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Good Sunday Morning

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    Good Sunday Morning

    It's Sunday, once again.

    This morning I'm playing hookie. There are small groups at church and Jim and Morgan are active in one group. Normally they meet on Sunday evenings, around supper time. Well they decided to add a week, so instead of two weeks a month, it's three and the second Sunday is their new time and they made it after church. It was rather obvious from Jim's explaining all of that to me, it was going to be a pain in his rear to get me back home on Sunday and then make it back to church on time. So, I decided that I'd stay home and not be a burden (my mom's words are just ringing in my head as I'm typing this).

    So, this morning, I'll use my time constructively by finishing up Melinda's quilt and shopping for backing fabric. Then I'll pull out my Christmas quilt and trim it up and get the binding put on. I want it finished before the guys get here to put in the windows. One day, they'll come, as soon as the permits are approved. Until then, I'll keep calling and bugging them. I've been patient long enough and at this rate, I'm not going to get my fall cleaning done, it will be pre- Christmas cleaning!

    The coffee is ready, and my last load of laundry (from yesterday) is probably cold and dry in the dryer. I hope everyone has a great Sunday.

    Prayers for those in need for healing, comfort, strength, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Re: Good Sunday Morning

    Good morning Katrina. It sounds like you are going to spend a nice creative, constructive day. I had a good day in my sewing room yesterday. DH came up and cut batting and backing fabric for me, cut a layer cake into 5" squares and then did some pinning all while I was sewing. I was able to get 4 more tablerunners done! I felt like I needed to make up some time in the sewing room since I spent less time in there this week because of feeling a bit under the weather with this cold. It is nice and sunny here today but a bit chilly. I may take a trip to the farm for some produce but other than that, I don't think I will venture anywhere else. Tomorrow my sis and I are headed up to my son's for an overnight visit. We are going to do a bit of Thanksgiving food shopping since we will be celebrating up there this year. My youngest son will be joining us this year for Thanksgiving and we are very happy about that. He hasn't been with us for Thanksgiving in quite a number of years.

    I think it's time for some breakfast now. Have a good day all.
    Ginny B


      Re: Good Sunday Morning

      Good morning Katrina and all who will follow,

      Katrina - Celebrate. This is a bonus day for just you. Take advantage of it, and do as you please. Heaven knows that you adjust your agenda enough for everyone else. Interesting to read your comment about the ballots in one county.

      It's a beautiful sunny day, crisp but nice with no rain or snow. This will be welcomed for people attending outdoor Remembrance Day celebrations. To my American friends, enjoy your Veterans Day celebrations. I am giving thanks to all who gave their lives and served in order that we can enjoy the freedoms we have. Bless them and their families. My mom will be quick to remind everyone that I won a literary prize when I was 13. I wrote a remembrance day essay, from the point of view of a mother whose 2 sons were serving in a war. I must have had a vivid imagination, as I didn't have any relatives who served in a war. As farmers they were needed to feed the people. They said it brought many tears to the judges and I won 1st prize.

      Yesterday my friend Dorothy came over and we shared our latest quilting projects. I also did a bit of sewing, almost finished the last 2 advent calendars. I baked a dozen of ginger orange cookies which I shared with Dorothy. It's handy having them prepped and frozen.

      We went to my daughter where we gave my GD Cassandra her birthday gift. The eskimo quilt and personalized pillows. We don't buy new gifts, as they outgrow them quickly. I found a Disney princess chair with storage seat and Beauty & beast tea pot and cups. The teapot talks, sings and makes noises. She loved that and the pillowcases the best. Since this kid does not even sleep with a blanket, I suggested she put the quilt on the floor for a picnic. Perfect. It warmed my heart that she thought I was bringing her home for a sleepover. None of the GKs have slept over, ever. So this may be the one, I will start with, then maybe DH's son's girls. The 3 get along and aged 3,5,6.

      Today, I want to make more cookies, chocolate mint. I will need to get more eggs as I used them all up when I made quiches this week. I will bake some now, and remainder frozen to cook near xmas.

      Other than that, I hope to get to the sewing room, and take out bins of items for next Saturday's craft sale.

      Enjoy your day. Be safe. Be warm.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Re: Good Sunday Morning

        Good morning everyone. Not much going on here today. We had so much wind yesterday that it blew most of the leaves from the oak tree in the front yard somewhere else. It was way too windy to blow them and now I don't have to. Yea!!! I am going to go out in a little bit. Friday, I ran over a partial skunk on the road -- with the rain and super cloudy skies I did not see the little chunk on the road until the last minute. I rode around for a bit trying to hit as many puddles as I could, but after being back in the garage for about an hour, it was still pretty stinky. I backed the car out and it has been in the driveway since Friday. I want to take it to a car wash today to get it washed -- making sure to get the undercarriage and wheel wells washed. Other than that, I have a couple of errands to run and when I get back home, I will be doing more sewing to try to finish my Secret Santa gifts. I am almost there.

        Have a great day!!



          Re: Good Sunday Morning

          Good morning. We have a break from the rain until Tuesday. I ran to a Trader Joe’s to buy my frozen oatmeal. It is an easy and filling breakfast. I may go to the fabric store and find some border and backing fabric for my winter quilt.

          Nancy— hope you can get rid of the skunk smell.

          Have a good day. Beth


            Re: Good Sunday Morning

            Good Morning, Everyone ~ Ahhh, a day to finally relax! I've been so busy getting ready for DS's visit, & then we kept busy while he was here the past 2 days. Yest. we cleaned the window wells & covers, & bsmt. windows. Leaves & grass clippings find their way in, & always the spiders & their webs. One well had a layer of webs all the way across. DS found an abandoned wasp nest in one well. He had to make a run to the store first thing in the a.m. to buy more glue boards. I wanted one placed in each well, plus we discarded some older ones in the bsmt. that needed to be replaced. I had him buy 6 pkgs. (of 4 ea.) In all, DH put together a doz. boards. As I looked in the window wells & saw that old dirty rock, I decided it needed sprucing up. So I made a run to Lowe's for 6 bags of white marble chip rocks--one bag for each well--to cover up those old rocks. It also should make the bsmt. brighter. We had wonderful weather yest. for this job. It got up to 64 deg. & was sunny. After that project was over, there was just enough day light left to get out the ladder & DS checked the gutters for leaves. He got 6 plastic Walmart bags full of leaves & those stems that fall from the honey locust trees. Another job he did was to tighten all the bolts on the inside of the garage door & lube the rollers & track. In the eve., he visited a buddy from HS. I took a bath & went to bed.

            Well....this a.m. we woke up to the predicted snow. DS said it was just starting to snow when he drove home ~11:30 last night. By daylight, we had 4" on the picnic table. It's still snowing. I think the storm total will be upwards of 6". He had to clean off the rental car before he could head to another friend's house an hr. away. I'm hoping the roads were cleared & he had safe travels. He'll stay there, then he flies back to Seattle Tues. night. He gets home ~midnight & will have to be at work by 8 a.m., so it will be a short night for him. He used up all his vac. time, which was the first one he's had in 2 yrs.

            The only quilt I had time to show DS was the top I finished for him; it's lap size. Hopefully I can get it quilted & to him by Christmas. All these baby quilts needed to be done. I'm hoping some of my finished tops can be quilted, so I won't have to start from scratch for these other baby quilts that need to be done before mid-Jan.

            Katrina ~ Enjoy a relaxing day at home. BTW, have you checked with your local senior center to see if there is transportation for seniors in your area? We have a transport service in our town that is reasonably priced; one books ahead. It might be an option for when you don't want to depend on family members to take you places & give more independence. What about bus service?

            I'm skipping church today. I had planned ahead to not be there. I'll work on my Bible study lesson for Wed. If there's time, I might even do some sewing, which has been on hold while I was getting ready for DS's visit. It seems like forever since I've had a good sewing day. I've missed it.


              Re: Good Sunday Morning

              Katrina, Joys idea of senior transportion is a good one, but I know you live in a city so have you called to check the prices for UBER. My dd said she and her husband used it in CHarlotte one evening and it was really cheap. Just a thought.
              I sewed most of the daylight hours today. Embroidered several more guest towels and cut out some tote bags. I found several partial bolts of upholstery fabric at the dump site Thursday when taking the trash. There they were laying on top of the bin, waiting for someone who could use them. I asked the dump manager and he said, by all means, take them. They were unused but definitely dated colors. Yellows and oranges...and I thought, you know, they would make good tote bags for gifts this I managed to cut out 9 20x40 pieces that will make a good sized tote bag and I will put the GC's presents in them. Since I am giving them each 3 small gifts this will be perfect.
              I'm making a new recipe of broccoli/rice casserole to go with scallops for dinner. Wish me luck. If it works, I'll brag tomorrow. Its a dump and mix recipe, meaning no prep...raw rice, frozen broccoli...
              Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                Re: Good Sunday Morning

                I'll have to check into senior transportation. There is a senior center close to where Jim lives, lol, I wish it was closer to me!

                I'd said something about Lyft/ Uber, but there were some issues with naughty drivers about that time, so the kids kind let me know they didn't want me to use them.

                There aren't any bus stops close by (other than the school buses) that pick up the kids. I need to call and see if I can get signed up for the disability bus. My eye sight might not be bad enough yet.

                It's been busy around here. I finished Melinda's Easy Ribbon this morning, and took it to Cinnamon's to get backing, went across the hall and dropped it off to be long armed. Gail was shocked to see me again since I was there yesterday picking up my Christmas quilt.

                We came back home and after a calming bit (due to traffic on 295) I started cutting the binding from the left over backing fabric. I have the quilt bound. I threw it on the bed, lol, it was so crooked, but it is beautiful! I'm going to make the pillow cases for my extra pillows tomorrow.

                Morgan had a migraine this morning and had to have someone drive her home from church. I don't know if Jim went to his after church event or not. He talked to Mike this afternoon. Since Morgan's off until Thurs, I may not have the little ones tomorrow. With her odd hours, she really takes advantage of having time with the kids when she's off and isn't making up for lost sleep.

                Sweet dreams everyone! It's been a wonderful creative day for me. I really needed it!
                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou