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Friday has arrived

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    Friday has arrived

    Yes it has and it has also arrived with snow! Not sure how much is out there but it is enough.

    I got called at the last minute yesterday to work today but I declined, weather and all. Plus we are having our winter tires installed this morning. I got out the tires and put them in the van and brought out the winter shovels. Hubby asked where the shovels were but I had already taken care of that.

    I had a very busy day yesterday. I went over to Bonnie's and started packing her sewing room. I came home with quite a load. And there is still lots. We did have a critter in the trap so out it went. And then last night I helped at the church supper and came away with lots of leftovers. So I won't have to cook for a few days.

    I might try and sort through some fabric and make piles for donations. I will also go to Bonnie's and check the trap and clean a path to the door.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Friday has arrived

    Mornin Monique and everyone!

    Yup, snowed here too......not was the experts were saying. I'm happy they were wrong. We only got about an inch of the real wet heavy stuff. But the snow knocked down the leaves off the remaining tree. Too wet to clean it up or get up and clean the gutters. Ah well....

    Yesterday I felt like a hamster running on one of those wheels. Every time I thought I was "done" doing chores another popped up. However I did get 1 block sewn, so not all bad.

    No cooking dinner tonight. We were invited to a church dinner by our son and DIL. Turkey with all the trimmings! Can't beat that!

    Hope everyone has a safe, warm day, complete with smiles and hugs!
    💫 Star lover


      Re: Friday has arrived

      Happy Friday Everyone....Our snow we woke up with yesterday is melting and everything is muddy. All three of the Girls LOVE snow. It was first snow for the pups. At first it scared little Sugar but after she saw Maggie enjoying it she gave it a chance and had a ball playing with it. I melted off lots of snowballs yesterday.

      I love Jenny's new tutorial, especially the elephant. Since I live in MO I need to make the donkey. I may end up making both at some point.

      I'm off to make Jeff's lunch and to get the Girls settled. Since Maggie discovered the dishwasher she wants in the kitchen with me all the time. She tries to jump in to explore. If you need a big change in your life I suggest getting a Westie....never a dull moment.

      Have a great day friends.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Friday has arrived

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ Today is supposed to be the "warm before the storm" -- in the 60's -- snow tonight into tomorrow. I hope it won't be too much.

        I made further progress on the baby quilt yest. Got the FMQ done on the inside border. Only the wider outside border needs to be done. Then I can trim it & add the binding. I finally feel like I'm getting something accomplished. I also cut out some fabric strips from FQs to make the Four in a Row quilt.

        Today is our monthly senior fellowship at church. There's always a program of some sort, a short devotional, & a good meal. There usually are ~30 of us. I go by myself. DH doesn't feel up to going out & wouldn't be able to eat the food anyway. He eats the same ole, same old every day, but at least he's able to maintain his weight.

        I haven't had time to watch the new tutorial yet, but I'll get to it later today.


          Re: Friday has arrived

          Good Morning All,

          You all can enjoy the snow for me. It was chilly, windy and just plain dreary yesterday. Jonathan went to the coop yesterday morning, and came over here for the afternoon. He'd been here a little over an hour and his Dad called. You're going to laugh.... 'Do you have J, or is he over at Nana and Nandy's. Are they picking him up? What am I supposed to do?' Really! Honestly and truly! He had no idea of what had gone on. I told him that J had only been here for a little over an hour. Since he was across town, it took him about 45 minutes to get here. We didn't get a lot accomplished, but what we did get done was quality work.

          After they left, Mike and I pulled out the Christmas stuff. I had to remake a lot of labels since I buy ornaments for the grands Christmas right after Christmas, I'd already wrapped and labeled them with Papa's name. The kids left all of their Christmas bags from last year, so some of those had to have new tags too, but I'm using those same bags! I haven't been as prepared as I normally am for Christmas this year. Thanksgiving has even snuck up on me. Yesterday afternoon, Mike and I went out to add to the grandkids Christmas. I picked up a gift card for Morgan and I'll stick it in a pair of socks for her. MIL will be sending money to get Christmas for Jim and Morgan, she took care of the little ones before Toys R Us went under. (I still have the Christmas bags we put her presents in last year, too!) I guess I'm following in my Mom and Dad's footsteps - if you want your Christmas bag filled up next year, you better leave it here! At least my closet is looking like Christmas is coming. It doesn't look like the Thanksgiving tree is going to get put up this year.

          I've got to call the window guy again. This is getting annoying! I was hoping that job would be done before winter! Since it's in the 40s here this morning, I'll work in the garage this afternoon. It's supposed to be a beautiful day.

          Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
          ― Maya Angelou


            Re: Friday has arrived

            30 here this mrning with a skiff of snow on top of the bird feeders. Suppose to get to 50 today and then the weekend a little warmer. I'm going into town today (again!) to grocery shop for the feast. Went yesterday and DH dropped me off to purchase the turkey but you had to spend $25 to get the 38 cent turkey. Well, I didn't have time to put more groceries in the cart so decided to leave the bird to today when I would get what I really needed. Lord knows it will be more than $25 . I was just hoping to get the big bird home and in the freezer yesterday so I didn't have to wrestle with it by myself.
            Remember I told you I found some new upholstery bolts of fabric at the dump site? I turned them into gift bags . They are yellow and orange...bright and cheerful...but I don't have enough braided cording for the handles so I need to find some to finish them. I have all the grommets put in so its a no brainer to finish.
            Oldest DD texted last night to say she is too tired to come to Thanksgiving. I told her its a week a way and she should rest up. No response. Obviously she doesn't want to come. Her DH and DS are feuding and I guess she thinks ignoring it it will go away...wrong. They need to have a face to face and get it over with. Its been a year.
            DS's girlfriend (7 or 8 yrs now) doesn't like our family so she is going to go to the nursing home and be with her grandmother for the holiday. Hard to argue with that but I wish she would just suck it up and come here. If the DD's could get to know her better maybe they could find something in common. I try to stay out of these little feuds.
            Katrina, it will only be 10 days and I will be in the FLorida sunshine too. Hope its over 40!! I bought summer clothes for this event. I surely don't want to freeze my little tail off.
            Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


              Re: Friday has arrived

              We have a bit more snow this morning DH gets excited to use the snowblower, first time each year. He's like a kid this way. REALLY, there is no more than 4".

              I have brought up the bins and packing supplies and display of craft items. Set up is tonight, and I usually go around then to see what other vendors have. Once the show starts, it's a steady trek of people and doesn't let up, a lull of half hour around lunch. There are 3 craft shows on the way from my house to the high school. So it's convenient for buyers, a central location of shows. Every day this week has been dedicated to making a bunch of one item, and that has worked out fine. Yesterday I cut up bowl cozies. They sell well, but many people have them, so if you have nice or unusual fabrics, they sell. If not, they make nice hostess gifts during the holidays.

              Monique - it's that time of year, where mice are seeking the warmth. We still have not caught it. Hopefully it went back out the way it came in. In any event, the cats are in duty. We did buy more traps. Joy - we checked out the glue strips, but decided these would not be good for our nosy cats as the ones we saw had chemicals.

              Terry - you are wise to stay out of the feud. My brother's wife never got along with my mom, and as I tell my mom he is a grown man, he has chosen to cut off all contact with our family, actually all of the relatives. I hope that your DD doesn't start avoiding all family events.

              Enjoy your day. Stay warm and stay safe with all the snow accumulations everywhere. For me, it's sewing / quilting therapy time.
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              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                Re: Friday has arrived

                Good morning. Sunny and slushy here. The roads were terrible yesterday. After my appt I stayed home and sewed the sleeves onto my 2 quilts. I use the Hang It Dang It rod to hang them. They are going into our new guest room.

                I wish I lived closer to go to the craft shows. Hope you sell a lot Suzanne.

                Have a Good Friday.


                  Re: Friday has arrived

                  After a typical gloomy, raw November day yesterday we got our first snow of the season overnight. We got about 7". It was so pretty as it coated every branch. It was very cold...the temp never made it's way out of the 20's. DS's new puppy got his first taste of snow (literally, as he eats everything) and we got a video of him jumping like a pogo stick because he was so excited.
                  Nothing too exciting going on in the sewing room. Got caught up with Blockheads yesterday with a big 18" block. This week's block involves curved piecing and a tiny star. After 30 blocks of this mystery I'm finally feeling confidant that I can tackle almost anything when it comes to piecing. I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone and it has been worth the effort.
                  Today I hope to get started on a tree skirt using a pattern from Moda's blog and a layer cake I got 2 years ago called Midnight Clear. Maybe it'll be finished in time to use it this year, maybe not. We'll see.
                  Hope you all find time to sew today.

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