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It's Tuesday

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    It's Tuesday

    Good morning everyone. It's going to be a hot one here again. I think I'm going to head outside and do a bit of weeding for a short time and then head upstairs to my sewing room before it gets too hot up there. I did get to spend some time there yesterday.

    My sis is finally home from Georgia. They got her bil's house pretty much cleaned out and now they are having someone go in and paint it, etc. It is in need of sprucing up before it goes on the market. They will need to go back down there in a couple weeks and take care of a few things but they are happy to be home again if only for a little while right now. I will have brunch with her tomorrow. Her hubby is going to be spending some time with a couple of his friends that he hasn't seen in quite a few months.

    Today I will hopefully go and have lunch with my friend Ceil at my former workplace. She has been out sick since last Wednesday. It's a bad cold. Sadly though that meant she couldn't visit her brother who is in the hospital recovering from surgery and that is making her feel very bad. Her husband went to see him the other day and brought back a report that he was improving.

    Time to get moving this morning before it gets too hot to move much. Have a wonderful day everyone.
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    Ginny B

    Re: It's Tuesday

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Its going to be hot here also today. I have so much that I have neglected doing inside and out of the house, sometimes it just overwhelming . My sewing room is also turned upside down. I just can't seem to keep up with the dog hair, no matter how often I clean it up . It sticks to everything ! So today I am going to stop everything and just clean inside.

    Have a wonderful day!


      Re: It's Tuesday

      Good morning Ginny and all to follow. It's going to be hot here too. The last of the area school districts started school yesterday. Reminder to self, run errands while they are in school. Most of my day was watching hinges the baby. I am going to miss that sweet little one when she starts daycare next week, but will also enjoy getting some things done at my house. I did manage to get stabilizer on 4 more t shirts last night and cut the stabilizer for the remainder. Maybe I can finish all the ironing tonight. Still need to peruse my stash for the sashing client wants. I think I may have enough leftover from another project so I won't need to purchase. Baby's up. Bye


        Re: It's Tuesday

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ Cooler here this a.m. Only 57 deg. Looking forward to a cooler day today.

        Yest. was the usual laundry. I spent most of the afternoon quilting. The Noah's Ark panel has a lot of straight line work; I decided to do that on my DSM with the walking foot. It sure was a lot of twisting & turning. The rest I'll finish on the Tiara LA.

        I learned yest. my friend who was planning to move to CA to an asst'd. living ctr. near her son is in the hosp. Very weak. She has a bad heart & a chronic lung problem called MAC (Mycobacterium Avium Complex). The dr. said the move to CA is out & she might need nursing home care. I'm sad for her. She's very frail.

        A sad situation in CO. A 9 y.o. boy who was bullied at school for "coming out" committed suicide. I don't understand how you can "come out" when you're only 9 years old. He was only in the 4th grade. This school bullying is just getting out of hand. My heart grieves for his mother & family.

        So far my plans for the day include giving myself a hair cut, visiting my friend in the hospital, & quilting. It would be a nice cool day to work in the yard, but I'm not sure I want to do that.


          Re: It's Tuesday

          Good morning! Hope you have a wonderful day. I’m back to work after having the dreaded colonoscopy yesterday. On our way to the procedure DH asked if I’d rather be at work. Silly question. But I’m glad it’s over with. I’m good for another 5 years since I have a family history.

          I wasn’t able to sew the last couple of days but hope to get back at it today. I’ve been making a project of adding borders to a number of tops in progress. It’s my least favorite part of quilting and I have abou 5 or 6 that need to be done. Then it will be on to sandwiching. My plan is to sandwich as many as I can while the weather is good, then quilt them on my Sweet Sixteen during the cooler months.

          Happy sewing everyone.


            Re: It's Tuesday

            Good Morning All,

            TMP, when you get done, you can come to my house. Just kidding, at some point, I'll have the grands again, so there's no point in cleaning up. I'm not sure who is doing what today. It's looking kind of stormy and it's either thundering or someone is dropping one of those huge dumpsters in the neighborhood. We'll see what happens.

            There won't be any getting anything out of the sewing room but things for the kids to play with. I pulled the drawer with the trains and one race small Hot Wheels track. Mike told me I wasn't doing it right yesterday. After being alone with the kids for over 5 hours before he got out of bed, you can imagine how well that went over. Esther and Zeke were thrilled with how we were doing it, so there!

            I sent Mike to pick up dinner at Bono's yesterday. They'd changed their menu, so our preplanned order had to be reworked. It really didn't matter, it was still delicious and we ate off of paper plates so no kitchen clean up! It was a win win in my book, and we have enough food left over, I won't have to cook today either. So, really it was a win, win, win! I won't be wanting any bbq for a while though.

            Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, comfort, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
            Have a great day!

            There's a new squirrel out at the feeder. He's a tiny one and quite the dare devil hanging upside down under the wire brick feeder enjoying his feast. There are a couple of finches that don't mind sharing the other feeders with him and the smaller doves don't mind cleaning up the patio after him either. So, I guess everyone is happy with the situation.
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              Re: It's Tuesday

              Good morning
              So, yesterday I cut pieces for the Swoon Heidi Foldover clutch. I needed a quick project til I can get back to JoAnn's because I was a bit short on red vinyl for the Rucksack in progress! The clutch is a cute, fairly simple, bag. I'm going to add tabs and D-Rings to make it a crossover bag. Yes, I've been on a bag kick - though all of my WIP's quilt tops are calling to me as well!
              I must say, now that it's just two of us - well three, if you count Ella... my house doesn't get dirty quite as quickly, which does allow me more time in the sewing room. A good thing, but... still... sigh.
              My goal, as much as possible this year, is to USE WHAT I HAVE. Well, kind of. The little quilt shop I visit in the Berkshires is one of my favorite places to go, for the company of the shop owner, as well as the quality goods she carries. She always has end cuts that are 1.25 yards of good cotton quilting fabric for $6.95. I usually pick up 2 or 3 when I'm in her shop.
              That same little town has a farmer's market/craft vendor thing every Saturday in the summer on the little town green. We were looking at some local honey, and explained to the man selling the honey that we needed to go to the ATM for cash. He said - "Oh, just take what you want, and bring it up the street to my wife's paper good's store (about a block up...), she can take your card there." Well! Ya don't hear that everywhere nowadays, do ya? This is the town where Norman Rockwell sketched 'The Runaway' - where they still have a Founder's Parade, and where people do stop to say hello on the street. Truly one of our favorite places to be.
              Anyway, I digress....
              So, today I will sew up the bag. Hubby also wants me to look at the old seats from the land rover, to see if I can make new seat bottoms.
              I hope everyone has a great day!!


                Re: It's Tuesday

                Well, DH took my truck apart again yesterday and discovered that the new fuel pumps float was banging against the side of the tank and that was the reason the gas gauge wasn't working. He thinks he has problem solved now. Bless his heart. He has worked so hard and getting it fixed.
                I dug up hostas and day lilies yesterday trying to thin them out . With all this rain, things have just taken over. Everything is growing except vegetables. The plants are big, but no produce. And of course, like I said yesterday, what we did get, the bears beat us to it. Joy, asked yesterday what other critters...several deer (4 girls...3 boys...4 bambi's) that we know of, lots of squirrels, raccoons, We 've seen 6 bear on the cameral (3 of them are little cubs, so very cute) , wild turkey, doves, cayote, ...but they don't venture into our yard space around the house. There is plenty of space for them to roam. The reason bear are a problem in town is that the housing has taken up their habitat and they have no place to forage and they are smart...they discovered that people put food in those garbage cans and they are unattended. We don't have garbage pick up...we take our trash to the landfill , therefore we only have a kitchen trash can and when its full, we take it with us and drop it off about every 5 days. Its about 8 miles from us and on the way into town.
                Haven't sewn for a few days, been reading and doing yard work
                Booked a flight to go visit a girlfriend in Florida. We will stay in Daytona and St Augustine while we catch up on our lives since retirement.
                Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                  Re: It's Tuesday

                  Like Ginny I hope to do a little weeding before it gets too hot, expecting at least 100+ degrees this afternoon. . Dh mentioned he saw a tall thing growing behind an azalea plant, asked him why didn't he pull it out and he looked blank. He's not into gardening at all, just would dig big holes when I needed them. Have a stack of mail and other paperwork to get too but I'll pass on that today as I want to do some sewing. TUESDAY.jpg
                  MissMay AKA May in Jersey


                    Re: It's Tuesday

                    Good morning. I'm late getting here, trying to get my chores finished up. It's going to be 96 today...a good day for a dip in the pool. Summer is my favorite season so I'm enjoying every last bit of it. Our farmstead still has plenty of local produce but I did see a few mums sneaking onto the scene yesterday.
                    I finished another Secret Santa gift yesterday so just 2 more to go. Last week's Blockhead block is in the trash bin so one more attempt will be made before I give up and go in another direction. The 30's quilt blocks need to be squared. Next on my list is 2 sewing machine covers.
                    Have a good day everyone!

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                      Re: It's Tuesday

                      Good afternoon! Rain started early this morning and has continued on and off today. I finished sewing the blocks for the second round of the charity quilt. Today's plan is to put sashing between each one and sew them to the quilt. I am really wanting to get this project done otherwise this is what I have to work on at the MSQC Fall Forum Retreat and I would much rather work on fun projects than this quilt. Plus I have a couple of other projects that I am wanting to get finished up before the retreat. I have the binding to finish up on the last project for the secret santa. Then I would like to get the two blocks for the block of the month done (the project has 17 blocks so some months have two blocks instead of just one - same block, you just make it twice). And I still have to decide exactly which projects that I want to take with me to work on while I am there.

                      Have a good Tuesday everyone