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Good Morning Tuesday

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    Good Morning Tuesday

    Happy Tuesday Everyone!

    It's cloudy again, but that only means the temperatures didn't go down very much last night and it looks rather gray outside.

    I worked on my zipper project yesterday, rummaged through one of the boxes of layer cakes. I started looking at patterns and decided on one of the FQ Jolly Bar patterns. It's a really easy pattern with large enough cuts that the larger prints will shine.

    We had Chicken Pot Pie for family dinner. mashed potatoes, peas and acorn squash. J says the squash is better than cookies. While Z says it's yucky. Can't win them all.

    Prayers for those in need for healing, comfort, strength, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Re: Good Morning Tuesday

    Well, I guess the groundhog was wrong this year. We had about 3-4" of snow yesterday and another inch or 2 overnight, but now has changed to freezing rain/sleet. Temps are supposed to rise and by this afternoon it should be just rain. Hope that will thaw some of the "boulders" of snow at the end of my driveway that the plow left behind. Not sure how I will get out if it doesn't melt --- too big and heavy for me to shovel out of the way.

    Yesterday I got the reading pillow ready to sew together but luckily, before I started sewing, I discovered I had not made the handle for it, so set that aside till today. My sister and I were supposed to meet our brother and sister-in-law for lunch but rescheduled because of the weather. We will now meet on Friday. Spent quite a lot of time talking to my sister-in-law (husband's sister) yesterday. It was good to check in with her.

    My new sliding door was installed on Friday. It is great to be able to take the dog out into the back again. When we go out through the garage to the front yard, the first thing he does when he walks out onto the driveway is to stop and look both ways to see if there is anyone, anything moving that he can bark at. He is an annoying talker!!!

    I finally have my appt at the endocrinologist this Thursday. It took about 3 weeks after my doctor sent in the referral. I talked to them on Friday and they told me the earliest they could get me in would be March 15. I asked if that was the earliest they could get me in and she assured me it was. I asked what would happen if there was a patient that was in for an appt. and the doctor wanted to see them in like a week or so -- there has to be some openings for that. Nope, it would be up to the doctor to make the appt. So then, she said she would send a new patient packet out. I said, I have been there before, that I see one of the newer doctors for thyroid. " Oh, ok, let me see, just a second . . . Could you come in on Feb. 14?" The bad thing about it is that I have to be there at 9am!! Since my husband passed away last year, I find it difficult to get out of the house for early appts, mostly because the dog has changed my routine in the morning.

    That's all for now. Hope everyone has a great day.



      Re: Good Morning Tuesday

      Nancy, I surely do understand about those early appointments. Of course, the people don't get that 9 am is early but when you have chores to do that no one else helps with, it takes time. I'm always restless the night before an early appointment because it just changes the routine of the house. So, I'm with you honey.
      Overcast seems to be the word of the day. But its 50 here and I'll take it
      Sewed some yesterday. Got the quilt sandwiched and began the FMQ. I don't think I'm going to be crazy about this one. Oh well.
      My new phone is pretty awesome. It came out in 2017. Its refurbished but looks all shiny and new. And IT WORKS!!
      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


        Re: Good Morning Tuesday

        Snow snow everywhere here. We got about 8 inches overnight and it's supposed to snow all day until about 5 pm. I live about 3 blocks from the Lake Michigan and when conditions are right we get something called lake effect snow, which means a couple extra inches for us. Am posting some pics from my front window. It is beautiful. Dh will go out later and attempt to snow blow before it freezes overnight. Glad we don't have to go anywhere today!
        Yesterday I finished a little toddler I Spy quilt top. It's only about 42 inches square and you would think something so small would not cause me any problems. Well I had 3 bags/rolls of batting so I opened each one to see if I could find a piece the approx size. Nope. The first bag was all smallish narrow strips, the second bag assorted sizes a little bigger but of course not big enough. The last bag semed to be a double but if I cut a section off that it would not leave enough to be useful for anything else so I decided to not cut that up, went back to bag #2 and picked two largish pieces and sewed them together. Next to pin the top. Laid it out on my bedroom floor, lined it all up, pinned it, and oh no. Got to the bottom row and see that the backing is a half inch shorter thann the top. Unpinned everything, repinned, closer this time but still about acquarter inch too short. Grrr. I like the backing to be about 3-4 inches bigger than the top. I can see this isn't going to work. I decide to pick it up and start over only to discover I had pinned it to the carpet in quite a few places! So I took out all the pins and today will put another strip of I Spy leftover squares together and piece them into the back, that should give me more than enough length. I also learned my lesson about pinning. I have a 24 inch square of plexiglass that I use to slide under my quilts to give me a hard surface for marking. So if I use that when I pin then I won't be pinning to the carpet. All this trouble for dumb stuff on this little quilt. I guess I know what's on my agenda for today!! Have a great day everyone.


          Re: Good Morning Tuesday

          Good morning/afternoon

          Still lots of rain here. Poor Ellie (our bichon) won’t even go out to go potty. I wonder how long she will hold it to avoid the rain? Crazy dog. I think I’ll put down a pee pad for her, maybe she’ll use that. It is just coming down in sheets out there.

          I’m having quite a bit of pain today which means I spend most of the day in bed. Hopefully the meds and resting will enable me to get some more done on my ss project.


            Re: Good Morning Tuesday

            Snowing like crazy here. Started about an hour and a half ago so I decided to run to the store for some soup ingredients. By the time I got out of the store about an inch had come down. I have a small car that can't be driven in the's like a sled, no weight to get any traction. So I crept home at about 15mph and when I made the turn into my driveway the car slid sideways and I took out one of hubs marker sticks, lol. No harm done.
            So soup is on the agenda. I'm going to try the Zuppa Toscana that was posted under Yummy Recipes. I'll post how it turns out. I'm still working on the string quilt with less than 10 blocks to go and need to do a little hand stitching on my SS project.
            Hope everyone stays safe in all this weather.

            to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


              Re: Good Morning Tuesday

              Morning Everyone....It's been a long day and it's still early . It was snowing this morning so Jeff drove me to the hospital in Houston for my x-ray. Thank you to those who were praying. I will find out the results Feb 22 at my next appointment with the specialist.

              After that we went to the Farm Center to look for a few new toys for the little Girls for their birthday. From there we went to WalMart, then to the groomer to pick up some treats for the puppy party and then to the Health Department to get Jeff's annual TB test for work. The nurse usually comes to the workplace but today is a state holiday and it had to be given and read this week. We had a truck full of things to unload.

              I'm geared up and ready to resume work on the wedding quilt. The new date (firm) is August 10, which gives me about two extra weeks to work on the quilt. I would like to have it ready and in California with my daughter for the bridal shower, as they don't open gifts at weddings anymore. We will see how things go.

              I feel sad for those of you getting blasted by the latest winter storm. Do what you can to stay home and off the roads. I fully know it's not always possible to do that, but be as cautious as you can. Icy roads are treacherous and almost cost me my life 4 years ago when I slid off the road, over an embankment and my car rolled. Had I not had my cell phone with me it's unlikely I would have been found before I froze to death. It can happen so fast....

              I need to go transfer laundry to the dryer and fold a load. Not sure what's cooking for our dinner this evening. The Girls are whiny and need Mom.

              Take care everyone....
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              Scottie Mom Barb


                Re: Good Morning Tuesday

                Hi Everyone!
                It is cold here and overcast. More rain is expected. The poor dogs don't like to go outside in the rain, except for Bochy. He LOVES to go out and doesn't care how wet he gets. DH is home sick and Kaylee ( the german shepherd puppy) won't leave him alone. She can open our sliding glass doors if we don't lock them and she has been running circles, opening one door and running out another. Teddy is curled up in his bed, under my sewing machine. I need to get motivated and get going! Hope you all have a fantastic day!!



                  Re: Good Morning Tuesday

                  The snow started around 5pm and there are unusual weather warnings. When school buses are cancelled, schools usually are still open. No ALL schools, both universities and colleges are closed tomorrow as are many daycares. Employers are being urged to let their employees work from home or not come in. This is a government town, so most will stay home. They will need people off the roads to clear the mess that will be here by tomorrow morning. I haven't seen this in a really long time.

                  Of course, I urged DH not to go to his class tonight. He left at 5 and was back by 6:30. The school was closed. Surprise surprise. He checked email and class was cancelled.

                  I am enjoying a glass of wine, and will spend to orrow sewing.

                  Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                  Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.