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    Hello Sunday

    The sun is shining today
    still suffering with a sore throat power levels, and a running nose but am hopeful, will feel human again soon, himself made a beetroot curry, it was supposed to be turkey but the levels were more towards beetroot, never had a red curry before, I cannot tell if nice or not as the taste buds are on strike, himself turned a shade of beetroot when eating,
    have a great day every one hugs

    Re: Hello Sunday

    Good morning all, today is supposed to be a rainy day. Quit sewing last night when my machine kept giving me issues. Will try again today, or just switch to my travel machine. Either way, it will be a stitching day.
    Also went out yesterday and finally bought a nice rug for the living room. Now to save some money for new chairs and recover the couch.


      Re: Hello Sunday

      Good morning,

      It's sunny but really cold this morning, and roads and ground is covered with a layer of ice. I hope that you start feeling better. My go-to for sore throat is tea with lemon and lots of honey, or just spoonfuls of honey. If you have on hand, chicken noodle soup is a nice comfort food and does minimize symptoms of cold or flu. Rest and plenty of fluids. Take it easy.

      Yesterday I visited my mom for awhile, and went shopping with DH to pick up printer cartridges. I had planned on sewing but instead called some friends who live far away. We always each get a drink or glass of wine while we talk, and toast across the miles. After I watched a movie while DH read.

      Today we will drop off hockey pucks to our GDs and have been invited over to neighbours for a cup of cheer. Not much planned.

      Enjoy your day. Stay warm and stay dry.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Re: Hello Sunday

        Good Morning. Everyone ~ Hard to believe it's the last Sun. of the year & only 1 more day, then we'll welcome 2019. I have no NYE plans, other than go to bed at the usual time.

        It's 18 deg. here this a.m., with frost. It's supposed to be sunny & in the 40's. Chance of snow tonight & bitter cold tomorrow.

        Normally I wouldn't be here at this time on a Sun., but we have only 1 church service today at 10 a.m. We usually have 2 services. I need to stop at the groc. store on the way home for a few items. I don't want to go tomorrow if it snows. I will have to be out Mon. for my dr. appt. to see the hand surgeon about my carpal tunnel. The office e-m'd me the "paper work", so I was able to complete it on line rather than after I get there tomorrow.

        I was sorry to hear that Trump froze federal workers' pay -- no raise. That affects my DS#1 who works for the FAA in Wash. D.C. He's currently furloughed. I'm hoping the gov't shut-down won't last too long.

        We have a tradition in our quilt guild of giving a "Caring Heart" to any member who has had a death in the family or is recovering from surgery, etc. A pattern is provided. It's for a 5" square block with an appliqued heart on it. I had given away all the ones I had made ahead, so my sewing project yest. was to make several new caring hearts. I mailed two yest. Both women have cancer.

        Wishing everyone a good day.


          Re: Hello Sunday

          Good morning. Clouds to sun today. I plan on taking down the Xmas tree today. I started to sort them inbags to give to the kids. I think that this will be the last year we put up the big tree. I did get to sew a bit yesterday.

          We definitely need a new living room rug. Since we have the 4 dogs, we go through them every 2 yrs. Some days I wonder why we have dogs. But they do bring a lot of laughs and love to our lives .

          Have a good Sunday.


            Re: Hello Sunday

            Good morning all. It's a grey day here so far and there was even a period of snow flurries earlier.

            We had a nice day yesterday. Did some laundry, made some lists, then we went out to pick up a few things. It was nice to get out for a bit. We watched an old movie in TCM last night. It was made in 1938 but I forget the name of it. It was about a family of con artists who wind up changing their ways. After that, we watched the 1994 version of Little Women on PBS.

            Not sure what the rest of today will bring. No news from Kathryn yet. When they came over on Friday, it looked like she had really dropped. Her due date is tomorrow and she has a dr. appt. so we will see what they say. Of course, things could move along today.

            Enjoy the last Sunday of 2018 everyone.
            Ginny B



              Re: Hello Sunday

              Good afternoon!

              I'm glad to see the sun shine and blue skies! It would be a good beach day, if I didn't already have plans in my sewing room.

              I parboiled the greens and have them simmering now. They'll be ready for New Years, but they needed to be started today. The rest of New Year's dinner will be ready on New Years Day, if I can wait on it!

              I finished the snowflake block last night. I had a couple of places that I should have picked out and matched up better, but it's for the door. Who's going to see a little missed point from the road? Now to get it sandwiched and quilted, crossing my fingers it will be ready for Jan. 1.

              Esther was running a fever and Morgan wasn't feeling well. Nandy was sick, so it was a small group of us at church this morning. Jim played and had blisters on his finger tips when he sat down from the music portion of the program. He's going to go home and take a nap.

              Mike wants to finish getting the Christmas stuff in the storage building so I guess I'll be leaving soon.

              Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, comfort, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
              ā€œNothing can dim the light which shines from within.ā€ Maya Angelou


                Re: Hello Sunday

                The Young in Heart?
                Courtesy is not optional.



                  Re: Hello Sunday

                  Joy I love the caring hearts idea. You are always thinking of others, what a good friend and neighbor you are!