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Well it's Wednesday!!

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    Well it's Wednesday!!

    Holy it's Wednesday already? Time is just flying by too quickly.

    Thank you all once again for the all those birthday wishes and kind words. I did have a day filled with sunshine and love. I started my day by joining the group for Victoria's Quilts. They sang the birthday song for me. While I didn't get to hand quilt I did help to get a new quilt into the frame. Tell me, how many people does it take? Well it took 4 of us, haha. From there I came back home and picked up Les. We headed to the city. Stopped and had a small lunch. I had wanted to look for running shoes but that didn't happen. First of all I did not like the styles of the ones I did see, so no running shoes. I bought a few little things at the dollar store. From there we stopped for coffee and then we stopped at the Royal Oak for a few drinks. We were fairly close to where Greg lives and I so wanted to call him. Les told me he had been speaking with him and he had to help Ashley with her horse. Then it was off to dinner at the Keg (Suzanne, the one on Hunt Club). I didn't realize that Les had already made reservations and of course the girl says "For 3?" WHAT!! I look at Les and ask him if Greg is joining us. I am suspicious. We sit at the bar as we are a little early and not 5 minutes later I get hugged from behind. YES Greg has joined us for dinner. So I really did have a really great day after all. I stayed away from any quilt store because I really don't need any more fabric and if I don't see it I won't want it, right? And the sun did shine all day making it a beautiful bright day.

    I failed to mention that I did hit a deer on the way home but luckily all I have on the van is a few hairs. It was able to walk away alive and well.

    How am I going to top that today. I will try and get into the sewing room today and will probably have laundry as well. I might just be able to get some hung outside today.

    So my friends, have yourselves a wonderful day and thank you again for the loved you have showed me.
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    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Well it's Wednesday!!

    Good morning all!

    Oh Monique, what a wonderful day and hugs to Les for your special surprise! Yup, gonna be hard to top that!

    Still raining......we should have some mighty fine May flowers!

    Sad about Norte much history.

    Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

    💫 Star lover


      Re: Well it's Wednesday!!

      Good Wed. Morning ~ Chance of rain today & temp. only 60 deg. I have Bible Study Fellowship this a.m. It's my week to play the piano; I'll do some Easter music. On the way home I need to stop for a few groc.

      Yest. afternoon I finished sewing the binding on the first mini quilt. I've hand tacked the corners. It's done except for a label. I put in 15" of FMQ on mini #2, which is one block of Jenny's Antique Lace pattern. I made it scrappy, but the colors are placed just so in order to be balanced. Both of these quilts were made with 2.5" HSTs, left over trimmings from snowballing corners on another quilt.

      Our lawn service came yest. p.m. to mow for the first time this season. The lawn looks nice; I love the smell of freshly mowed grass. At dusk yest. eve. there were 4 rabbits in the back yard.

      Time for DH's breakfast. I also need to run through my music one time & get on with my day.


        Re: Well it's Wednesday!!

        Good morning, everyone. It is a gray day right now. . . and just looked out the sliding door and it is raining. I think I need to have a couple of trees removed from my yard. One is a cherry tree that everyone tells me is "ugly". Last year it was covered with white flowers. This year hardly any flowers. It is very gnarly and has several broken branches. Another cherry tree on the other side of the yard hangs way over on the neighbors yard. Hubby always talked about cutting it way back or getting rid of it, so maybe it has come time for that. The other is a pine tree. It has sentimental value for me. It was the one, a few years back, that was stuck int he back of hubbies pick-up truck (rain turning to ice over night). We put a string of lights on it and we drove around with the lights on.

        Joy -- I have rabbits in my yard also. The tease the dog by hopping across the patio right in front of the sliding door. I was sitting on the patio yesterday and all of a sudden the dog took off running (thank goodness for a leash). Apparently, one of the rabbits was in a large tub that has a small pine tree planted in it. It took off and the dog ran after it. I got up and looked into the pot --- leaves and such were moving. Guess I have a rabbit nest in there. Yea!! More rabbits to tease the dog and make him bark!!

        Have a great day everyone.



          Re: Well it's Wednesday!!

          Good morning all,

          Home school will start shortly, then mid afternoon, VERC independent living therapist is coming. I am hoping for hints and helps for not misjudging where I am and finding things. lol, I've solved the stumped toe problem by putting on my socks and shoes first thing.

          Tomorrow is wrist recheck afternoon. I'm debating colors, I did blue for the boys. That pink that Esther would love is bright! I'm trying to talk myself into it. I don't if I can, it might keep me up at night.

          Have a great day!

          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
          ― Maya Angelou


            Re: Well it's Wednesday!!

            Good morning all. It's a cloudy one here. Everything is wet outside so I guess it rained overnight. It will be another busy day today. Yesterday was busy but I did get to spend more time in my sewing room than I thought I would be able to. After my doctor appointment (which was a positive one.....they didn't find anything to be concerned about in the results of my stress test) we went shopping for Easter basket candy for the grands. Then I got to spend a few hours in the sewing room working on a few projects. Felt so good to see progress being made. Today the oil company is coming to clean the burner. II want to get dinner all prepped and be out of the kitchen before he gets here. The house always smells icky after they do that so I want the food all away before that. Then after they are done I can open the windows and get fresh air in before cooking dinner. I also need to finish Zeke's Easter basket, pack everything all up and get it to the P.O. I need to go to the bank and then later this afternoon our contractor will be stopping by to talk about the work he will be doing over the next couple of days.

            Monique, it sounds like you had a great day yesterday. What a great surprise that Greg joined you for dinner.

            OK, Time to get this day moving along. Have a good day everyone.
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              Re: Well it's Wednesday!!

              Good morning all,
              Sunny morning, I've already stripped the bed and finishing up 2nd load of laundry. Yesterday I washed and put away winter coats, put away gloves, scarves, hats and boots. You know what that means? You can blame me if we get snow. Summer tires are all, yes all 4, on the car. They washed and vaccumed interior of car for inconvenience, and also no fee for storage. I guess that's why I like this dealer. They make it right.

              I removed the tarp off the patio furniture and quasi set it up, around the snow remaining on the patio. We're expecting rain Thursday to Sunday, so that should continue to wash away snow.

              I need to pick a few items for our Easter meal, as well as treats for the kids, birthday gifts for GD & SIL. Then DH has eye appt this aft, so I will drive. I need to get nails done, visit mom. Probably no time to sew.

              Everyone seems to be very busy with spring, birthdays and yardwork. Maybe it's finally here. Enjoy your day.

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.