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Ok What day is it? You know, come on say it, say it!!

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    Ok What day is it? You know, come on say it, say it!!

    Haha. Yup it's Wednesday. Maizyn and I had a good day yesterday. Made an exchange at Walmart and then it was decided that she could pick out what she wanted for her birthday. Her birthday is the end of the month and she will be 9. Where has the time gone?

    After Walmart it was off to the quilt store. I got what I was looking for, Healing Waters fabric and panels. They have two. Off to my brother's afterwards for lunch. I showed him the fabric and he really likes it. He should I bought it just for him. We had a great visit and lunch. Then it was off to the Sport's Bar to pick up some wings to take home. They make the best wings. And from there it was home.

    Because I can't sew right now, I am wanting it soo bad. Oh well, I only have Maizyn for a week so I will take advantage of our time together.

    We have a scheduled tea party for tomorrow. I don't know who will come but we are going to have one anyway. We bought green cupcakes and green and white cookies just for the occasion. I think on Friday we will go to the movies.

    **Update on my niece** It has been confirmed FINALLY that she has Hodgkins Lymphoma. She will be seeing a HL oncologist next week to discuss treatments. They have identified everything in detail. I am sure it is a relief finally know what the heck is going on. It has been frustrating for them to say the least. I ask that you keep Kristen in your prayers, thank you.

    So I think today I will clean up a little if I am to have company tomorrow.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Ok What day is it? You know, come on say it, say it!!

    Good morning y’all!

    Monique, happy for you and the time you have with Maizyn......I just know you’re gonna really have a fine tea party!
    And yes, I’ll keep Kristen is my prayers.

    Not much here, it’s gonna get to 45’s today, with rain....if they’re right.....And 60’s tomorrow, with rain. If so, all the white stuff will melt! Yippe! I’ve had my fill of onto spring!

    Hope everyone has a fine day. Love and hugs!

    💫 Star lover


      Re: Ok What day is it? You know, come on say it, say it!!

      Anita, I love your picture for today!


        Re: Ok What day is it? You know, come on say it, say it!!

        Good Morning, Monique and Joy were busy at the same time. As for me, I was still in bed.

        No sewing was done yesterday. Pepper was a very good girl. Mike and I worked on heel with her. She did very well, until she saw the geese in the road. LOL, oh my goodness, that's one strong dog! Needless to say, the geese vacated the neighborhood rapidly! It was after 10 when Jim came back to get her. She was really excited to see him.

        Today, the plan is finish getting the sashing pieces on the garden star and the rows sewn together. I'm crossing my fingers to getting the first border on, but I'll have to start moving first!

        Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, comfort, wisdom, and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
        ― Maya Angelou


          Re: Ok What day is it? You know, come on say it, say it!!

          It's good that you can enjoy time with Maizin. Since our GKs live in town, and if one comes, then we would have to take all, so that never happens. Maybe one day, we can start splitting them up for individual time.

          I'm sorry to hear about your niece. I will keep her in my prayers.
          Katrina - I guess you've pretty much made up your mind, about not getting a dog. They can be strong and pull you down.

          I posted pics on Joy's posting.

          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


            Re: Ok What day is it? You know, come on say it, say it!!

            Monique ~ Glad to hear they have a diagnosis for your niece. I think Hodgkin's is quite treatable. I hope it will be for her.

            It's such a dark, gloomy day. Raining heavily & very windy. It supposed to switch over to snow mid-a.m., so that could be any time.
            I, too, am hoping the storm won't be as bad as predicted. I think we'll get off a little easier W. of I-25, but the Plains will really get it.
            It's wide open spaces out there, so drifting could be very bad. Most major roads get closed down when we have these kinds of storms. Many flights at the Denver airport already have been cancelled. March is our snowiest month.

            Yes, this will be a good day to sew -- as long as the power stays on! I also need to cook up some apples for sauce.


              Re: Ok What day is it? You know, come on say it, say it!!

              Nothing too exciting going on today. I've been spring cleaning our finished basement. After that it's just my sewing room that needs a deep clean. Weather has been warming up a bit, into the 40's/50's but still down into the 20's at night. I'm struggling with my mood the last few days which I attribute to winter taking it's toll. Can't wait for spring, to be in the garden, the fresh air and sunshine.
              No sewing happened yesterday, too pooped after cleaning, but I did stitch a bit on my cross stitch sampler.
              Tonight we're headed to Ikea. I got a $15 birthday coupon which I'm going to use for a Raskog cart which goes for $29, so I'll get it half price. I need something to put my steam station on and the 2 extra shelves will be put to good use. We're also going to have a supper of Swedish meatballs while we're there and probably won't be able to get out of there without a couple of cinnamon buns. Yum.
              Monique I will keep your niece in my prayers.
              Joy, hope you get through the storm without losing power. We've been through one of those bomb cyclone snowstorms and they're scary.
              Hope you all have a peaceful day.

              to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


                Re: Ok What day is it? You know, come on say it, say it!!

                Good morning. Posting from South Dakota. We were able to stay at my brother’s house to ride out the blizzard. We were supposed to head home Thursday afternoon. We decided to change our flight to Friday afternoon. I did make it to a quilt shop yesterday and bought a kit. I am glad that I have my needle point with me.

                Have a good day


                  Re: Ok What day is it? You know, come on say it, say it!!

                  Good morning/ afternoon.

                  All is quiet here. I was able to get my errand done yesterday, just a quick trip to the post and I’m done for today.

                  I had a Dr. Apt. Yesterday and she changed my sleeping med. back to the previous dose, it was such a relief to sleep last night!

                  Prayers for your niece Monique, and I’ll be at the tea party in spirit. Hope you make it through the storm intact Joy.


                    Re: Ok What day is it? You know, come on say it, say it!!

                    The storm isn't over, so I have no idea what the total snow accumulation will be. At daybreak, it was raining hard & windy & 44 deg. It switched over to all snow between 9:30 & 10. At times, the snow has been blowing sideways out of the north with very low visibility. It's a very wet, sloppy snow. I'll be curious to learn what the snow totals will be. The eve. news will be on in a couple hrs. It's supposed to be much worse east of the I-25 corridor, out on the Plains. Our town is 6 mi. E. of the fwy. Sometimes we don't get it as bad as some of the other areas. The temp. has dropped to 32 deg.

                    I'm hoping to make it to the sewing room here in a few min. for at least an hour.

                    Our power did go off at 11:10 for 50 min. DH was not a happy camper. He ate a cold lunch. But when the power came back on, he cooked his piece of salmon. I had apples on the stove cooking for sauce. I left them alone on the burner & finished cooking them when the power came back on. The lights have flickered a few times, but we haven't lost power again. The winter storm goes through midnight tonight.


                      Re: Ok What day is it? You know, come on say it, say it!!

                      I'm so bored!! I had a mishap on Saturday and sliced part of my finger tip off. Have been wearing a dressing ever since which has to stay on for a week!! It's the index finger on my right hand and whilst I'm left handed, I can't cut fabric as I can't bear down on my ruler. I can't machine sew as I need to hold the fabric in both hands and I can't embroider or cross stitch as I use a hoop and feel for the needle with........the index finger on my right hand!! I have been sewing some hexies into flowers and rearranging my craft books. But I was to machine sew - goodness I sound like a petulant child!!!

                      I'm still going to my craft class tomorrow because although I won't be able to do anything, it'll be nice to have a natter with the ladies there.

                      Sorry for whinging, and I hope everyone has a good day.


                        Re: Ok What day is it? You know, come on say it, say it!!

                        Mary, so sorry about your finger. Maybe this would be a good time to binge on watching videos and tutorials. Hopefully you canget back to sewing soon.