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Saturday hellos

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    Saturday hellos

    Oh, I just know at I can't be the first one up, and there will be double posts. I will try to type faster.

    Yesterday, got all 3 items on my to do list done, and had to add another one. When I checked mom's phone in her permanent room, the phone line was dead again. I just had this transferred over and it possibly worked for a few days. I called MA Bell, and they are sending a technician this aft (1-3), so this messes up my plans. DH wanted to bring me to one of our favorite LQS. She has a great sale and carry almost the entire Northcott lines. She has a sale buy 1, get 2 free. Not sure if it's the new lines, but if not, guild members get 20% off and her prices beat everyone in the region.

    This morning I am getting my hair done. So it s get going. DH has a big headache and got up early to make coffee. Not sure if he will be very productive.

    I tripped over some interesting organizational video on You Tube, which I think could be applied to anyone who is de-cluttering. If you google KoMari method, there are some good ones who share how they have applied it. Others are just too chatty about themselves. I tried listen ending to The Janesville organizer, but she had a translator, and it was just too long. I think the essence of 'things', is to determine is whether the item gives you JOY. If so, then you honour it, and organize it.

    Enjoy your weekend. Stay safe. Stay warm and stay dry. I see some nasty weather going on in US southern states. I am grateful that Mother Nature has been kind lately.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.

    Re: Saturday hellos

    Good morning all.. a little prayer for my sanity would be greatly appreciated right now.

    Not sure I mentioned but my honey (wierd to say boyfriend at my old age) as moved back from vegas and into my house, battling stage 4 cancer and I am caretaker of my elderly father (lives across street from me) severed diabetic and bad heart, etc etc etc. Well yesterday morning (I spend from 10 am to 2 or 3 pm each day with him and check on him at night too) I went over and I had to call for ambulance. Spent entire day in ER and finally got him into a room about 7 pm at night. His right foot swollen, infected and black on big toe. Did MRI last night to see if infection has gotten into the bone, he may end up losing his toe(s) .. So I am my emotional wits end right now! Tears flowing as I type this too. Thank goodness I took 1/2 a happy pill (valium) yesterday waiting on the ambulance, I don't like dealing with anxiety attacks, they are no fun at all. Off to get things he wants brought to hospital from his house and suit up to slay the day.


      Re: Saturday hellos

      Lifting prayers, Mimi Howard. You've got your hands full.

      Suzanne, I was here earlier, and saw there wasn't a post, but I was afraid to post thinking someone was already in process. Thanks for starting the thread this morning.

      DH's cousin's son, aka Chris (I made him Donna Jordan's Hip to be Square last year) is in the hospital. He's been on my mind so much the past few days. It doesn't look good and the family is asking for prayers. My heart is breaking, he's such a good kid and no mother should have to watch her baby go through all that he's been through.

      On a lighter note, the bird feeders have been busy this morning. A short visit from a squirrel, followed by a half dozen finches, a trio of smaller doves and now the cardinals are being bossy and the tufted tit mouse is under the smoker gathering all of the dropped seeds right under the cardinal's beak. hehe!

      I finished my first SS project yesterday afternoon. It feels good to get started on something smaller.

      I think I'm going to call Tammy, Jim's MIL today. I have two layer cakes of Mayfield Indigo, I think would make a beautiful King Sized quilt... using Jenny's Garden Star (I think I'm remembering the right pattern) for Nana and Nandy. I'll see what she thinks.

      Well, it's already 9:30 best get started doing something... like cleaning up my scrappy mess from yesterday. I've already tackled the kitchen this morning.

      I hope everyone has a productive and creative day.

      Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, comfort, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Re: Saturday hellos

        I'm so sorry to hear of your situation , Mimi. This has to be terfibly stressful for you. I will be praying that in the midst of this that you will have peace and a clear mind. (((HUGS)))Hugs.jpg

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Re: Saturday hellos

          Good morning. We were up early, so my DH and DS could get on the DH is taking Ryan back to school. Thank goodness the heavy rain stopped. Now it just misting. Hope his things stay dry under the tarp. I am off to get a manicure. I am debating whether to drive to a quilt shop that I have never been to shop. I have the day all to myself.

          Mimi— you have a lot on your plate. Be kind to yourself .hopefully you have others who could help you.

          Have a good day.


            Re: Saturday hellos

            vicki, my prayers are with you and I think you are a champion. Boyfriend or not, stage 4 cancer is a hard one to swallow and then to have your dad too. My my. God must think you are a really strong person and has great plans for you
            Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


              Re: Saturday hellos

              Good morning. It's a waiting morning. Kathryn is at the hospital for a test to see if they think they should induce her. Waiting, waiting. .........

              While we are waiting, we will take down Christmas decorations. For some reason, even with the impending arrival of a new baby and a visit from my son, dil and Zeke at the end of the month, I am feeling very sad the last few days. Maybe I need to spend some time in my "happy place" (aka sewing room).

              Suzanne, I hope they get your mom's phone fixed. Mimi, I will keep you in my prayers as you deal with all you are facing. Katrina, prayers going up for Chris and his family too as well as all others here that need them.

              May we all have a peaceful day.
              Ginny B



                Re: Saturday hellos

                The sun is shining in east Tennessee at last. It's a beautiful day! We had 11+ inches of rain above normal last year, and our normal is pretty high. My whole mood is lighter.

                I might even get some sewing done today as it's also little cool outside. I wish I could sit on the porch and get some sun!

                Praying for those in need as always.
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                  Re: Saturday hellos

                  Mimi- prayers for you during this time

                  Yesterday I did manage to get SOME of my work done- 4 more student papers to grade today then I'll be done with the grades that were due on Dec. 20th. (Yes, elementary principal told me that they weren't really due until the 7th of January or I would not have taken my sweet time getting to it).

                  I had a haircut yesterday afternoon then went to dinner with hubby and the kids. It was so nice when I came by to pick them up that he said "we're ready and we know where we're going" because I hate when I'm about to turn out of the driveway and he asks me where we are going. I make so many decisions for so many people everyday it is nice to NOT have to decide. Anyway we tried a place that is new to us called GRUB and it was amazing. I'll definitely go back when I'm in that area and want an amazing burger!!

                  I got two new loveseats yesterday for my living room- it is a TINY room and I hate, hate, hated the chair we had in there. So, DH is taking the couch and chair with him to West Virginia and I got the two pieces I have wanted in here for a long time. It's awesome ;-) The only perk of the whole situation is the relocation of the STUFF so I can manage the house in peace....

                  What's "the whole situation"? Well, I haven't been around (the forum) much since school started up in August. I'm okay with my position here but DH absolutely hated his, it was a wretched commute for part time hours and no benefits, so he "kept options open". Well, DH has been an elementary, middle and high school band director for 25 years and has always wanted to find a small university to work for and build a college program. Well, lo and behold, he was contacted by a university who had heard of him through some of his professional contacts and asked to go up to West Virginia to interview for a job. He was offered the job and started last month, Dec. 12th ... The family and I went up for a weekend and we found a great school for the kids, they were accepted, and we are all ready to move there at the end of this school year. Honestly, I would go this week with him if it weren't for the fact that I have a full time job and health benefits carrying me through to Sept. 1 with only working until May 20th.... kind of hard to give that flexibility over the summer up when I haven't yet been able to lock something down full time for myself there.

                  So "the whole situation" is that for the second time in my life I'm finding myself solo-parenting my kids while my husband works in a different state... so I'm back on the forum with more intention because I know that one of the things that drives me crazy when I go through these stretches is the social isolation of spending my every hour of every day only talking to children. Which is of course amplified by the fact that I'm a teacher.

                  I'm not excited about this but it will only be a few months... and another move and finding a job, again.... LOL ... life is not boring but at least this time it's all on one continent and we are only an 8 hour drive from each other!


                    Re: Saturday hellos

                    Good Morning, All ~ I was here briefly at 6 a.m., but didn't really have time to post & figured someone else would be posting at the same time. Thanks, Suzanne, for getting things going.

                    The sun is shining. A frosty 22 deg. this a.m. Wow, we had a heat wave yest. It got up to 63 deg. & felt like spring. It didn't quite break the record. I didn't even need to wear a coat to run out to the mail box. Got the bird water changed; it's been a big chunk of ice for days. The house feels so much warmer with the outdoor temps. up.

                    Yest. I baked DH's 2 loaves of spelt bread. In the afternoon & eve. I finished piecing the sample block, then got it sandwiched & basted; it's ready for practice FMQ. I need to clean my Tiara, change the needle, & wax the table surface before I get started. I'd love to do custom quilting on this panel quilt, but to save time I'm just going to do an all-over design. If I can, I still want to get DS#2's top sandwiched & quilted before my surgery on the 29th.

                    I've ordered several items from Amazon lately while the free shipping still is in effect. Not all items have come yet. They messed up my Dr. Seuss fabric order & sent 2 panels instead of 1 panel & 1 yd. of fabric. I still have to get that ironed out. One of the frustrations of on-line shopping.

                    Mimi ~ Sorry to learn of your caregiving woes. I'm caregiver for DH. The responsibility can feel overwhelming at times. Black toes do not sound good. I also have diabetes. I check my feet daily. I check my blood sugar twice daily & try to eat healthy. So far all I've needed is oral meds. May the Lord give the strength you need to carry on. Be sure to get some respite & take care of yourself. You don't want to burn out & not be able to help either your dad or S/O. I heard somewhere that 40% of caregivers die before the person they're taking care of, so be good to yourself. Have you tapped into hospice resources for your S/O?

                    Well, time to get on with my day.


                      Re: Saturday hellos

                      Good morning! Prayers for Mimi, Bubby and Katrina's many forum members have a lot going on right now.

                      Mom's new caregiver started Thursday, I hear she's a little bossy, not sure if that's a good thing or not. Mom had a tantrum when she found out the caregiver was going to come back today, so my sister told her not to come. The caregiver wants to engage more with Mom, instead of just talking with her. Sounds good to me, but I'm not sure how it will go over with Mom. I will wait a couple weeks and see if we need to try someone else.

                      Suzanne: Netflix has a new series with the creator of the KoMari method. I watched a couple of the episodes. She is very much about getting rid of stuff and keeping only what gives you joy. The first thing they organize is clothing, which is done by piling all of one's clothes on the bed before sorting. It's quite the eye opener to see everything in one pile!

                      No plans for the sewing room today. The weather is mild (mid-40's), I will spend some of the afternoon picking up all the downed branches and piling them in the backyard. The city won't send the chipper out again until spring.

                      I received a call from my LQS about my Monster embroidery machine...she needs a new bobbin motor and upper shaft assembly. I'm not sure if I'm relieved or disappointed that I won't need to buy a new machine.

                      Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


                        Re: Saturday hellos

                        Good morning everyone. Boy, I did not want to get up earlier. Temps were in the 40s this morning but is now warming up to the 60s. Yay! So it looks like it will be a beautiful day. I did manage to get out of bed and met my walking buddy at 6 for a 5 mile walk, so now I have my energy boost after showering and getting cleaned up.

                        Work has been crazy busy this week, so no sewing since New Years Day, when I finished a table runner I was working on. Did some cleaning that day. Loaded a baby quilt on the longarm last night. Hope to quilt it later today. I have an eye doc appointment in less than an hour. Tomorrow I go to meet with a friend I haven't seen in a few years. I offered to make a t shirt quilt for her DH with his running shirts. He was a big marathon runner and she his biggest cheerleader. Now he is battling a brain tumor. I thought they would both enjoy the quilt during his constant treatments. And I can probably get this done while waiting on my order from M* anyway.

                        Mimi Howard, You have your hands full. Remember to take care of you first. You can't help your dad or honey if you don't take care of you. Praying for you to find a peaceful workable solution to all this stress. Suzanne, hopefully your phone people come at the start of the service window and get mom's phone fixed once and for all, so you can stop worrying about her phone issues. Katrina, sorry to hear about Chris's struggles. Prayers for his family while they are dealing with this. I thank God everyday for the blessings I have, including my health and the health of other family members.
                        Blessings to all of you and prayers for those in need. May you all have an awesome week ahead.


                          Re: Saturday hellos

                          Hi all
                          hugs for those who need, and prayer for those in need,

                          the day started very late here today, was supposed to do stuff today but some ones headache prevented, so did something very quiet (mentioned else where on forum) while he flopped on sofa, he been asleep most of the day, with a furr baby holding him down :icon_hihi he just awoke. the furr baby has has decided keeping dad warm job, has ended

                          have a great evening