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Monday hellos!!

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    Monday hellos!!

    Good morning from a very wet wet rainy day and they are predicting freezing rain today as well. I hope not, I don't have to go anywhere but hubby has to go to work.

    I had a busy day yesterday. We left early, picked up my brother-in-law and drove to the city. Dropped him off at this daughter's place, we picked Greg up and went to the antique market. Neither Greg nor I bought anything but Les bought a couple of Moorcroft pieces. From there stopped for a bite, back to Greg's where both Les and I had wee naps. Everyone met back at the racetrack for supper. A wonderful time was had by all.

    My sister-in-law loved the quilt and pillowcases. I did take pictures. I will need to get them off my camera.

    I think today I will start our taxes. Seems like a good day to do that while I am alone today. I can't do it with people looking over my shoulder.

    So have a wonderful day friends.

    P/S Les is starting the 'man cold'
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Monday hellos!!

    Good morning.

    I look forward to your butterfly quilt, Monique. I just know it’s a beauty.
    Awww, taxes and a man cold.....don’t know if it could get any worse for ya.....lots of love and hugs.....and I sure hope that the man cold goes away fast!

    Dreary here too, but not so cold. High in the 60’s. Continuing yard work. Not fun, but necessary. Kinda sore, so I may or may not do some more today. Depends on if it rains or not. ......part of me wants to finish....the bigger part of me wants rain, so I can do ANYTHING else. We’re to get up to 3” of snow leather this week......I know spring will get here!

    Hope everyone has a blessed and peaceful day.

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      Re: Monday hellos!!

      Good Morning, All ~ A much milder morning today; it's 56. Yest. we had 80 deg. again. Today & tomorrow are supposed to be very nice as well.

      The Liberty Quartet concert last eve. was wonderful. So inspirational. I bought 2 CDs.

      I hope to get some housework done today. Still hopeful to get to the sewing room.


        Re: Monday hellos!!

        It amazes me that Co is warmer than Alabama, lol. We have had rain this weekend but only at night, hope it has washed the pollen down and out. I want to clean up our screened porch so I can sit there without sneezing.
        I cut out the remainder of 20 carpenter star blocks from 30s fabric yesterday. It mush be 1000 hst or maybe more. It will be a lifetime project to get all those 2 1/2" hst sewn and squared. I have a two day in town retreat coming up so will have plenty to keep me busy. I probably need to take another project so I can have relief from all the hst.


          Re: Monday hellos!!

          We are having glorious spring days with intermittent rain which is good for watering that new back yard seed. The tulips are blooming, the peonies are peeking the hostas's are leafing and oh my, the dandelions!! I've been digging for three days and they keep on coming. And when I am so tired from yard work, I sew
          Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


            Re: Monday hellos!!

            Hey Monique, speaking of Man Colds, have you seen these videos? Too funny!


            "I'm putting together a list of 100 reasons why I am NOT relentless!" - Sue Heck, The Middle

            Leonard: For God's sake, Sheldon, do I have to hold up a sarcasm sign every time I open my mouth?
            Sheldon (intrigued): You have a sarcasm sign?


              Re: Monday hellos!!

              Good morning all,
              It was pouring rain all night on our metal roof, so sleep was light. There is a warning of freezing rain with more snow. It should be ok later today as I have an eye appointment. I am starting to get anxious for warm weather. It gives me hope when I hear of everyone's garden.

              Yesterday was baby M christening. It was lovely and attended by DIL large Lebanese extended family. Their church is stunning with very traditional craftsmen woodwork and murals. The feast afterwards was held at a restaurant that opened just for the event. All the food was traditional, and the platters of food kept coming. There was something for everyone. There were about 15-20 kids under 10 of age, and they had food planned dishes for them when they got there. Lots of pictures taken, and ohhh.... the dessert table was all homemade. DIL called this morning, we forgot to take some home, so we are getting a treat box later today.

              I spoke to my mom's cousin Saturday. Their son, 64, is starting chemo and radiation, stage 4 on Tuesday. He had 2 surgeries in past month on his head/brain. This is not good news, but mom's cousin is in denial as her son is taking it all in stride. They lost 2 other children to cancer. This is difficult for them. I am going to check to see if we can get a man VQC quilt for him. If not, I can whip one up quickly, I hope. I lost my BFF to a brain cancer years ago, painful. Please keep him in your prayers.

              Enjoy your day. Be safe. Stay dry. Stay warm.

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                Re: Monday hellos!!

                Good Morning! Sunshine here for the moment. On Friday and Saturday dh and I were at a conference then on Sunday I got nothing done due to a horrid migraine. I am a little tired today from the migraine. I have some errands to run and some things to get done around the house then I am hoping to get some binding on a project this evening.

                Have a wonderful Monday everyone


                  Re: Monday hellos!!

                  Good morning!

                  Had the little ones this morning. Did alright until Zeke flooded and filled his diaper. Mike had to get up to help change him. The pants, shirt, and rug are in the dryer now. Jim's bringing pizza and cake for dinner. I'm going to pick up salad stuff to go with it.

                  Lifting prayers for those in need and praise for all of our blessings.

                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
                  ― Maya Angelou


                    Re: Monday hellos!!

                    Terry ~ I recently read someone's opinion that we just should let the dandelions grow for the bees. Since so many pesticides used on dandelions & other weeds are killing off the bees, they suggested we not treat the dandelions. When I was a kid, people used to just let their dandelions grow all over their yard. I remember picking some one day on the way home from school to put in the paper May basket I'd made for my mom. I think letting the dandelions grow would not go over very big with most folks who want a nice green lawn, but it's food for thought.

                    Claire ~ Our temp. already is up to 82 deg., & we're not even to the warmest part of the day yet. I was just reading a weather forecast for mid-week with this latest storm headed our way. It sounds like Neb., the Dakotas, Wisc. will be the hardest hit with chances of heavy snowfall, which later will contribute to spring flooding. I'm just wishing I had the energy to get out in the yard & do some weeding. I think I will set out the sprinklers. Everything really is dry.

                    I made it to the sewing room this a.m., but only long enough to mend a couple things.


                      Re: Monday hellos!!

                      Good afternoon All.
                      Really, really, wet day here. Our backyard is completely flooded. I have no idea how the daffodils continue to grow and don’t float away.

                      I got our taxes done this weekend. We lost several deductions/credits. Thankfully we were still in the green but many people we know have had to pay, including my 17 yr. old son...from his after school job.

                      I’m having fun playing with wool applique still. Hubby lost my brand new light box I ordered over Christmas so I decided to buy another one, it will be here in 2 shipping still blows my mind.