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Sunday morning greetings

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    Sunday morning greetings

    Good morning,
    I didn't see a thread going, I guess it's a slow morning. Last night we had a gliding club dinner at the local legion. It wa buffet, and very good. There was Turkey & stuffing (which I have been craving all week) and roast beef. It was followed by awards. I also meet the harpist we saw at arts center last week, and had a nice chat. She is the wife of the president.

    I also cleaned up my sewing room and put away fabrics from this week's orders. I cut fabric for GF pillowshams, xmas pillows, and sewed the binding on xmas quilt. I have one side sewn by hand, and should have it done in a few days, when I sit and take a break.

    I also dropped off at my daughter's place, some green garland and decorations that I used to put up in basement. The GKs were excited. I had some lightbulb ornaments I bought over the years at a craft show. They are made as Grinch, snowmen, cat in the hat and penguins. It feels good to pass it along and do less decorating, and I know EY will enjoy them. 2 less bins. Yeah!

    Enjoy your day. Be safe. Stay warm.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.

    Re: Sunday morning greetings

    Good morning everyone. Yes, getting a slow start this morning. It's a bit rainy but supposedly it is going to clear up and be warm later and that's when we hope to get our outside decorations finished. In the meantime, I can work on the inside and dh can get the grocery shopping done.

    I had a nice time at the sprinkle yesterday. Kathryn received lovely gifts. Now we just wait for the baby to arrive.

    Besides the decorating, today I need to get in and straighten up my sewing room so I can focus on finishing up the things for the craft fair next weekend.

    I hope everyone has a good Sunday.
    Ginny B


      Re: Sunday morning greetings

      Good morning— We have mist today. Hope the sun comes out tomorrow. I am going to a holiday craft party. We (my scrapbook friends) get together each December to visit; eat, and do a craft. Most live in NJ, so I need to get on the road soon.

      My DH will have to hold the fort down? I had to leave a list of dog and household chores.

      Have a great day.


        Re: Sunday morning greetings

        Good morning! It is a bright, sunny day today, with highs in the upper 50's. I hope my sister takes Mom for a short walk today, I'm sure we won't see weather like this until spring. Temps are supposed to fall tomorrow, with highs in the low 30's the rest of the week.

        I took Mom to see her sister yesterday. My sister told Mom the wrong time; when I arrived at the house Mom wasn't ready. We left late and had a shorter visit than I planned, but since Mom wasn't having a good day, I think it was long enough. I am glad the two were able to see each other. My aunt was good and rolled with it when Mom called her by my sister's name, although I wish I had my camera out when Mom told her their brother -- who passed away in 2001 -- had stopped by and wanted my aunt to know he was thinking of her. The expression on her face was priceless. I want to take Mom to see her again before Christmas, and again before the New Year.

        My embroidery machine -- affectionately called the Monster -- was merrily making freestanding lace this morning when she had a jam. The instructions on the screen and the book were no help at all. I was able to cut away the lace to gain access to the bobbin area and clear the jam. Unfortunately, Monster is now having issues with the needle going up and down, and has jammed again with the needle in the down position. I need to take her to my LQS and see if she can be repaired. I've had her a little over a year, she was pre-owned. I really hope she can be fixed, I don't want to spend the money to buy a new machine. I'm just glad she didn't break on a quilt.

        Have a great week!


          Re: Sunday morning greetings

          Good morning. It's been several weeks since I've checked in to see how everyone is doing.

          We closed on our house this past Monday. Last Sunday we were moving out the last of our things and cleaning. I cried a lot and still occasionally cry. We are staying next door at our neighbors so that makes it worse.

          The lady who bought the house speaks very little English. Her granddaughter came over yesterday and asked if I could come over and show them how to work the thermostat because the heat wasn't working. I went over, checked the panel box and found the heat, AC and water heater breaker had been turned off. I turned them on, showed them how to work the thermostat, changed the return filter, and stopped the alarm from squeaking. They were very appreciative.

          We put in a bid on a house back a couple of weeks ago but the home inspection turned up major safety issues and the roof was leaking like a sieve. Of course we turned it down and did get our earnest money deposit back.

          Yesterday we went back to Virginia to look at a few more houses.

          We liked the first one but it was small and up a long, long winding dirt road. There were mainly vacation homes up that road so I could see the road being muddy and impassable for quite some time during the winter. There is a resident agreement for everyone to pay for road maintenance but I'm not sure I'd want to get into that.

          The second house was an estate foreclosure. It's the best we have seen so far so we did a contract. We'll find out Wednesday morning if they will take our offer. The offer was much lower than the list price but it was a cash offer. If they don't take the offer I don't know where to go from here. I'm not crazy about the place but I think we could make it a home. It is on 10 acres of land and DH gets lost when he bends over to tie his shoes. If we get the house I'll probably get some of the yellow caution tape and teach him to mark his trail so I don't have to go look for him.

          The only saving grace is DH has come down off his high horse and realized he can't have everything he wants. This will help me to adjust my search and maybe find something habitable.

          I'm so tired and depressed. I'm going to get out all the Christmas decorations and decorate for my neighbor. I think if I can find some Christmas movies on Netflix I can pull out of this sad mood.

          Have a great day!



            Re: Sunday morning greetings

            Oh Carol, I do hope that you find something to pull you out of your funk today. Buying and selling houses has to be the most stressful phases of our lives. I hope to be in this one till I die, which hopefully is a long long time. Started a new quilt last night. Have decided to make Goodnight Irene for a niece getting married in May. I'm using a Mayfield Indigo jelly roll that I have in my stash since her favorite color is blue. She likes vintage things, so I think this will fit the bill. Should get into the 80s today, so maybe I'll go out later and do a bit more yardwork. We'll see. Need to go handle laundry now. Have a great day.


              Re: Sunday morning greetings

              Good Afternoon All,

              I was here earlier but didn't have time to post. Suzanne, thanks for starting the day. It sounds like you had a really good time yesterday.

              Ginny, I'm glad your 'Sprinkle' went well yesterday. The shower I attended was really nice. Morgan's grandmother did a devotional and several of the women took tags that had different stages of life and they prayed for the little girl and her family through those ages. She received a lot of things that were on her registry, so she was really pleased. As you said, Ginny, it's a waiting game now as she's not due until January.

              Carol, selling and buying houses is a humongous endeavor and it's so stressful. We lived on a dead end road where there was an up keep agreement. We were fortunate that one of the owners had an 'in' with the gravel dealer. We'd chip in about $100 every other year to keep the road up. The road wasn't cut in correctly to start with, so we did have one major expense when we had the road regraded. After that we didn't have any more trouble with the gravel washing away.

              Karen, I love that Mayfield Indigo line. I bought one layer cake when M* had it on sale and another when FQS had it on sale. I'm waiting for motivation or a pattern that calls to me. I don't need another big quilt, but I know I'll have a hard time giving it away.

              The long armer called yesterday, Melinda's quilt was finished. It was too late to safely get there. Mike and I went as soon as I got home from church. I love it. They always do such a beautiful job. I'll trim it up and bind it tonight or tomorrow. I'd like to get in the mail to Melinda soon. The lady working today said they had 47 quilts left to finish before Christmas and she had their two machines both going to town. It amazes me to watch those things just zooming through a quilt.

              Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, comfort, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
              ― Maya Angelou


                Re: Sunday morning greetings

                Not a whole lot happening here . I am still in a major mess with decorations and clutter. I have made my mind up I am going to get this all in place today except for the tree which DD will help me with Wednesday.

                I can't figure out what is happening to my forum account. I have made no changes to my computer and for the last few days my password hasn't been saved. As long as I have been posting on the forum I have just had it saved and just clicked right in. Needless to say after a few years I had no idea what it was. It was a pain trying to reset my password. I never got a email yesterday to reset it. I tried this morning and success, but it didn't save it. Any one else having this problem ?

                Have a wonderful day and happy sewing!


                  Re: Sunday morning greetings

                  Good Afternoon ~ I'm very late getting here. I popped in early this a.m., but didn't have time to post. I've been busy all day. This a.m. was church. The service went longer than usual, plus it was Communion Sun. After the service, someone asked for help with a friend who was feeling dizzy & wondered if she should go to the ER. I'm a retired RN, so I spoke with her, checked her pulse, etc. I didn't have my B/P mach. or stethoscope with me. I thought she seemed pretty pale, but she seemed in no apparent distress. She has a history of Lyme Disease & has had previous visits to the ER where they never find anything wrong with her. I asked about an on call person; she said she could text her dr. She decided to go home & rest & see how she felt later. I prayed with her. I hope she'll be ok. We have several people in our congregation who are under treatment for Lyme Disease. It's difficult to treat.

                  On the way home I stopped at the groc. store for chicken, carrots, celery & a few items. I need to make chicken soup again in the a.m. So this eve. I'll be doing the veg. prep., which takes ~90 min.

                  Yest. I was able to get 25 Christmas cards ready for mailing before the mailman came by. Many more to do yet.

                  Well, it's almost news time.