. I'm hoping DH is rarin' to go on his part:-) Menards is a "dangerous" place for me.....I dream of so many projects as I walk through the store!!

                  I treated myself to a stop at the quilt shop and managed to find a pattern for a zippered bag and 2 FQs to make it. The pattern was designed by one of the gals who was working in the store, so that was fun to visit with her. She had a couple of examples made up, and that's what drew me to purchase the pattern and fabric.

                  I'm off to see what kind of trouble I can get into today! Blessings for everyone's day :-))


                    Re: It's Friday!

                    Good Morning! The sun is shining bright here so I am planning on us enjoying the day because the next several days are suppose to be rain and storms.

                    Monique, hugs.

                    Star, sorry to hear about your husband's job.

                    Today is errand day. Then spending time at the park or outside. I have a couple of slide show presentations to work on. This is generally pizza night so I think we will do pizza and a movie tonight. Not sure what we will decide to watch either something we already own or something on amazon.

                    Just a FYI - if you are interested in coming to the MSQC Fall Forum Retreat, we are down to only 15 spots left. For more information and registration,
                    Have a wonderful weekend everyone


                      Re: It's Friday!

                      Good morning all,

                      I've been up forever. I've been enjoying the quiet and listening to a book. I really need to sweep, mop, and dust, but the dreary day is not adding any motivation for me.

                      2 weeks left in this cast! I'm ready for it to be gone!

                      I've been watching the Let's Make Art tutorials. I'm fascinated and I think I'll subscribe after the cast comes off. It would be a nice change of pace activity for me, and learning a new skill is always nice. I think Esther will enjoy doing something like that in a few years. Jonathan is kind of excited to learn something with me.

                      Hugs and prayers for those in need.

                      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
                      ― Maya Angelou


                        Re: It's Friday!

                        Good afternoon everyone. Hit my 40 hours for the week early today, so was off work at 2:30. Yippee! Taking a break now before I head outside to do yardwork. Just saw that terrible crash in CO on the news, and several different tragedies here in Houston. A 20 yr old Uber passenger was shot and killed about 10 miles from here. Someone just walked up to the Uber car and shot him through the passenger window. What is this world coming to?

                        Each day I work on my brother's quilt. Since it is taking me way out of my comfort zone, I tend to only sew for 15-20 minutes at a time. Hopefully once I can get a good start on it and have pieces I like next to each other, the mojo will return. Went to the library yesterday and picked up 3 books to read. That could be dangerous to any sewing projects, but we'll see.

                        Sorry to read of all the flooding going on. I have helped clean out one home from flooding several years ago, and don't wish that on anyone. Fortunately, we are looking at good weather all weekend.

                        Charyti, glad to read that the forum retreat only has 15 slots left this early. Will be nice if we could fill it up. Mary and I are looking forward to coming back and bringing another friend.

                        Hope everyone has a great weekend. I need to go mow the grass now.