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Good morning sunny Sunday

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    Good morning sunny Sunday

    It seems that I am up an hour earlier. Go figure we've gained an hour. Today is my GD 3rd birthday. It's an all kids party, so we will see her this week.

    I ran errands yesterday but at 4, I put a roast in the oven and told DH we were eating later. I went down and made progress on the advent calendars.

    Enjoy your day. Sending positive thoughts to all in need.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.

    Re: Good morning sunny Sunday

    Yesterdqy I made a decision on the stabilizer that I wanted and I found a terrific buy at an online store. I was filling out the order and looking for my CC number when my wifi went down. I'm staring at the immovable page and realize their physical address is in Weaverville, NC only 40 miles and I go there once a week to get MIL. Providence was with me and so I will go next week and be able to actually see the stabilizer. Plus they have embroidery thread in large cones for $1.50 to $6. So that will be a fun adventure.
    So, I've been re reading my manual and it says that I can download letters from the Viking website for free. Today I will see if I can do this. My tech skills are so non existent.
    DH didn't sell anything at his gun and knife show yesterday. Said it was a poor turnout ...but he went back today. I felt bad for him because he was so excited to go.
    I need to start planning the Thanksgiving menu. I am really hoping for the weather to holdout so the children can go out and hike and play and perhaps we can even eat outside. The house is so crowded with all of us here especially if we are weathered in.
    Leaves are still with us this morning and shimmering in gold and crimson. What a glorious fall...and the tv predicted no color...hohum.
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


      Re: Good morning sunny Sunday

      I also forgot about the time change. I just got up at my regular time but didn't figure it out until I didn't hear anyone else stirring. As a consolation prize I made a batch of peanut butter no-bake cookies.


        Re: Good morning sunny Sunday

        Yes, up an hour early. The animals don't understand the time change.
        I finished the elves for my grands yesterday and started putting together some blocks that were made at a retreat in Sept. I might get that done since I am up early and DH is going to play golf.
        Have a good upcoming week and be sure to vote on Tuesday.


          Re: Good morning sunny Sunday

          Good morning. We were all up early too. The dogs were ready for breakfast. I am taking a quilt to my quilters this afternoon. Before that I have a few loads of laundry to do.

          It is sunny again but rain returns tomorrow. Have a good day.


            Re: Good morning sunny Sunday

            Good morning all. It is a beautifully sunny morning. I woke up before 7 with the sun streaming in the Windows and a view of the fall colors outside. I got up, fed Myrtle (our cat), put water on for tea and watered the houseplants. Then I took my tea back up to the bedroom and caught up on emails.

            Yesterday was a busy day in the kitchen. We went to the farm and picked up a lot of produce for Thanksgiving. Then we came home and blanched and prepped our green beans and Brussel sprouts and got them into the freezer and then worked on the corn and made the corn in butter sauce, let that cool and got that into the freezer too. We had also stopped at the butcher for our meat for the next couple weeks and we picked up a meatball sandwich to pop in the oven so dinner was ready quickly and with no work when we were ready to eat.

            Today dh will do the grocery shopping and I will make some bolognese sauce for our pasta dinner. Other than that, we have nothing else on our agenda. We may start our Christmas shopping list.

            Have a good day everyone.
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            Ginny B



              Re: Good morning sunny Sunday

              Morning Everyone...It rained all night and may continue all day again. The pups hate going potty out in the rain. Dottie has a special potty spot for rainy weather that's sheltered but Sugar wants to do her own thing...Maggs learned from Dot.

              I have a pot of chicken breasts simmering for dog meals. I will shred it and package it for the freezer. The girls eat 15 pounds of chicken breasts plus 15# of kibble and broth per month. Then there are the treats.... Dottie is on a special protein and rice diet for her heart condition and she loves it. Feeding everyone here keeps me busy.

              I seem to have an infected toe so I will try to make an appointment with a foot doctor tomorrow. When you have diabetes you can have foot issues that must be taken care of immediately.

              No sewing going on here.

              Wishing everyone a great day.

              Scottie Mom Barb


                Re: Good morning sunny Sunday

                Good morning all. Yesterday was a day spent with DGD. It is so fun to watch the little ones thinking and get excited. I just wish she could talk, but then again that day may come when I wish she would stop talking for a few minutes, so just enjoy the moments while you can, whichever stage it is. We went to the farmer's market and then to a little outdoor food truck park. It took her about 30 minutes before she would leave my lap and play with the toys. Once we got home, it was time for a nap, a good 2 hour nap. Ok I snuck in a nap for myself too. Grocery shopping after nap time. It rained last night, looks to be overcast for the day, which is ok because my agenda today includes laundry and cooking. Going to try a new recipe for pecan pie bread pudding.


                  Re: Good morning sunny Sunday

                  Good Afternoon All,

                  Another, I wonder who's going to pick me up Sunday. After 7:15 I figured it wasn't going to be Jim, but you know you have to be ready just in case. Oh well, it gave me time to write a bit and realize Jim's birthday is this week. I'd better get planning on that! I guess I'll take them out to dinner... maybe I'll just call them on his birthday and ask if he'd like to go out... 5 minutes before dinner time. Oh the meanie mom is coming out.

                  I pulled out a Carol Doke block yesterday. Siting there sewing, my brain was thinking, wouldn't these be nice for gift bag tags. Sometimes I worry about me!

                  I found out one of my former principal's passed away yesterday. It broke my heart, thinking about the close group we had working at PRM, from what I hear now, it's not that way anymore. I won't be able to go to NC to be there for the funeral, but I'll send my condolences to the family and make a donation in Linda's honor to one of her favorite charities.

                  Best be heading out soon. I don't have enough coffee to make another pot. With two little ones coming early in the morning, I wouldn't wish me on either one of them without my high octane brew!

                  Prayers for those in need and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                    Re: Good morning sunny Sunday

                    Good Afternoon, Everyone ~ I'm late getting here today. I needed to practice my music this a.m., since it was my Sun. to play. I traded with another organist, b/c my son will be here next Sun., which is my usual Sun. to play. It all worked out.

                    Ah, yes, the joys of time change. A local newspaper columnist, Betty Health, addressed this in today's article. Like she said, do we honestly save any time going through this ritual twice a year? I agree with her: "I just wish the politicians would leave our time alone." There was even an article in our paper today about the adverse health effects from the time changes on our circadian body rhythms. I didn't sleep as well last night. I woke up at & looked at the clock at what would have been 5 a.m., but now was 4 a.m.. I managed to get back to sleep for a while. It usually takes several days to make the adjustment. However, it was nice to have earlier daylight this a.m. But I don't like the early darkness.

                    If you haven't already voted, be sure to vote this week. Every vote counts & makes a difference! We have mail-in ballots here; DH & I voted as soon as we received our ballots.

                    Much cooler today; our high has been only 54. It's been mostly cloudy with a few sun breaks. This a.m. it was a chilly 32 deg. with heavy frost.

                    Church this a.m. I stopped at the groc. store on the way home for several items, which turned out to be a whole cart load, since I found things on sale. Fuji apples was were on sale for 88 cents/lb. I stocked up & bought 3 doz.

                    Well, I'm ready to hit the recliner, have a cup of coffee, & work on my Bible study lesson. Enjoy the rest of your week end.