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Well it's Friday!!

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    Well it's Friday!!

    Good morning. Did I want to get up when the alarm went off? Did I want to break it? Of course, I was sound asleep. Oh well today is a work day, can't be upset I guess.

    I went over to my neighbour's for coffee yesterday morning. Asked him if he wanted to go for breakfast. Well I hadn't really prepared to go but go we did. He wouldn't let me come get my purse either. In any case, we had a great breakfast.

    I was in the sewing room yesterday but it was to go through magazines. No use keeping all these magazines and never looking at them. I go through each one and if there is something that jumps out at me, I keep it. Well the get rid stack is quite high.

    Oh I received an invitation for a retreat the end of May. HAPPY CAMPER!! I have been waiting for someone to invite me. Suzanne, it is at "Buckingham Palace". She was there at the end of February. I also got my call for volunteering at Quilt Canada in June. It is being held in Ottawa. I will volunteer on Friday and Saturday. This is the weekend that Les goes golfing with a group to Lake Champlain.

    And so for work today I will take the baby quilt I am working on. We might head to an antique auction on Saturday if Les feels well enough. My brother wants to come over too and install and antique rotary phone for me and bring me other small projects that he has repaired for me. The phone is a birthday gift.

    Well that's it for me. Have a wonderful day and weekend everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Well it's Friday!!

    Morning all!

    Monique, so happy you had such a great for breakfast. Yum! I too periodically go through magazines, books, and’s harder to do with fabric, so I don’t do it often. Good for you! Hope you have a wonderful day at work.

    I too wanted to throw the alarm this am. I’m still tired. Just not getting enough sleep. No sewing going on......made some blocks, like them, but they don’t shape up well......back to the drawing board.......hard to do, when I’m tired.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day and an even better weekend!

    💫 Star lover


      Re: Well it's Friday!!

      Good morning,

      I couldn't reach my alarm clock - it was our PJ meowing for food. I gave him a 10 min tummy rub, hoping he would go away. But he came back, so I got up. Rain expected today, although it's sunny now. I can almost see the patio stones. Woohoo, maybe after it rains. Temps should be high Sat 15c/47f Saturday, more melting. Yippee!

      Monique, I also got the invitation to the retreat but we have a family event then, so I'm hoping to make it at a future one. Yesterday I enjoyed a massage and made freezer meals. I need to get back to my sewing room, but life is really scheduled recently. I no longer like to sew at night, so that limits sewing time.

      I also received my M* order of 14/3. 26 days going around the USA, and one day in Canada and delivered.

      Today new recliner chairs are finally being delivered. We ordered in January, which were expected end of Feb. Delays. Delays. At least we will have before Easter. Then we are going to dinner at a Persian restaurant for a GF's 60th birthday. Afterwards we will go back to their house where I will give her the friendship braid quilt I made last year.

      Weekend plans - shopping and lunch in Almonte with a GF. Sunday we will go to a sugar for brunch with friends from out of town. The bush is half-way for both of us.

      Enjoy your day. Stay safe from Mother Nature's path. Be prepared.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Re: Well it's Friday!!

        I've been working in my garden for the last week and really enjoying it. The weather has been just beautiful. Today we're suppose to get thunderstorms in the afternoon so that will be a first for the year. I guess it's tied into the winter storm that is going across the country although we're not getting snow and the temperatures aren't going to change much.

        I picked up a new beginner sewing student to start next week. That's a new event as I haven't taught in the last 15 years although I did a lot back in the 90's. I'm looking forward to it so I've also been working on changing some of my old course outlines around to accommodate a beginner sewing course and working on handouts .

        I got a handle on the nosebleeds since I purchased the humidifier and have the air purifier working. It also helps that the heat is now turned off with this nicer weather. Boy that was scary for me.

        Hope everyone has a lovely day!
        Women are Angels. When someone break's our wings we will continue to fly-usually on a broomstick.We're flexible like that.


          Re: Well it's Friday!!

          Must be Spring, pear tree is in bloom, 2 robins spotted on the lawn yesterday afternoon while a Mr. Softy truck was down the street dispensing ice cream cones to the waiting kids, now all we need is for the sun to show its shinning face. No go so far but I'm hopeful it will arrive to brightening up this dreary looking day.

          Expecting to have a quiet weekend as family members are really busy. DS#1 is still in Honduras on a medical mission, DS#2 and DIL are preparing for their trip to Ireland and Netherlands and DS#3 out in CA is running another marathon so no big family meals or cooking for me, think DH and I will just chill out and order out. Nice to have some free time on our hands.

          Monique I've been going through my quilt magazines also and seem to be only discarding 1 or 2 and keeping the rest with markers on the pages of quilts to make, problem is that the quilts may never be made and I will keep most of the magazines. Oh well, going through them will be a nice way to spend some time this weekend chilling out on the couch while watching some old movies.


            Re: Well it's Friday!!

            Good Morning, Everyone ~ Just now getting here. Today was DH's medical procedure, salad making, day, etc. I just finished up a late breakfast & the dishes.

            Yest. I did more FMQ on one of the mini quilts. The main body is done --all straight line ruler work; I just need to do the 3" border. I'm thinking I'll use Angela Walters' "stacked triangles" design. It feels so good to be back to quilting again. I'm taking it easy -- no more than 30-45 min. at a time.

            Suzanne ~ Persian food is good. My BIL is from Afghanistan; my sis did lots of Persian food cooking for him. They also ran a Persian restaurant for 5 yrs. together with his sis & BIL in OR. I have a Persian cook book. I've made several of the recipes from it, but DH cannot tolerate spices of any kind, so any such special cooking no longer happens at our house. I saved several of my sis's favorite recipes.

            Yest. a.m. my daffodils were all lopped over under the weight of the snow. They slowly are recovering today. All our snow melted yest., with the exception of where it was piled up. Some early tulips are beginning to open. It's cloudy & 32 deg.; there's a chance of rain or even snow today.

            I looked over today's DD of the book, One Bundle of Fun. If you go to Amazon, you can "look inside" to get an idea of what patterns are included. That author has another quilting book, Quilts from Sweet Jane. They all look pretty simple. I really don't need any more books, but I'm thinking on it.

            Well, I'm going to watch today's tutorial, then get on with my day.


              Re: Well it's Friday!!

              Good afternoon, no early morning duty here. I got up around 8. Jim and kids arrived after 9. He finished up his grading and started looking over his course work for the programing course. He's looking at computers that he'll need. We had a quick lunch and they're heading for Nana's house.

              Now, I'm waiting for the guys to trim up the palm trees. They're great, one truck comes in, the trimming starts, the second truck with the chipper comes, they start chipping and sweeping up the mess. They're all done in a couple of hours!

              Have a great day!

              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
              ― Maya Angelou