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    Thursday hellos


    Good morning friends. I couldn't resist a funny this morning.

    Well I think I am ready to set out for the retreat. I was having a hard time trying to decide what to take with me. I have it down to a couple of row by rows. I just have to pack up the sewing machine. Bathing suit is on board.

    I worked on the butterfly quilt yesterday. It was too square 70 x 70. I added an extra row as I had enough blocks left over to do so. It is now 80 x 70. Now to decide on borders. I need this quilt to be a queen size quilt, so I guess I will be adding at least two borders. I will get some pictures when I get back so I can pick your brains.

    Bonnie's chemo is cancelled for this week. Her white blood cell count is too low. So she will be just resting until next week. Her husband, who is in long term, isn't doing so well. She visited him yesterday but only for a short visit. I know she already made arrangements at the funeral home when the day arrives. She is finding it so difficult to see him like this, very unresponsive yesterday. She may put off going to visit for her own health as well. C diff is running rampant in the hospital and she does not need that. Next week I am going to head over there and get her sewing room organized once again. Nothing has been done since she moved back home. We both appreciate all your prayers.

    And so my friends, that is it in a nutshell. Have a wonderful day and weekend. I shall try and pop in if I can. If not I will see you on the other side of the weekend.
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    Re: Thursday hellos

    Mornin Monique and all.....

    A funny is always a good thing! Thank you! Have fun and don't get sipin burnt. Prayers for Bonnie will continue.

    Managed to get into the sewing room yesterday. Made some progress, which made me happy.

    Sunny today and suppose to be around 80'!!!!! Perfect for the first day of summer! Ya never know......spring could make a come back or even's been strange this year.

    Hope everyone is able to enjoy their day and stay happy and safe! Hugs.
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      Re: Thursday hellos

      Morning Everyone

      I have a full day again today. We have an A/C unit at the apartments that's quit working, so a trip to Cuba is on the list today. We loaded up and headed there yesterday but we had to turn around and get back home due to extreme weather (golf ball size hail, 60 mph wind and severe lightning). We got almost 2 inches of rain out of that mess. It should be somewhat cooler today.

      Monique, I feel so bad for Bonnie and her DH. While her white count is so low she needs to wear a mask everywhere she goes. She should stay away from the nursing home but I also know she loves her husband and has to visit him.

      Dottie feels better from her tummy troubles. She is still eating chicken with rice and seems content. She and Maggie had a brief interlude of friendship this morning. Dottie let Maggie kiss her and sniff her. That's huge progress. I had Maggie on a leash so I could pull her away if tempers flared. Sugar is the catalyst for most of the negative doggy issues we have around here. I discipline her during the day but once Jeff is home she gets away with murder because she knows Daddy won't scold her.

      The purple flowers on our porch are doing well. Sorry they are sideways....I can't rotate them for some reason.

      It's time for the Girls to eat and for Jeff to head for work.

      Have a good day everyone.
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      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Thursday hellos

        Good morning Monique, Barb, and those to come. We're hoping for rain today as the crops are starting to need it. It's been really hot & humid this past week. DH checked his cucumber vines last night and said there will be some ready for eating in a couple of days. He loves cucumbers and is really looking forward to them. They are the burpless kind and the scent gets to me, so he pretty much has all the cucumbers to himself.
        Not much sewing going on here. I have a baby quilt on the frame to finish quilting and a donation quilt in the works. I'm still working 3 days a week & that cuts into my sewing/quilting time. That may change at year-end. Prayers and good thoughts for any who need them. Hope y'all have a great day!
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          Re: Thursday hellos

          Good morning all and welcome summer. It's a bit of a rainy morning here. On and off again showers.

          Well, I did it. I told my boss I'd be retiring at the end of July. She gave me a hug and said that while she was sad to see me leave, she was happy for me to be able to move on to this next chapter in my life. I told a few other people after I let her know. the one I feel most bad for is the person who has just stepped into the Asst. Director position for our Community based services. It's a department with lots of changes happening and we have been working closely together to keep things moving along. I will do my best to have clear directions on different tasks that need to be handled daily/weekly/monthly for her programs so my replacement can have a good idea of what needs to be done. So, now that it's out there at work, I am feeling very excited and a little nervous too.

          Monique, have a wonderful time at the retreat. I will continue to keep Bonnie and also her husband in my prayers. Barb, glad Dottie is feeling better. Anita, glad you got to spend time sewing yesterday. I too got to spend some time in my sewing room yesterday after a couple weeks of not having time to do much of anything in there. Feels great to be there.

          Have a good day all and enjoy this first day of summer. Be safe all of you dealing with some of the extreme weather happening across the country.
          Ginny B


            Re: Thursday hellos

            Morning all,
            There was heavy rain from about 2-4 am, will not need to water my flowers today, and hope it filled the rain barrels some as they were getting low. Flowers are looking very colorful so far.

            Was in the sewing room for a bit last night after it cooled down and worked on some machine embroidery, hopefully will get to do a bit more today before the temps rise. Might just make a trip to the local quilt shop today to see if I can pick up a red fabric for a project I want to do. Seems my stash of reds doesn't doesn't have a matching shade of red that's in the fabric I have.

            Tomorrow is my grandson's birthday, hard to believe the youngest one is nineteen already. The years just seemed to fly by.

            Off to find a cup of coffee and get productive, weatherman says sun will be out by noon and temps in the 80's, we'll see.

            Wishing everyone a great day! Monique have fun at the retreat!
            Ginny, you will love retirement, congratulations!
            If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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              Re: Thursday hellos

              Good Morning All,

              Yea! Ginny! I'm glad your boss took the news well. I'm excited for your impending retirement.

              Myrna, I'd take some of those cucumbers off of your hands. I remember back in Daddy's garden. I could eat cucumbers every day and still have enough to make pickles. I've been reading how good cucumbers are for you. It's almost enough to make me want to plant a few.

              Goodness Barb, that's scary sized hail. Glad to hear that the girls are starting to get along. I hope Dottie will make a full recovery soon. Tell Dottie, Chicken and Rice sounds pretty good to me today, too bad I have too many leftovers to clean up before I start cooking something else.

              Anita, enjoy the cooler weather while you can! We were out yesterday running errands and decided to go home during the heat of the day. We went back out to finish up after the storms and dinner were done.

              Monique, have a wonderful time! I'm so ready to go some where! Mike's last day is going to be next Tuesday. He has Wednesday off and doesn't even want to be there for the last day. I told him last night, to go in and tell them today what his plans are. He isn't going volunteer for the 1 day clean up duty. I don't blame him at all! There is still a lot of stuff in that store. It just makes me so sad to go out there.

              Today, I'll get to go back in my sewing room. I have the pieces cut and labeled for a block. I'm excited about trying it. It's for the Secret Santa, so not too many hints.

              Jim and Morgan had a little more to do in the kitchen this morning then they'll be able to lay the flooring from the kitchen, dining room and foyer. I haven't gone over, and they change their minds so many times, that may be totally different now. Morgan goes to work tonight so she'll have to go to bed. From what Jim said, he'll be able to lay the floor without disturbing her too much. I'm just wondering about where he's planning to cut the end pieces that it won't bug her, or the baby next door!

              Prayers for those in need. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
              ― Maya Angelou


                Re: Thursday hellos

                Good Morning, Everyone ~ Barb, our hail storm weather must have moved your way. Farmers/growers still are assessing damages here. A pic on the front page of the today's paper showed a devastated field of veggies. Tomatoes, zucchini, etc. It was nothing but shreds & flooded rows. They probably can replant some of it. This Front Range area can get some bad hail storms.

                Well, this a.m. is the dentist again. This will be a long appt. (2+ hrs.) to seat one crown & prep 2 others. Not looking forward to it.

                Yest. I changed the bed, aired the pillows out in the sun, did laundry, vac'd in the bsmt. & cleaned one bathroom. After all that I was ready for a rest in the recliner. We had beautiful weather; the sun was back, temps. only in the 80's. Very pleasant. Thank goodness, no afternoon thunderstorms.

                No more time now.


                  Re: Thursday hellos

                  Sun is playing PeekaBoo with the rain clouds this morning and I have the feeling (achy joints) the the clouds will win. Looking on the bright side of so many rainy days our grass and shrubs never looked so good. Planter of petunias may not be as full and pretty as Barb's but they are getting there. Glad to hear the dogs are getting along a bit better.

                  Monique enjoy the retreat and I'm keeping Bonnie and her DH in my prayers,

                  Ginny your retirement is coming fast and glad that you will leave notes, etc, for your replacement. She/he won't be able to fill your shoes but at least they will have a head start.

                  Cathy, Enjoy your grandson's graduation, I always get teary at them as that Pomp and Circumstance always gets me going. Next year our only grandson will graduation HS, he's our youngest grandchild and I remember his father's graduations, HS, college and grad school.

                  All you busy gals - keep it up but remember - like JCY stop to rest every once in awhile.

                  Off to get some gifts wrapped for family members I'll see at my sister's BBQ on Saturday. Her husband turns 70 next week and he chose to have a BBQ instead of a formal dinner somewhere. Looking forward to having some great food.
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                  MissMay AKA May in Jersey


                    Re: Thursday hellos

                    Today is NOT a good day. I'm getting ready for my colonoscopy tomorrow. Since the hospital is over an hour away and I have to be there at 6 a.m. we are taking the motor home up tonight. Good thing it's fully contained.

                    My arm has been giving me fits again. I think I pushed recovery a bit to hard. Since I can't sew yet I have been working on DH's genealogy. Have the facts loaded and know I'm adding pictures. So far I have only made one mistake on names.

                    Stay safe everyone. Luckily the nasty storms dipped south just as they got to us.


                      Re: Thursday hellos

                      Originally posted by LauraP View Post
                      Today is NOT a good day. I'm getting ready for my colonoscopy tomorrow. Since the hospital is over an hour away and I have to be there at 6 a.m. we are taking the motor home up tonight. Good thing it's fully contained.

                      My arm has been giving me fits again. I think I pushed recovery a bit to hard. Since I can't sew yet I have been working on DH's genealogy. Have the facts loaded and know I'm adding pictures. So far I have only made one mistake on names.

                      Stay safe everyone. Luckily the nasty storms dipped south just as they got to us.
                      Good luck tonight and tomorrow! The best part of the colonoscopy is the nice nap they let you take while they are doing it!


                        Re: Thursday hellos

                        Good afternoon ladies,
                        Drats. I just wrote about my day and now it's gone. In a nutshell. Got up late. Had to be n the road early for haircut with DD. Drive thru for cash, coffee and muffin. Groceries when I got back. Heat and humid like yesterday. Getting ready for Saturday BBQ brunchwith GK and kids. Hope the rain forecast is wrong.

                        Sewed last night, just to cool off in basement. I did 4 hrs yardwork, removing creeping juniper around pond. Cool off breaks in between.

                        Checked on installation of patio & front doors. They had order & deposit, but did not place order. So now we have to wait another 6+ weeks for install. I need to check out flight to KS. We want to stop either before or after, in both CO & MO.

                        Gonna sew. It's the only thing that will ground me today.

                        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                          Re: Thursday hellos

                          Back again ~ I survived 3 hrs.! at the dentist's this a.m.! It was a long time in the dental chair, & I am weary. Some X-rays, the seating of the perm. crown on tooth #4, then impressions & prep. work for #9 & 10 -- the 2 center, upper teeth. I've had those crowns for 43 years. Had them done the spring before DH & I were married. I had one tooth that crossed over the other one; I always was self-conscious of that. That one drill he used was soooo noisy! There definitely was decay under there. Lots of water spray on my face & even up my nose. So I have 2 temps. on now. I get the perm. ones next mo. I shelled out $1,000. today & still have a large balance to pay later. No ins. coverage for crowns. And we already paid out $1,900. for the car repair recently, so it's been an expensive month.

                          DH reminded me that 43 yrs. ago today he proposed to me. We were sitting out the front lawn of a friend's house with only their St. Bernard, Nana, as witness, when he popped the question.

                          DS#1 called this a.m. to let me know the Holland family relatives arrived ok yest. eve. I guess there was a bit of a problem with the eve. rush hour traffic, so they got home late.

                          I think I'm going to chill out for the rest of the day. I really don't feel like doing a thing.


                            Re: Thursday hellos

                            Well, good afternoon everyone. This is my first chance getting online today. Had an early morning today at DD to watch the grandbaby. Her dad normally comes home around 2:30 but today didn't get there until 3:30. I didn't ask why. I must admit though, as much as I like seeing her, I am considering telling my DD that it is time for her to start her search for other childcare arrangements. Need to mow the lawn, but it is still too wet from all the rain this week. Hopefully tomorrow it will be dry enough.
                            I have another charity quilt loaded on the frame to quilt. Just need some motivation to go in there and work on it. We'll see.