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Sunday morning hellos

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    Sunday morning hellos

    What a difference a couple of days makes. We went from record breaking temperatures on Thursday and Friday to rain today. It does look like there was freezing rain through the night as the salt trucks have been out and the roads look a little slushy this morning. I think it will be a good day to stay in.

    Yesterday I was able to finish the ugly Christmas sweater table topper I made. I have a backing picked out.

    This is the pattern I used and it makes it quite large. I would like to make a quilt but will have to reduce the pattern.

    ugly christmas sweater.jpg

    Les and I attended the community Christmas dinner last night. What a meal!!

    Today is Grey Cup Sunday. Not sure what our plans are, probably will stay home and watch from here. I have a busy week ahead. Tomorrow Rachel and I are taking the car to have winter tires installed. Tues, Thurs and Friday are both working days. Tues is also Guild which I hope to be able to attend as I have to return a book and hand in my strip and blocks for the exchange. Hopefully if I can't go, I can find someone who is going.

    Anywho, have a great Sunday my friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Sunday morning hellos

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ A nippy 30 deg. this a.m.; we had a skiff of snow last night. The wind came up about 8:30 p.m. I know it's windy when I can hear the flapper over the kitchen stove vent rattle. Heavy snow in the mts.; I-70 W. of Denver was a mess & closed part of the time. There was a 20 car accident that ground everything to a halt. Lots of damaged vehicles, but no serious injuries. They opened a shelter at the rec. center in Frisco for stranded travelers.

    Yest. I went to Hobby Lobby, my LQS to check out the Small Business Saturday specials. The fabric was on sale for buy 2 yds. get 1 free. Minimum a 0.5 yd. cut. I bought 4 - 0.5 yd. cuts & 2 yds. of white yardage. Also some needles for my Baby Lock Tiara. I took in my Baby Bargello baby quilt for show & tell. My last stop was the bakery; their bread was 25% off for Sm. Bus. Sat.; that was a nice savings. In addition to the Dakota Whole Wheat, which I buy all the time, I bought 3 small cake breads. I slice it up & freeze it, then take out a small piece for a treat occasionally. My son is coming next mo., so I'll have a treat for him as well.

    Well, DH is waiting for breakfast. This a.m. is his medical procedure before I can leave for church, so I need to get on with my day.


      Re: Sunday morning hellos

      Good morning all. It's a sunny morning but we sure did have some beach rain last night. Yesterday I spent a good amount of time in my sewing room. DH even came up to help with some cutting and pinning. This morning we are headed out to the mall to pick up some ornaments for gifts. Then back home for the rest of the day.

      Have a good day all.
      Ginny B


        Re: Sunday morning hellos

        Happy Sunday Morning! It's back to work tomorrow, I enjoyed being off this week but am ready to go back. Of course there is lots to do today to get ready for the week, including finishing up the yard work. I will be glad when it is done! I also want to finish putting the binding on a quilt; I used the magic binding method from Shabby Fabrics, it's my new favorite way to join the ends of the binding.

        I ordered a travel wheelchair for Mom today. I talked to my aunt, who is still in the nursing home/rehabilitation center. It is not possible to bring her to Mom, and I don't think Mom could handle all the walking to get to my aunt's room. I should have bought a wheelchair sooner, but Mom -- of course -- doesn't want one. I would really like for the two of them to see each other, my Mom keeps asking about her. My aunt will probably spend the rest of her life in a facility.

        I think I will work on that quilt for a bit before I go to the grocery store. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


          Re: Sunday morning hellos

          Good morning. We had heavy rain last night. Today is sunny! Our house is quiet once again. My DH is taking our son back toPenn State. We did some shopping yesterday to support some local stores.
          I want to finish putting the borders on my Xmas quilt. Julie— I want to check out the magic binding method.
          Monique— I like your quilt top. I love Tula Pink’s fabrics and patterns.

          Have a good gay


            Re: Sunday morning hellos

            Good morning ladies. Yesterday my daughter and I had planned on going out to Meadowbrooke Gourds -- it's maybe 20-25 miles from my house. My sister and niece were supposed to go also. Well, the weather was not cooperating. Winter storm warning was in affect and they were calling for a chance of freezing rain. My sister and niece decided not to go but DD and I started out hoping for the best. As we travelled, it started misting and then changed to rain. Slowly, we made our way out but the temperature stayed around 31-32 degrees. As I was slowly crossing the bridge right before the last right turn, I started slowing down so I could make that turn. I started to slide, anti-lock brakes kicked in and I slid off the end of the bridge and half way past the intersection for the road. I was able to make the turn and then I pulled over to the side. DD said we could turn around and go back home but we were only about a mile or so from the place so we decided to continue and hope the weather would be better later in the morning.

            We were at the gourd place a little over 2 hours and then left. The roads were mostly wet but slushy in places. I was traveling fairly slow. At one point, DD started laughing. She said there were about 20 cars behind me. There were really only maybe 10 or so. Oh well, just because the speed limit says it is 40 doesn't mean you have to drive that in wet, icy conditions. I guess that sliding issue I had earlier in the morning made me very cautious.

            I will be trying to fit in some sewing today. I need to finish one more SS gift (it was a last minute addition) and then I want to finish the T-shirt quilt I started over a year ago.

            Have a great day everyone!! Happy sewing!!!



              Re: Sunday morning hellos

              Good morning everyone.

              The weather was much milder in the past few days, but we did get freezing rain last night. We had tickets to a concert by a harpist and flutess. Beautiful christmas, Celtic, traditional pieces. It was a hairy drive home, but we followed the salt trucks.

              I am almost finished the purse from yesterday's class. I have to make 2 buttonholes and sew the buttons, and it's done. I will post picture later. It could be an easy one for gifts. The main part is like a big cosmetic bag, with an outside box which reverses for different look, it has the straps attached. It's called the Versatile Purse.

              I am planning on staying home this week. I need to rest or this cold (flu?) will get worse. I am already having trouble breathing, and have started my inhalers. Throat has been raw all week. I remember this from when I used to get strep throat. I get like this when I am run down and burned out, but I know how to get better. No phones, no cooking so it's freezer meals all week, soups and rest. Exception will be to nurture my soul with sewing/quilting.

              Enjoy your day.
              Nancy (aka BethB) - I'm glad you were able to pass the ice driving test and everyone is safe and sound. I hate icy roads, something we live with.
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              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                Re: Sunday morning hellos

       admire that you came out of that turn and proceeded. Wise woman you are
                I will leave in an hour or so to head to the airport exit. Decided to spend the night in a hotel so I won't stress out about leaving at 4 am to get to the airport in time and what if the weather changed? right? SO, DH asked what I will do all afternoon and night and I said the same thing I do here...have dinner and watch crap on television and go to bed.
                So early tomorrow I will be heading to Daytona to visit my friend whom I haven't seen since 2011. I am really excited to see her. I will miss all of you. I'm not taking any electronics. A true vacation.
                Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                  Re: Sunday morning hellos

                  Good Afternoon All,

                  Jim picked me up for church this morning early, they had practice before Sunday School and were supposed to have practice for the Christmas and Cocoa program this coming Friday. First practice went off really well. Then Jim taught Sunday School on the study of Christology. Very interesting beginnings, he'll continue for two more weeks. He was really wanting to do the Advent Seasons, but the Pastor wants to do it.

                  We've just about gotten the house decorated for Christmas. Jim came over yesterday afternoon. He and Mike tried to undo all of the cords and stuff that was under the tv cabinet. We got the mat put back under my sewing room desk, so I can put my sewing machine back on it. I have the fabric for the bowl cozies and hot pads for Nana and Nandy.

                  Kids won't be here in the morning so I'll be able to ease back into the swing of things. Three weeks of school for Jim, then three weeks off, before the long 8 week stretch before his spring break.

                  Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, comfort, wisdom, and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
                  ― Maya Angelou


                    Re: Sunday morning hellos

                    Last week was a busy week with going out of town shopping , having a new den floor taken out and put in and Thanksgiving. My son just left with his dog driving back to Florida. Having two shedding dogs in the house has been a challenge. I need motivation to get started cleaning up the house so I can decorate. I don't know why I can't make myself get up out of this chair and do something. The man is coming back to put the pool table back together in the den tomorrow morning. I keep thinking I will wait and do it after stuff is back in place. It was nice to have Jeff here to help me do some heavy lifting. He put stuff in the attic, brought in dog food, cases of bottled water and fixed my tv!! I can do everything I need done except the heavy lifting stuff and well im not good with electronics. I think I want a nap and let the house just stay turned up side down.
                    Have a wonderful day !!


                      Re: Sunday morning hellos

                      TMP, I feel the same way about the cleaning and decorating. I cooked a big dinner this weekend, shopped for gifts and sewed a little bit, and I'm tired. Plus, I'm doing things one-handed due to the stitches in my finger. I asked DH to help today with a couple of things, and his reply? "No, I don't want to. I'm taking a nap!" So, at this point I don't even care if the decorations go up or not. Tired of doing everything myself.

                      Sorry...rant over...