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It is Good Friday

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    It is Good Friday

    Good morning friends. It is another wet wet wet day today and my roof is leaking once again. WE REALLY need to get this fixed but I am not climbing up there. Maybe Phil and Les can do it sometime today or tomorrow.

    I didn't do much yesterday either. I have a bracelet that I had bought for Maizyn way back and now I can't find it. So I am on a SEEK mission until I do find it. I did get the foam boards cut but sewing was had.

    Phil and Maizyn arrived last night. We had a great visit. I also heard from my sister-in-law that my niece's first treatment did not go so well. Apparently she had every side effect and took a reaction to one the chemo's. They had to give her extra meds. She is was having a good day yesterday so I believe my sister-in-law will come home for the weekend. They are only an hour away from each other. I made her a port pillow yesterday. I had to look up what that was. It is a small pillow that you attach to your seatbelt. Very ingenious.

    So with this rain today I guess we aren't doing much on this crappy day. We will be having a turkey dinner tomorrow. Phil and Maizyn have to go back on Sunday. And I don't know what the rest of the weekend will bring. I have a lunch date with Rachel and Eli (Bonnie's kids) tomorrow.

    Wishing everyone a great Easter weekend.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It is Good Friday

    Good Morning All.

    Home school went well. I'm going to have to get busy and get some more language work created for J. It will be slow going, Mike will have to be my cardstock whacker.

    Cross your fingers that the window trim comes tody. I'll never recommend this company! What a chore this has been!

    I didn't go with pink, after asking J if I should get a pink cast for Esther, and his response that he can't eat anything with red food dye (I don't know what he thought I said) he suggested purple. So, I have a purple water proof cast! Showers or baths with no plastic bags! This time it will be on for 3 weeks.

    Happy Easter everyone.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Re: It is Good Friday

      Good Morning, Everyone ~ A lovely day yest. with 74 deg. & sunshine. Expecting the same today. More changing of bed linens today; pillows will be put out in the sun to air. I'll do some vacuuming. Hoping to put in some FMQ time on the 2nd mini quilt.

      Yest. eve. I worked my way through our "estate notebook", in which we keep various records & family info. I see there are several pages that need to be updated. I need to review our obituaries & update them as well. We did our funeral pre-planning several yrs. ago. Since DH is a veteran, he & I both can be buried at Ft. Logan in Denver for free. I try to keep our info. current, since all the kids live elsewhere. It's nice to have DS#2 in Colo. now, but he doesn't live in our town.

      Our church's Good Friday services are in the evening, so I won't be attending. I'm looking forward to Easter Sunday.


        Re: It is Good Friday

        Good morning all. My neighborhood is having the annual yard sale today and tomorrow so there will be a billion cars on the street. A couple of years ago, someone parked their car right across the driveway. I backed out of the garage, stopped the car and got out, yelled over that whoever belongs to this car better move it before it gets towed. Some lady came running over and jumped in but never apologized for parking there. Oh well, some people are just rude!!

        We are expecting to get quite a bit of rain today but not until the yard sale is almost over for the day. There is a flash flood warning out until tomorrow at 11 a.m. My house is up high so if it floods, you better be building an ark.

        Katrina - glad your arm is healing but sorry the cast has to be on another 3 weeks

        Joy - My husband was a veteran too, so he is buried at Fort Indiantown Gap and I will go there also when that time comes -- hopefully in a lot of years from now. I do need to start getting an "estate notebook" put together. Wills, powers of attorney and the medical directive are all in place, but there are things I would like done, items to designate who will get them, etc., but I need to get together all the other info into one place. My daughter is also on the safe deposit box so there shouldn't be a problem there.

        Have a great day everyone and a wonderful holiday weekend.



          Re: It is Good Friday

          Good morning everyone,

          Pouring rain here, I think all night. Oh Monique, that's too bad for leaky roof. They do need attention, and take a lot of beating with our winters. DH is still sleeping and I finally got up past 9, after much meowing from PJ. He loves to sing the song of his people to get our attention. It works.

          Today & Sunday is a legal holiday here, so stores are closed, except in Monique's province. Their holiday is Sunday-Monday. So I picked up the salmon and last minute veggies and fruits for Sat dinner. Also picked up small chocolate bunnies for GKs. I chose a beautiful free metre of fabric, a new Dan Morris turquoise one, so pretty and glossy. They also had Bella black solid JR for $36CDN. That's a good price. I also bought a stencil. We got tax papers back.

          I will make desserts and prep veggies and dishes for tomorrow. Keeping it to simple cooking. I like to cook all at once, so the oven is busy. I would love double ovens, but not possible in kitchen configuration. It is, what it is. Since it will be raining with t-storms tomorrow, the GKs will have to stay indoors. Still very muddy and still snow. So I think I will bake cupcakes for them to decorate.

          Katrina - I didn't know purple was an option. It must look cool. I'm sure 3 weeks will pass quickly.
          Joy - enjoy your dinner with son & girlfriend. It's a selfless gift to your kids to have your plans and estate organized.
          Nancy - what an unusual day to have a garage sale. I hope that people are considerate. I actually wish that there was one in our neighbourhood, so I wouldn't have to cart things away.

          Happy Good Friday to those who celebrate. Stay safe from Mother Nature, she's being nasty and cranky.

          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


            Re: It is Good Friday

            Good morning everyone. First I hope each of you have a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating in the manner that you desire.

            It sure felt good to sleep in this morning. My body clock woke me up at 6:30, but that's still a lot later than the normal 50. I woke up refreshed for a change. Been piddling all morning. I finished the charity quilt last night, so now I get to work on one of my UFOs or maybe start working on my brother and SIL's quilt. Also learned that my godchild will likely be getting engaged this summer. Guess I'll need to think of a quilt for them. This child is one that many have wondered if he would ever get married or just be a serial boyfriend. Sounds like he has finally found the one for him. She is a very sweet girl. After that, only one niece left to get married, and won't be surprised if that happens next year.

            The weather is predicted to be beautiful all weekend. I haven't decided yet what's going on for Easter dinner, or I guess I should say DD hasn't decided yet if they are coming over or not. I'm actually leaning toward just going out to eat. Regardless, I do need to make a grocery store run sometime today. Also time to do yard work later today after the yard is dry. It's still wet from the sprinkler system this morning.

            It's time to get something done around here. Happy Easter.