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Friday Good Mornings

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    Friday Good Mornings

    I keep waiting for this thread but I guess I'm the first one up and around.
    I'm watching Florence hit our coast. Big rain..but I think everyone is let down that its a category 1. My DD in Clemmons, NC (quite a ways inland) was upset yesterday because they closed her childrens School Thursday and Friday and let me tell you, yesterday was the most gorgeous day you can imagine. Carolina blue skys, no clouds, perfect fall day. They made the decision on Tuesday to close the schools. Oh, gov't...what can I say.
    MIL and I went to lunch. Tried a place we had both liked years ago. They remodeled and changed the menu and in our opinion, not for the better. But we didn't leave hungry. Then off to the makeup counter at the mall. MIL thought the new foundation made me look somewhat better. I really can't say, all I know is it was a lot of money. And, of course, it won't work if I forget to use it. lol.
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.

    Re: Friday Good Mornings

    Good Morning, Terry and all who follow.

    It's sunny and we're expecting a heat wave here. I was hoping we're be done with the 90s, oh well.

    The kids made it all the way home last night. I thought they'd make it two days and I'd have more time to finish the projects we started. Oh well, I got up this morning and took all of the remaining Christmas boxes out to the garage. Now all I have to do is cut the last 10 block to sew into the 4 patches then I can lay out this quilt.

    Yesterday, Mike and I went out- hair cut, picked up an easier reading Bible for J, a little purple for the inner border of Hope's quilt, a few things at the grocery store. We got home and the email about the curtains being ready for pick up, so we went back out. The curtains are hemmed and hung, the cork tiles put up... to be done again, those adhesive tabs don't work. I'm going to nail them up today. Then that room will be done (other than Martha's painting, she's going to mail it after Florence blows over).

    I'm going to start watching for ornament boxes to put the glass ornaments in, the plastic one's can just be dumped into a clear tub. I haven't found several of the sets of ornaments that I'd made- most made of felt and glitter- Santa's, carousel horses that I made for Mom, the snowflakes I crocheted for Jim and Morgan's rehearsal dinner. So, I'm pretty sure, there are more Christmas boxes out there.

    Well, those in Florence's path, stay safe. Those in the heat wave, stay cool. Prayers for those in need and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Re: Friday Good Mornings

      Good Morning Terry and Everyone....I'm thrilled Florence has been downgraded but the flooding is devastating. So sad.

      It's going to be a busy day for me...lots of little errands to run and some weekend advance cooking to do. Jeff and Alex (our helper) are going to the apartments tomorrow to work on the landscaping. The Girls and I are staying home. Sounds good to me. Jeff has to go to Springfield Monday to a pain management doctor regarding his recent back injury at work. Lots on our plate right now.

      Dottie is napping on our bed and the little Girls are in their crates asleep. Shugie and Mags are due for real Westie haircuts, as their first ones were just to get rid of the puppy hair. They have extremely thick double coats.

      Still no sewing happening here. I think I'm overwhelmed with the number of UFOs sitting around.

      I hope everyone is safe and secure if you are in the path of Florence. Judy, I continue to pray for you. Let us know how you are when you can. I heard from Blondie yesterday and they will get only rain.

      Have a good day everyone.
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      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Friday Good Mornings

        Good morning,ladies,
        It's sunny and the heat is ramping up again. I don't mind as long as the humidity is low. I had a good 90 mins massage yesterday, and as I knew, I was pretty much mush after that. I've been dipping my hands in hot wax every morning. And this is helping.

        After days of trying to rest and relax (this is really hard for me to do), I am going to get to my sewing room. I may tackle my DD alterations. I have a pile of items on my tables that can be started & finished quickly.

        Hope everyone along the coast is safe. While the storm severity may be lessened, I do hope everyone is cautious until it passes entirely. Stay dry. Stay safe.

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          Re: Friday Good Mornings

          We're beginning to see some hefty winds & occasional rain. We are supposed to start getting really high winds & hard rain this afternoon. I've decided I won't look out the kitchen window since we have huge trees at the back of the yard. I just peaked out & the trees are really swaying & it makes me really nervous. It does look like we will get less rain that reported since the shift of Florence. Unfortunately the ground is soaked here & we're already seeing trees go down.

          Our outdoor cat can't decide if she wants to be inside or outside. She spent yesterday sitting on the deck & looking a little nervous. We put her in the garage last night with a luxurious bed, her food & litter. When she heard me getting breakfast this morning she wanted in. When DH went out to work she decided to go back outside. I'll have to keep an eye out with the weather & make sure she gets back inside later.

          I am going to work on setting up a table runner that I want to hand applique. I also have a lap quilt kit that needs the fabric cut so I can do that when there's plenty of light. I have kerosene lamps (hurricane lamps) for all the rooms of the house but my old eyes can't work by that light. At least if the power goes out I'll have something to do besides pace around the house.

          When something like this happens you hear "make sure you plug in your cell phone." I told DH I was making sure I had a good charge on my electric toothbrush. I got the shake of the head & an eye roll.

          At this point we have 485,000 people without power. I feel for the children & elderly as I'm sitting here with no air conditioning. It decided to freeze up last night & was 90 degrees in here. At this point it's just 83. I can't open the windows due to the humidity & my asthma. I put all the fans in the bedroom last night, grabbed the frozen rice bags for my neck & feet & went to sleep. Tonight we are going over to sleep at the neighbor's house. I wonder if DH & I can manage to sleep in a double bed without one of us ending up on the floor. I'm thankful our neighbor doesn't mind us being in his home when he's not there.

          Hoping for a good day for everyone!



            Re: Friday Good Mornings

            Good Morning, Everyone ~ I was here briefly at 6 a.m. but didn't have time to chat. I've watched a bit of TV & internet coverage of Florence this a.m. New Bern seems to be hit pretty hard with storm surge flooding & people waiting to be rescued. Hard to imagine the enormous totals of rain they are predicting over the next few days. We are celebrating the 5 yr. anniv. of our flood here in our area. The mts. & area got 17" in <a wk. Rivers & streams flooded, incl. our neighborhood. We had to evac. for 2 days. Thankfully, our house was not flooded, but the creek backed up into our street & left at least a ft. of mud when the water receded. No where near the devastation the east coast is experiencing now.

            Our weather remains hot, although this is the coolest morning we've had this fall. Only 52 deg. It's supposed to be in the 90's through Mon., then a cooling trend in the 80's.

            I had a long phone chat with my former BIL last eve. I got caught up on a lot of family news. They live in Virginia Beach, VA. Since Florence took a more southerly track they will not be impacted by the storm. Neither will my DS#1 in MD. My DIL is flying home from Holland today. Since her plane lands in the afternoon, they will have Wash. D.C. Fri. p.m. rush hour to contend with.

            I plan to change the bedding today & air the pillows outside in the sun, so I need to strip the bed & get the laundry going. Thoughts & prayers for those in the hurricane's path.


              Re: Friday Good Mornings

              Good Afternoon! It is on the hot side here, The children had fun playing at the park this morning and I was thankful for the breeze. In between all of the activities, I need to do laundry and really get packing for the MSQC birthday bash and MSQC fall forum retreat.

              Prayers for the safety of those who are being affected by the hurricane.

              Have a wonderful weekend everyone