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Sunday - Sunday!

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    Sunday - Sunday!

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I'm up earlier than usual. I woke up 15 min. before the alarm went off. Maybe that's good, since it allowed me to take advantage of the DD. In addition to the DD layer cake, I bought 2 charm packs of the Grunge star. The Grunge fabrics really make nice blenders with other fabrics.

    It's 48 deg. It's supposed to be in the 70's today. In spite of the cool start to yest., but 3 p.m. the sun came out & the temp. got up to 86 deg. By mid-week we may get some much needed moisture. Hurricane Rosa in the Pacific will funnel some moisture up to us from the southwest.

    This a.m. will be church. I'll come right home, since this is a medical procedure day for DH; he's always weaker on these days. Just maybe I can get some sewing done today. I've been so busy with outdoor projects getting ready for winter that I haven't had much time to sew.

    Have a great Sunday!

    Re: Sunday - Sunday!

    Good morning Joy and ladies who,follow,

    Our cat alarm was on before the real clock. PJ can be annoying at times. I guess we had to get up anyway as the installer is coming to put up the blinds for the patio door this morning. It will be nice, as the sun blares in the sunroom in the morning and you need sunglasses to keep sitting there.

    Yesterday I went to a quilt show with my 2 non-quilting GFs. It was a small one but nice. I was disappointed that the Glide thread vendor was not there. I will have to reach her so I can finish a top. Then we went shopping in this area. It has lots of boutiques and individually owned stores in an older part of town. We had lunch at a Italian deli/grocer, and I couldn't resist bringing home some canollis and a huge lobster tail cannoli. I picked up a new turkey baster. When we got home, we opened a bottle of wine and GFs' husband joined us for a glass. It was a nice evening to a good day.


    DH will go to gliding club, and may go up for lessons if the weather clears. I will rest, pay bills and maybe sew. I may visit my mom and bring her clothes I bought her on Friday. I need to get rid of headache and neck pain. All that walking around is showing its aches today.

    Have a good day everyone. Be careful as Mother Nature seems to be in a mood again.
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      Re: Sunday - Sunday!

      Good morning. We enjoyed the play we went to see last night. It was close by on Villanova’s campus. There is no sleeping in at our house due to the pug. She starts barking at 5:30. We are finally having great weather. Today I plan to sew some and watch the Eagles football game.
      Have a good day.