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It is a very wet Thursday today

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    It is a very wet Thursday today

    Rain rain go away, come again another day.

    Well we are expecting rain rain rain for the next couple of days. I won't complain, it is NOT snow after all. This will melt away more snow. Thankfully I don't have a basement that could possibly flood with all this rain.

    I am expecting Phil and Maizyn sometime tonight. My boy (well man really) has a cold and I guess he needs his momma, haha. It will be nice to have them for a few days.

    I didn't get into the sewing room yesterday. I did laundry and then headed out to town to get some supplies. I bought more foam boards as well. I napped in the afternoon and then it was put away the three baskets of laundry.

    So today I will pick up a little and make the bedroom is inhabitable, LOL!! Maizyn will sleep in our room on a mattress.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It is a very wet Thursday today

    Good Morning!

    It's another home school morning and ortho this afternoon.

    Well, I guess it's official, I'm classified as OB. lol, but nothing I didn't expect. (Older Blind). There will be 3 folks from VERC coming to me, but I'll have to go to them for white cane training. I turned the paperwork into my eye dr to be signed. One piece will get a disabled hanger for the car. I'm blessed with great acuity, but lousy fields of vision, only seeing about 20% of what normal people can see.

    Mike and I tried a new seafood place for dinner. Fresh seafood is one of my favorites. The lady beside us had gator tail. Mike is ready to go back to try that! It looked delicious. I had flounder, he had mahi mahi, everything was very yummy!

    So... pink? or blue? for my new cast. It's Easter, so pink is tempting. Still not sure.

    Melinda's hip replacement surgery has been moved up to 4/30. I'm glad, she's ''checking her calendar''. Please pray that she'll forget where her calendar is and goes forward with it!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou


      Re: It is a very wet Thursday today

      Hi Everyone....We had bad storms in the night but I think they have passed. We are supposed to get rain off and on all day.

      This morning I cleared off the island so I can lay out the wedding quilt to clip threads. I have never made anything with as many hanging threads. I really need to get it to the quilter.

      Monique have a great time with your family!

      No more news here...will check in later.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: It is a very wet Thursday today

        Soggy morning hellos,
        The rain woke me up early, as did the construction crew working on the school behind out place. That's ok, as we have to get on the road for 9am. I'm picking up my free monthly metre of fabric, and going to drop by the Wool Shop. I put down my sunglasses in the store last week, and while its a big place, staff were going to look for them. I hear there is rainfall warnings with dangers of flooding in some areas.

        Yesterday, DH had eye appt. His doctor was dissapointed he didn't have a date for cataract surgery, so she went upstairs to their office. He now has pre-op appt for June 11, and he is on cancellation list. This should go faster than waiting for a scheduled surgery. If he had pre-opt done, he could have had surgery next week. I hope it's sooner than later for his sake. I visited mom and met an older fella visiting his wife who has been admitted in January for Alzheimer. He takes 3 buses to get there. When I learnt where he lives, it was close to DH eye appt so i gave him a ride home. Luckily he is moving to the apartment building adjacent to the residence.

        Oh I had a manicure and boldly went with a raspberry pink for Easter. If I put my hands in jelly bean bowl, they blend right in. The GKs will get a kick out of that. Also picked up some tiger shrimp from fish place next door, and made Pad Thai shrimp. Katrina, I'm glad you found a new seafood place. Gator, I would probably be tempted to give it a try.

        Cheerio, gotta go!

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          Re: It is a very wet Thursday today

          Good morning all.

          Yup Monique and all, rain here too.....and yup, better than snow! Monique, I hope you have a wonderful time with Phil & Maizyn....and don’t catch that cold!
          Katrina, you have a great spirit about your vision. Gator tail? Mmmmm, could be interesting.....try the pink tunsaid, it’s Easter!
          Barb, threads.....part of my world too.
          Suzanne, jelly bean nails......gave me a chuckle.

          Thunderstorms and rain.....can’t stop it, so may as well go with the flow.....hehe....

          Hope everyone has a blessed Easter. Enjoy the long weekend.....

          💫 Star lover


            Re: It is a very wet Thursday today

            Not a Spring day here, dark and cloudy and most likely going to rain so I'm going to snuggle under my quilt a bit later and watch an old movie. Knees are working OK this am but my left shoulder is painful so I have a good excuse to rest it and myself. Really should make a few phone calls, get my hair cut, etc. but I'm officially declaring today a Rest Day, join me if you can

            Mmm gals, I love fresh seafood also and I'm so thankful it's available hereabouts as we're close to the ocean and bay.
            thankful thirsday.jpg


              Re: It is a very wet Thursday today

              Good Morning ~ I posted in another thread about the Columbine HS threat this week, which affected our Bible Study group yest., which did not meet. I took advantage of the extra time to do some shopping. I've been needing a new purse. The handles on my current purse are shot. I found an "ok" one at Walmart, which I bought, but I still wanted something more like what I have, which has at least 2 dividers on the inside, & a zippered pocket on the outside, which I use for my car & house keys. Next stop was Marshall's. I found what I wanted there, so now I have 2 purses. I'll keep the WM one in reserve. I still have to transfer all my stuff into the new purse.

              Yest. was a mix of sun & clouds. I took the car through the touchless car wash & made it home before the sprinkles started. We had a brief rain shower in the afternoon, then the sun came back out & it got up to 72 deg. They're predicting rain for Easter. DS#2 & his girlfriend are planning to come down & go to church with me Sun. a.m., then we'll go eat somewhere. I can't fix a meal here, which would stress out DH too much. Sad, but that's the reality of how things are here. He gets too nervous to have visitors except for only a brief time.

              This a.m. I have the laundry going. I plan to change the sheets on the bed & hang the pillows out in the sun. I've already given myself a hair cut this a.m. & will give DH a hair cut this afternoon prior to his shower.


                Re: It is a very wet Thursday today

                We had brief but intense storms in the middle of the night. Cuddled a little closer to hubby and kept on sleeping.

                Made a scrumptious apple spice dump cake yesterday. Spray a rectangle cake pan, dump 2 20 oz cans of apple pie filling in, pour spice cake mix (right out of the box) on top, and slice a cube of butter thin and place over the top. 350 for 40 min. Super good but would be better with some French vanilla ice cream.

                Today is my youngest GD's 13th birthday. Tomorrow is her daddy's birthday.Since my daughter had a C-section she made sure they each had their own day. Wish I could help them celebrate but too bad.


                  Re: It is a very wet Thursday today

                  Good afternoon everyone. We had the thunderstorms and rain in the wee hours of the morning through mid-morning. Woke me up around 4. I remember thinking I'll go into work late, but somehow I got up, showered and heard my alarm going off as I was putting on shoes. Crazy. So, I ended up at work 30 minutes early. Not many people there today so I was able to get some things accomplished that have been on my to do list for a while. The rain brought cooler weather and should be nice the remainder of the weekend.

                  Now that I have 3 days off, I think I'll get that charity quilt finished and get back to one of my UFOs. Still trying to decide what to do about purchasing a travel machine, since my previous one is with DS many states away. I just need to get ok with ordering it online.

                  Katrina and Suzanne, it has been years since I've had gator. It tastes similar to white chicken meat. Of course the only was I've had it was fried.

                  Joy, Glad you will be able to meet your son's new GF.