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Tuesday Morning Hellos!

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    Tuesday Morning Hellos!

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Probably someone else will be posting at the same time as me. I'm a little earlier than usual. I woke up before the alarm. I got cold. I guess I'll have to add another blanket to my bed tonight. It's only 23 outside this a.m. I sleep in an unheated bedroom, with the window open, just a sliver in this cold weather -- my preference.

    Yest. was laundry, working on my Bible study lesson, & in the eve., prepping the celery & carrots for making chicken soup today. At 1 p.m. I had a much needed massage, after which I went to the groc. store.

    Today DS#1 is traveling on business from Baltimore to Boise. DS#2, who just visited, will be flying home to Seattle tonight. Praying for safe travels for both of them.

    I see on the web this a.m. that the death toll from the fires in CA now is up to 44. My heart goes out to those folks.

    Just maybe, I can make it to the sewing room this afternoon.

    Re: Tuesday Morning Hellos!

    Good Morning Joy and Everyone...It's bitter cold this morning. Hopefully I won't have to be out in it too much.

    I made a small gift for a friend and afterward my sewing room looked like it exploded. I straightened up last night before bed and sure am glad I did.

    Next Thursday is Thanksgiving. I have almost everything we will need for our dinner. Jeff will have 4 days off so I'm planning for lots of leftovers. Our neighbors will join us for our meal.

    I have a mountain of laundry with Jeff home for 3 days plus his hunting stuff. This is what I will do for most of the day. I have an easy dinner planned.

    I'm expecting a shipment from M* today and also a surprise gift for Jeff.

    I hope everyone has a good Tuesday....hugs...

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Tuesday Morning Hellos!

      Joy, I too prefer a cold bedroom for sleeping. Of course, our whole house is unheated except for the wood stove, so the bedroom is always cool if not downright cold. In the winter , 45 is a heatwave in the bedroom but that's what quilts are for, right. DH won't let me have the window open in there, but the cat door is in there so there is some fresh air coming thru the cracks.
      Its over 40 this morning for the first time in days. Its been raining here for ever it seems like.
      Thanksgiving is sneaking up on me. I finally texted the children and told them I need a head count so I can grocery shop. All but one family has responded with the news they are coming. So I guess we will be about 20 for dinner. Need a big turkey!! But oh how I hope for good warm weather for the eating. We just don't have table space so we will just load up our plates and find a place to sit. I certainly can't justify a big dining room and table for one or two holiday meals. When the weather allows, eating outside is our preference.
      Need to get the menu in order though. Then, the Monday following Thanksgiving I'm off to Daytona to visit my friend. She lives in Umatilla and will meet me in Daytona and we will stay there for 3 days in a timeshare she has and then we will go to St. Augustine for 3 days and be tourists and catch up on our lives. Haven't seen her for 7 years. It will be exciting. Oh how time flys
      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


        Re: Tuesday Morning Hellos!

        Good morning. Another dreary day here. I have a busy day — tutoring, getting a neck massage, and taking the pug back to the eye doctor. We may order dinner online and have it delivered. Hope to finish sewing the binding on my wall quilt after dinner.

        Looks like everyone so far will be busy with holiday planning and household chores. Have a good day.


          Re: Tuesday Morning Hellos!

          Dark and raining and I'm coming down with a cold, perfect day to stay in pj's and watch old movies but we have to go out tjis afternoon to sign our updated wills. Our 3 sons were married with small children when we had our first one made and now all but one of our 7 grandkids are married with children or off on their own. Time really has passed quickly.



            Re: Tuesday Morning Hellos!

            Good morning from Buckingham Palace (retreat). I don't have much accomplished but I am having a great time with great people. We raised our glasses Sunday night for Bonnie. It is a most beautiful scene here this morning. Facing the lake, there is a gentle snow fall and the trees are white with snow. I am glad I am here enjoying myself.

            Have a great day everyone.
            Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


              Re: Tuesday Morning Hellos!

              Good morning ladies,
              We've had a few inches of heavy wet snow overnight. Perfect snow for making snowmen. My GF dropped by this morning to pick up 2 advent calendars, so I will use money to get more change for Saturday's sale. Yesterday I packaged up bibs, burp pads and change pads, advent calendars and crib sheets. I have 5 bins of items. I also cleaned up the sewing room, so today I will work on the baby face cloths. They are fast to make and good sellers.

              DH went shopping with DS#2 for winter boots and clothes. He doesn't drive and it's difficult to get to some of these box stores from his place. He found boots and we had leftover beef stew I made. I boxed up the rest for him. He doesn't cook much. He has been working on movie sets in Toronto this year, and later going to LA. They put him up in a hotel for a few weeks at a time. He has worked on the Star Wars Discovery show and Suits show. Suits is the one that Meagan Markle appeared on. He now has to wear a shirt and tie, as they have promoted him to assistant director. This from a kid who can barely take care of himself when he lived here. It's been 2+ years since I lost it, and told DH he had to move out. I knew this would be best for him, and it was. He is grateful and feels like I gave him the opportunity to live his life. Go figure. Katrina - maybe it's time to gently push the bird out of the nest. Sure he was floundering in the beginning, but we were there for him if he needed our help. Some are just not born with independent streak.

              My GF Pam called yesterday. She has been in end-stage liver disease for awhile now, and she has been put on the transplant list. She can. I longer drive, and she has had her right to make decisions taken from her. The powers of attorney she signed years ago will be implemented. She is a trooper, but I have seen her decline in the past 5 years. She is planning on coming to the guild meeting tonight with another quilting/sailing GF Karen. Karen's DH has had chemo and radiation, and surgery for cancer, I can't remember the type. I feel very helpless, but I know that just being with Pam and sharing hobbies is helpful. I am glad that I had the chance to quillt her DD's quilt top this summer.

              Today, I will sew while the cleaning lady is here. Tonight is guild meeting.
              Monique - I'm glad that you are enjoying yourself, whether you sew anything or not.

              So sad to see the devastation and rising death toll from the California fires. We are dumbstruck by the comments and blame placed on the state that it should manage its forests better DAH! I suppose it's all that hot air!!

              Enjoy your day. Be safe. Stay warm. Thoughts for all who are facing challenges.

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                Re: Tuesday Morning Hellos!

                Here it is in the middle of the afternoon and I'm sitting with my feet up. Ah, the lazy life... I should be doing something, I'm sure. i had the little ones this morning. They colored and worked puzzles until Nandy picked them up. Morgan had a dr. appt for her migraines. I hope she'll find some relief.

                Dinner last night was delicious. The tenderloin was moist and the cream of bacon soup made a nice base for gravy. PawPaw would have been delighted... pork with rice and gravy was always a favorite of his. After dinner, we worked together to make the volcano for Jonathan. It was a kit from Hobby Lobby, and we mixed up the plaster, so it would have time to cure before he comes for school tomorrow. The plan is he'll paint it tomorrow, let it dry and set it off on Thursday. I'd never made a kit volcano like this, so it was interesting when we unmolded it and it was so warm! Today, it's sitting in the sun by the patio doors getting baked naturally.

                I've been in contact with Michael Miller fabrics about the jelly roll that I used on Melinda's kit. I told them it was flat and stringy on one side and it was only 2 3/8" wide. They're sending me three yards of Bright White to make up for all of the trouble. There were other issues than just the size, one strip had packing tape on it, and one had a huge brown smudge/stain. Thankfully, I didn't need the whole jelly roll for the Easy Ribbon Quilt.

                I cleaned out the refrigerator after lunch and the dishwasher is running now. I'm thinking about getting a new faucet for the kitchen sink, there seems to be a lot of water coming from the bottom of the faucet. Mike's not sure if it's me or the plumbing. I'm thinking a combination of the two, but there is a lot of mineral build up, so it's probably time to replace it. I'll have someone come and install it for me. With the disposal under the sink there isn't a lot of room to work under there, but there's no sign of water running under the sink or down the back of the cabinet.

                There's a baby at church, Baby Ivy, who's having difficulties. From all of the acronyms they're throwing around... I don't understand a lot of what's happening other than she's had one heart surgery, her O2 levels are too low, and if things don't improve she'll not be qualified for her second heart surgery (which she'll have to have to survive). If you could add this sweet baby to your prayer lists, I'm sure her family would appreciate the additional pray warriors on their child's behalf.

                Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                  Re: Tuesday Morning Hellos!

                  Hi, again ~ I just sat down for a few min. The chicken soup finally is done! I had a 6 lb. whole chicken + 4 lb. of legs, so it made a big batch. I had 15 qt. containers, which now are in the freezer. Glad that job is done for a while.

                  We're having a wonderful sunny day. I saw 54 deg. briefly, but now it's 50. The snow is melting fast. Lots of green grass showing through. The snow won't last long.

                  Terry ~ your house is colder than mine. It was 60 in my BR; that's plenty cold. We keep the furnace set at the same temp. 24/7. It's cheaper (uses less fuel/elec.) to keep one's house at the same temp. around the clock than to turn down the thermostat at night & then back up in the a.m. We had a furnace man tell us that several years ago, & our gas bills proved it. DH is cold all the time; he's up & down several times at night, so he likes the house warm. We keep it ~75 deg.

                  I keep hoping I'll make it to the sewing room, but it hasn't happened yet. Too busy cooking, cleaning, or something. I'm not planning any Thanksgiving cooking. DH cannot eat the usual holiday fare. I take a potluck dish to the annual dinner we have at our church; I go by myself. There usually are 75-100 people who come.

                  Tonight is our monthly guild mtg. We will be honoring the Veterans. One of our groups makes QOV, so those will be presented tonight. In Dec. it will be a party with refreshments.

                  I started re-reading Jennifer Chiaverini's book, The Giving Quilt. It takes place at Thanksgiving time with a retreat at Elm Creek Manor to make charity quilts for Project Linus. They're learning to make the Resolution Square block, which certainly is an easy one.

                  Well, I'm ready for a c. of coffee & my recliner.


                    Re: Tuesday Morning Hellos!

                    Joy, Our wood stove sits between the kitchen and living room so it is warm in those two rooms . Usually 65-70, Our bedroom was added on after the cabin was built so it has a big thick wall between the living room and it and so it stays cold. The other two rooms are at the back of the house on the north side and don't get much warmth either. There is a big sunny window in one of them so it gets some warmth there. But with just the two of us living here, we are mostly in the front of the house anyway.
                    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.