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Wednesday morning yawning

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    Wednesday morning yawning

    Hello Folksies

    Been up far too long already this morning. I must've pulled a muscle somehow, back is killing me. So, light exercise for me, you know, like lifting the coffee mug to my mouth. Hubs has rubbed me down with Biofreeze. That has helped somewhat and ibuprofen a bit. Can't let something like sore muscles slow me down for long.

    So,the brown paper bag hanging around the porch or AKA the redneck pinata at Eli's birthday party - I saw on Pinterest as a way to fool other insects into thinking it was a domain already spoken for. ( ) So far it seems to be working. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    I am getting just a wee bit excited about my upcoming visit with DD, Sarah. Jean and all those with distant kiddos, especially DD's that are vital know exactly what I mean. Sis is coming with me and is already to start popping zannies for her nerves about flying. I keep telling her not to worry, I will slap it out of her. We have arranged to have our seats next to each other, so she can hold my hand.

    Have a wonderful day my friends. I am going to try to sit at the machine and work on a few more blocks.

    Finished the above runner recently. I hadn't done a spider web block in quite a while. I sure do love the look of scrappy. I am wanting to make a king size quilt for our bed and don't know exactly what block I am looking for. That is one of the reasons I have been making blocks of different sizes and style. Sigh. My mind is like swiss cheese; too many holes to count and look for.

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Wednesday morning yawning

    Good Morning Everyone....My DD is getting ready to leave early this morning. She has a long day of travel and has to be back at work tomorrow. We had a wonderful visit that we both needed. Although we talk, text and chat every day, there's nothing like being able to talk face to face and hug heart to heart. Dottie was remarkable while Christina was here. I'm so glad Dot remembered her. It was a treat for both of them to see each other.

    I will be alone with the Little Girls today. We are going to replace their puppy crate with separate crates due to constant wrestling, barking and short tempers. They are growing like weeds and we have to change along with them. They have a vet appointment today after Jeff gets home from work.

    It's time to say our goodbyes and shed some tears....have a great day everyone. Hugs............

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Wednesday morning yawning

      Good morning Blondie and all who'll follow.....

      Love the red neck piñata! Have to remember that when the pesties come round here!

      So sorry about your back......hope you feel better soon. I've had back pain in hers past, had to have major surgery years ago and now, I'm good. Not wishing you down the same path! Take it easy and take all the rub downs you can get!

      Time with family can be the best....ever....enjoy! Hope you get to sew today. I think your pic about grandmas and beans is sooooo true!

      So happy for you Barb.....lots of wonderful memories......only shed tears of happiness....hugs!

      Still trying to get over a cold....nasty! Went to the dentist .....urge! I have TMJ and I was in the chair for an hour and a half. Hubs was happy I wasn't talking...... we have a new dentist that took over the practice and they wanted all the measurements of receding gums and new tea felt great!

      Slow go in the sewing room....too much coughing, sneezing......going on. But so far this am, not so we'll see. Might take a nap......

      Hope everyone has a wonderful, peaceful and productive day! Hugs and love.....
      💫 Star lover


        Re: Wednesday morning yawning

        Good morning everyone. Sad news to report this morning. Ashley's (my daughter-in-law) pregnancy is not viable and she will have surgery either today or tomorrow. Greg is away at sea right now and trying to get home to be with her. It just breaks my heart. She just had a birthday too. As she said to me, it happens, so it seems like she is taking it well.

        Today Bonnie is going for her first chemo treatment. From what I gather she will be connected to a bottle until Friday at which time a nurse will visit her and disconnect her. I don't understand how this works exactly. I guess I will find out more after today. Her daughter will be with her today.

        Anita, I had to look up TMJ, sounds painful.
        Barb, there's nothing like spending face to face time with the ones we love. I am glad you have had such a great visit.

        So for today I guess I will do some laundry and get it hung outside seeing as it is a beautiful sunny day. I will also work on the binding on the baby quilt and try and get that finished up so I can wash it. I will also continue to pack for retreat.

        Have a wonderful day my friends.
        Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


          Re: Wednesday morning yawning

          Good morning everyone. Drizzly morning here but they promise sunshine later on. 17 days until my son, dil and Zeke arrive from California for a week's visit and then 3 days later my youngest son and his gf will arrive from Georgia and so then I will have all 4 of my boys together. I am getting so excited!! We will be spending part of our time up in Peekskill and part of the time here on L.I. Gathering supplies needed...... a pack n play, booster seat for eating and of course toys and books.

          Blondie, I am excited for you and your visit with DD. I hope your back gets to feeling better soon. Barb, I'm glad you had such a nice time with your DD and glad to hear Dottie is coming around with the little girls. Anita, hope your cold goes away soon.

          Monique, sorry to hear about Ashley. I will keep her, Greg and your family in my prayers as well as Bonnie as she starts treatments.

          Love the picture about the green beans and grandma. Hmmmm, I think maybe I'll get some green beans when everyone is here and teach Zeke how to snap them with his Oma.

          Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone.
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          Ginny B


            Re: Wednesday morning yawning

            So sad for you Monique and for your son and DIL......hugs, love and prayers to you all.

            My DIL's first pregnancy was an extopic preganacy (tubal) and she had emergency surgery and they removed 1 fullopian tube. She was told she could have babies, maybe just a bit harder. She had another pregnancy that resulted in a miscarriage. We were all so sad for them (and for us) .......but now she has 3 beautiful, sweet, precious little ones! So there is hope! Big hugs!

            Bonnie continues in my prayers too!
            💫 Star lover


              Re: Wednesday morning yawning

              Morning all,
              Up early today looks to be a nice one sun is coming out. Cleaning people arriving at 80, so will have to scoot in a bit.

              Monique, will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.
              Blondie, hope your back heals quickly and doesn't keep you down long.

              Will be going up to my sewing room shortly to stay out of the way of my cleaning ladies. Got two new quilting catalogs to look through and the room could use a little straightening up. I don't let them in that room or I'd never find anything, since they don't use my messy organization method! Time for a quick cup of coffee, wishing everyone a good day!

              Safe travels for Tina Barb!
              If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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                Re: Wednesday morning yawning

                Good Morning, All ~ Clear skies & the promise of another beautiful day. Yest. it was 87* & very nice -- until 5:15 p.m. when a thunderstorm blew up. Horrendous rain & pea sized hail. I couldn't believe how fast the sky darkened, then the skies opened. We had to hustle to close all the windows. It was blowing in the garage window. I had to sop up the water. The hail stripped leaves from the trees. Then the sun came back out. Another thunderstorm, not as severe, came through ~7:30. Temps dropped into the 60's & it was a cool night for sleeping.

                Yay! I finished the Bordered 9-P quilt yest. I'm so glad to have this one done. It still needs a label. Now that the binding is on, it looks good. I'll take pics later today.

                The lawn service came yest. to mow. DH talked to the guy & he agreed to spray the weeds in the our alley & a few other areas. Then 4 hrs. later came the thunderstorm. I hope the spraying had time to soak in before the rain.

                No more time now.


                  Re: Wednesday morning yawning

                  Good Morning Everyone,

                  Blondie, I hope your back feels better. Wonder if your faux hive would fool mosquitoes. The news is already warning people with all of the rain we're having that the mosquitoes will be out in force, not just the evening varieties. The first wave, they said, would be the out in the middle of the day varieties. I just may have to stay in my sewing room to be safe.

                  Barb, I'm so glad you had a nice visit. I'm glad Dottie is being the Sargent for the little ones.

                  Anita, I hope you like your new dentist. I've got to get busy and find one myself. It's kind of out of the way to go see my previous drs.

                  Monique, I'll be keeping Anita and Bonnie in my thoughts and prayers.

                  Ginny, sounds like the count down has begun. I know you'll have a nice visit.

                  Yesterday my oldest called, he needed to get out of the house while his wife slept. So, he took me to JoAnn's and I took him to lunch. I told him to pick somewhere out at Town Center that he hadn't been to, so we went to Grub. I had a delicious hamburger and skinny fries. He had a Cuban. I have a feeling he'll go back with his wife at some point. After that the down pour came, and came. It poured. We ran out of it on the way to the meat market. I rushed through with my picking and when we started home we saw the wall of water. We kept driving closer and closer. I figured I was going to get drowned, but thankfully it was beyond my house! I'm sure he wasn't so lucky!

                  I managed to get two borders on Mike's quilt. Now it's the race of the century. Missouri * with the last border fabric and Backside Fabrics with the backing and batting. Both packages shipped yesterday. I trimmed up my Sticks and Stones and made the binding yesterday. The plan is to clean off the top of my sewing desk and get it bound today. I can't wait to see it on my bed all finished.

                  I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

                  Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, wisdom and hope. Prayers for all of our many blessings.
                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                    Re: Wednesday morning yawning

                    Summer traveling time must be here as so many are going to visit family or have them visit. Wonderful feeling to be with them but so sad when you have to part. Going out early this AM so I need to be short but know that I always have my forum pals in mind throught their ups and downs. WEDNESDAY SNOOPY.jpg
                    MissMay AKA May in Jersey


                      Re: Wednesday morning yawning

                      Good Morning! Sorry to hear about your back Blondie. Never fun when our bodies are not functioning right.

                      Last night I had lots of fun with our oldest as his Sunday school class of juniors and seniors had a Banana Split Sunday send off for the graduating seniors along with the parents. So of course there were banana splits with tons on toppings, then games, a devotional and a final game called sardines outside in the dark with flashlights (very similar to hide and seek) both the youth and the adults had a blast. We arrived home about 11:30pm. The senior class was a fantastic group of young men and women who will be missed but excited to see where they go on their next journey.

                      Today I am hoping to get to the sewing room for a little while this afternoon.

                      Have a great day everyone


                        Re: Wednesday morning yawning

                        Only trim left to put up in the new room....yeah
                        Today I am off to the dealership to see if they can fix my brakes. Oh I hope so. Its been ongoing since March.
                        Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                          Re: Wednesday morning yawning

                          Good morning ladies.
                          Up late, rough night with PJ waking me up at 4;30, 5:30 for a tummy rub. Finally got up at 6:30 to feed him. I went back to bed, sore from all the yardwork on the weekend, and a sore throat that has now bloomed into full head, sinus pain. I guess I should have worn a mask when I was on the ground removing weeds. I hate this, but will up my use of Flonase, and allergy meds. It will have to be a rest day. Yesterday, i called my girlfriend Pat who took a day off to have new toilet installed. We left and went shopping an hour away, to claim my prize (aka fabrics). We also had lunch at a quaint tea room. That warm tea felt good on my throat. I sucked on candy all day, or I would choke. I brought her to a very lovely gift shop. It's in an old house and has 8 rooms with different gift idea theme. She bought a cute tea set for a friend, and a jewelry piece and hideaway stone, to put some of her mom's ashes. She has a pill container size of ashes, the rest were buried. I found the cutest Gund elephant that sings and plays peak-a-boo with the ears moving. I could not resist for the new grandkid end of summer. DH thinks I bought it for me. I just love it.

                          Blondie, I feel your pain, literally have the heating pad on. It will get better, but we need to pace ourselves.

                          Monique. I am sorry for your DIL. It's not an easy time, and although others offer comfort, it's hard to understand all the hopes and dreams that you had for this little one. Never give up hope. I have 2 children from 5 pregnancies 2 of which miscarried at 20 weeks and an ectopic pregnancy where I lost an ovary and tube. I had my daughter after that. The thing I hated to hear most was, 'you're young, just try again'.

                          I am following all that get to their sewing rooms and look forward to seeing the finished product. I may go down and touch fabrics but too weak to sew.

                          I will have to go talk to my mom's doctor. Unfortunately, she is only there Wednesday's and I'm not going out. Mom has been calling and is imagining things dissapearing from her room, when they are in plain sight. She has poor vision, none in one eye and 25% in other, but I wonder if it's not much worse. They also have decided to move those who need assistance eating to the room where she eats and moved her and others to a room with a view of the river. Last night she called to tell me she was not moving dining rooms, but proceeded repeatedly to complain about the noise they make eating. I told her she had a choice, move 10 feet down to the beautiful room or put up with it. I could see I was getting nowhere and my blood pressure rising, I told her to put up with noise and she has a choice. I am becoming really mean with her. She is also calling several times a day to complain about missing items, when I call nurse they say it's on her night table or dresser. I tell her when I am out of town for a day. She will call about 10x leaving message. When I call her back, she always says I thought you were dead. Many of her cousins and relatives have stopped calling or visiting. My brother hasn't seen/talked to her since 20000. I don't have mental energy to deal with this alone. I haven't taken a real trip/vacation in years, as I don't want to add this burden to my kids. I guess I have a choice. Don't answer the phone. Sorry for the negative vibes but I get really frustrated.

                          I will make a nice warm tea and enjoy the sun.

                          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.